Medical issue


I’ve had this lump in my back for four months. I went to doctor and he thought it was either a muscle spasm or pulled muscle because I told him it may have come from when we were building the frame of a house and I pulled my back. The left side of my back is hard and tight in the middle while the right is noticeably softer. He gave me steroids and muscle reactants which helped but theirs still a tightness in the left side. I Have 2 X-rays coming soon. Any ideas what this could be?


Pretty sure your doctor will know much better than we will :stuck_out_tongue:


I had this once, at least something similar. Mine was a cyst.


Oh dear. I’ve seen videos of those. Are they painful?


I’ve pulled my back real bad too, lifting a bail of hay to quickly. It sucks, bad. :frowning:
I didn’t have a lump though, have you tried having someone massage it? I imagine if it is the muscle cramping, it might be knotted up and need some loosening up. Does it hurt to move? Keep us updated, friend!!!


We’re going to try massages and it hasn’t hurt to move since I finished the steroids last week.


Yeah, they’re painful. But since you don’t seem to have while moving I’d guess it isn’t a cyst.


Well that’s good!!! I hope it sorts itself out, without any pain.


Ouch! I injured my back a number of years ago lifting a very large bucket of dirt (attempting to lift). My back hasn’t ever been the same and I have to deal with the constant pain now so I really hope your injury isn’t something permanent.


I think it would be wiser if you stoped googling , watching videos , or ask in a gaming community forum about health issues. Visit your doctor, ask your doctor or change your doctor if you are not satisfied. What do you expect to find out here that the doctor that has actually treated you has not? (rhetorical question)


Just seeing if any one else had something like this happen. No mean to offend.


My questions been answered. Thanks everybody. Could someone delete this thread.