Medic Phoenix Skins


So…these are pretty!

Finally something flashy for the Medics!

Phoenix skins priced at $6.99 on PS4?

Nothing for Slim huh? That’s a shame, they missed an opportunity to call him the firebug.


Well I was happy with these skins…



No I agree; they’re very flashy, I’m just not one to pay for weapon skins when the elite ones look just as nice imo.


If only there was one for slim, and it turned his healing bug into a little firefly with red visual effects instead of blue


Oh come on. They finally make more Medic skins and then they’re too flashy. ;-; My own fault, I guess.

@AICactus To be honest the elite skins look far better than any of those in store.


Can we buy it on pc?


Id say so, all paid DLC is released on all platforms at the same time so my money is on yes


Yeah, I wouldn’t give up my golden healing bug for any other skin.


I just checked, @CAIRA, and not yet. Nothing on Steam. Probably be added soon.

@AICactus Pretty much. :slight_smile:


It looks like they weren’t supposed to be out until tomorrow.


That wold explain it.


Payback for early T4 release


Tier 4 > Skins.


Plus…was getting Tier 4 early a good thing? They kind of ruined Monster for a little while. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I have them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hooking up Laz with a flashy glove! It’s like The Wizard but better!


I was just about to say Skins>Unbalanced Hunters


They were fun though. Before their release I was sort of steamrolling everything. Now it’s hard. Sure, it’s due to the Hunters, not the players, but a challenge is a challenge.


I’m really impressed!

You know, medic skins are so simple and it’s tint changed design is really frustrating…

I feel happy now!


Yes, they do look good. They’re more than a simple gradient change. :stuck_out_tongue: Not to my tastes, but impressive. Hopefully all new skins adhere to this new standard.