Medic Variety?


I cannot be the only one in this game who is starting to miss the days where Ciara, Slim, even Lazarus were picked. It used to be a challenge to predict what medic would be picked, but if I bet $10,000 dollars that Val would be picked 7 times in a row, I would win.

Idk what has to happen, Val being brought down or the other medics being brought up to bring in SOME variety? I can understand EMET because he’s new but seriously, seeing Val every game has gotten older than the queen of England… The day I see a healing grenade fly across my screen, or hell if I hear Lazarus scream about the dead I’d be satisfied.


Haha that’s good


According to telemtry, Lazarus is the most picked Medic at over 25%, so…Yeah. Laz is still picked often.

Caira and Slim are more rare now, yes, but eh. [quote=“OMGitsBB, post:1, topic:79256”]
Idk what has to happen, Val being brought down or the other medics being brought up to bring in SOME variety?

Nothing needs to happen really? Except those tranq fixes for MS.

Val is FOTM, that’s not a balance issue. Nothing needs to be buffed/nerfed, except perhaps Slim who is agreed by most to be weaksauce.


I don’t know what side of the Earth you’re from, but there are plenty of People who still pick Laz. I’ve had a few games fighting him and others with Slim. Val is just getting picked a lot because of the tranqs and great healing. Just give it a bit and she’ll be nerfed.


Val has been Flavor of the Last Couple of Patches.

[quote=“MidnightRoses, post:3, topic:79256”]
Except those tranq fixes for MS.
[/quote] Tranq fixes, totally

[quote=“MidnightRoses, post:3, topic:79256”]
Nothing needs to be buffed/nerfed
[/quote] Probably in her healing department, some SLIGHT needs

[quote=“MidnightRoses, post:3, topic:79256”]
except perhaps Slim who is agreed by most to be weaksauce.
[/quote] Someone please help out poor slim :frowning:





I need to get over to your side of the earth. Because all I see, ALL I SEE, is Val.


Either her healing, or her utility needs to go down a little bit. They’ve already decided to tone down the utility. So leave the healing alone, IMO. That being said I don’t really care, I’m a Medic and a Monster player and I only struggle with tranqs on Val and I main Caira, with a bit of Laz, Slim and Emet, so I could care less about Val’s healing. I think it’s fine.



[quote=“MidnightRoses, post:8, topic:79256”]
I main Caira, with a bit of Laz, Slim and Emet
[/quote] I wanted to main Slim, but I switched over to Rogue Val. I personally think she can outperform every medic except her not rogue counterpart


Not true, her single target healing is poor. Caira’s still the best healer IMO, maybe worse than Val, but no one else.


Single target healing isn’t the greatest, not poor. If she’s healing the assault and the assaults dodging what needs to be dodged, tanking what needs to be tanked, and popping the shield at the right time, her heals are great. And if the beam is in the range to branch off and heal others that’s icing on the cake. Idk if her passive healing stacks with her heal beam though, if it does that’s extra icing.


Well for what it’s worth, I always play Caira when i get the medic spot in quick play or whenever i play in ranked with a premade. Other people though, they only play whatever is the strongest right now D:


It’s not really good enough IME, but whatever you like. O.o Can’t stop me from bursting through a target’s health when he’s kiting properly and I’m not an pro level monster player either.


Mad respect for you sticking with your character even though she’s not on top anymore. We must teach the evolve community “where there’s Ciara, there’s a way” xD


The only burst monster that can totally wreck a rogue val is Goliath IMO, I mean he is the burst King!


Wraith has strong burst with an Abduct- WB- SN- with melee stun on the side combo, Behemoth if he lands a tongue, Kraken has higher burst than Goliath.


Behemoth heavy melee into Fissure into pounce is deadly, Kraken has really high burst damage, but his moves are slightly easier to dodge. I mean sure you can dodge once Goliath picks up the rock but what if he holds it and fakes you out? With kraken you can’t just hold a lightning strike so if they dodge it that’s an ability down the drain.


It’s all about using the stun from other abilities to guarantee a hit. Or animation cancelling.

For example Vortex-Lightning Strike, land the Vortex and if you position the LS properly it’s literally impossible to dodge unless Sunny’s on the team, in which case you should be targetting her. Follow up with an Aftershock- still has to be tanked in most scenarios- or the now deadlier mines and you have some very high burst.

The monsters Rogue Val counters hard are MG and Gorgon, because they spread damage. But against the other three, burst and run tactics are easy.


Yeah Val and Lazarus are picked 95% of the time. Even during the event weekend I saw one slim outside of the times I played as him. Emet is popular right now as well.


I’ve always found Val’s Med Gun range to be my favorite healing. I have the most fun playing as Val, even when she wasn’t top notch. Standing on a high pillar, healing a team mate 50+ meters away is so much fun.