Medic Mastery Help


Hey forum-goers,

Would somebody mind posting the specific medic mastery challenges here for me? I’d like to know what challenges are to come.

Just to clarify, I need confirmed, specific, numerically correct challenges for any medic. Thanks guys!


Lazarus tier 3 is 150 headshot marks.

Revive 3 teammates 25 times ( every time you revive 3 it gives 1 point towards progress )

Cloaked revive 2 teammates 25 times ( same thing but just 2 people and has to be during or just right after cloaking )


@MultiDavid do you happen to know (or does anyone else know) what val’s 3 star challenges are?


Sorry, i do not like val >-<


Vals 3star is the following:

Medgun - Prevent Incaps by healing 30 times iirc

Tranq - Tranq the Monster from 60m or further 100 times

Sniper - 30 Headshot Markers on Monster


That one was actually kinda confusing. I’m not sure if it really means to flat out PREVENT an incap, or that you had to be healing for a certain amount of time on the Hunter that ends up becoming Incapped anyways. Every time I try to test it out, something like getting smacked out of LOS happens and breaks the chain before they go down (On Bots, I assure you! Wouldn’t subject you guys to my mad tests… Usually…) :stuck_out_tongue:


Recently unlocked Val’s three star challenges… The medgun one means you have to heal 100% of a players HP without them going down.

So if Hyde has 100 HP, and he takes 40 pts of damage, and you heal him back to 100, and then he takes another 60 and you heal that, that counts as one challenge done.

You have to do this 40 times, and if your heal target goes down before you’ve healed 100%, progress resets.

However, healing multiple hunters for a total of 100 HP doesnt count. Each hunters “health regained” is tracked separately.

Good luck! They are coming along pretty easy for me so far.


Good to have some clarification, I’ll have her done soon enough I’, sure now :smile: