Medics giving away their position


Hi, do you guys know what is sort of visible to the monster?

Is Val’s green ray emitting from her medgun visible to the monster? Do I give away my position?

and what about Caira’s green mist from her healing grenades and Slim’s spore launcher are those things visible to the monster?

I think I remember all the medics healing burst being visible to the monster right?


Vals Green Ray=Come here and kill me beam
Caira=A bit harder to track, just follow glowing green ball trajectory
Slim= Leech Gun is multiple come here and kill me beams

And yes, heal burst is just a big green poof to monsters


Yeah they’re all position and class indications for the Monster.


The monster sees the same thing the hunters do.
The only difference is the perspective on the camera, being 3rd person and much farther from the ground.

Invisible hunters are visible, but being very small and translucent makes them difficult for the monster to see when the battle is ongoing.


Play a game of the monster In solo so you can pick the team and see what they see, this
Will help you understand both sides better too and make you a better player


And when you jetpack, you leave a light stream behind you.


Medics are the most easily tracked. Healburst emits a gigantic explosion of green. All healing weapons leave easily traced green trails or trajectories, glow, and stand out a lot. The jetpack leaves a clearly visible trail.


How else would the monster play jump-rope with Val.


I play double dutch with Hank and Val.
Sunny comes every one in a while.