Medic looking for a good team :medic:


I main a medic class and having a huge success with it so far, but I am really suffering from a matchmaking and not having enough coordination with my teammates. I would really appreciate being accepted to a pro/semi-pro/good team and would be able to contribute and dedicate both my time, energy and most importantly nerves to making it succeed.
I am well educated about the games lore and gameplay mechanics, I know how to position in a teamfight and on the chase.
Level: 50
Hours in game: 135
Medics maxed out: 5
Most played medic: Qaira, Rval
Perks: All
Age: 18
Mic: +
Online: 5-8 hours per day


What do u play on


Obviously on PC if he’s level 50 and Q.Caira is one of his most played Medics. Console can’t play Stage 2 yet. And he’s given a link to his Steam profile…