Medical interface update needed


So I’m sure you all have played Rouge Val. And seen here healing field interface. Showing her range of her burst. I love this. And I think all medics need this in some way. Since all medics have a different heal burst range it would just give clarity to every. No more why didn’t you heal me. I get if your good you can estimate your range, but I think this little update could really improve game play for the medic. Even if the interface is only visible to the medic. No more just out of range failed heal burst with slim. (Smallest range in the game)


I think it should just put a green Medic symbol next to someone’s health bar when they are within range. Simple, clean, effective. Easy.


Good idea. Just a small thing but so useful


I’ve gotten pretty good at gauging the range, but I still miss sometimes. And it can cause downs. Which can lose games.

So yeah, something like this would be fantastic.


I would also greatly appreciate a burst cooldown indicator right underneath my crosshair as Medic so I know how often to mash the button. It’s too far out of the way in the lower right.


That would be cool, actually. Like how it shows deployables there.

Actually…Could they adapt Slim’s crosshair into that?

Slim has a crosshair that fills up with this light green circle to indicate healburst cooldown. I think that kind of thing would be awesome.