Medic looking for a serious team [PC]


Hello Everyone! o/

I’m currently level 30, and I main Medic. I would love to get a bit more serious with Evolve. Kinda missing a team to play with on a regulare basis. I consider myself a hardcore and competative player, and I want to become a better player and improve my gameplay. Constructive criticism is much appreciated ^^

The reason that I’m only level 30 is that I haven’t had many people to enjoy the game with. Playing it alone is kinda annoying and boring, since you get on a team with a bunch of people, who don’t communicate facepalm

Also, I’m from Denmark (Middle Europe), so it’s probably best, if you’re not from the other side of the Earth (Considering timezones) :wink:

I have Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, you name it. Whatever you prefer.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me on Steam:

Steam: sandreid1987
Steam Nickname: razid

Kind Regards

Razid \o/


I live in the Murica but if you want you can add me

Steam ID: Gameplayovergraphics


i like the competitve mind so, if you are interested.


I am for sure, but I’m sorry to say, I have nowhere near that amount of gameplay time lol. I’m only at about 45 hours myself (Not including the Beta, of course).


If you always played medic it can be fine. Just add me and show up your game


Cool. I’ve added you ^^