Medic Idea Thread(Post your Ideas Here!)


I’ve seen a lot of new hunter ideas popping up recently, so post ideas on medics here or post links if you have a cool idea!

Cool Medic Idea: Samuel
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This. I approve of this. Plus one for intuition.



Awesome! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ll start it off with one of my own ideas(shameless self plugin :smirk:)


Before or after you read this, I would suggest reading my support or trapper ideas by checking out my profile. My assault idea might also be published by the time you are reading this.
My main goal with this medic is to make someone as good as Caira. I’m sick of seeing mostly caira/hank in high level play.


DAMAGE DEALER: Dual Long Range Taser Pistols(original idea)

Sam dual wields two pistols that control separately to designated trigger. The pistols fire small electric beam or they can charge to half the monster’s melee attacks for 3 seconds. Think Energy Pistol from Halo but faster fire rate and less damage.
Doing damage and halving auto damage.
Match trigger for rapid fire, charge is quick. Sam would have to stop shooting with both pistol to even reload just one of them so its best to empty both clips. Small clips, like 3 charge hits per clip, or 12 rapid fire. Have Laser Cutter range. Can be fired separately.

HEALING METHOD: Med Clouds(original idea)

A thrown grenade that AoE heals a few HP per second wherever it is thrown for a certain amount of time. Similar to a stasis grenade area that shrinks over time but heals a constant amount.
The most important thing is that the grenades would stack the amount they heal. Sam could throw up to 5. The grenades would heal about 1/4 the rate of medgun. So if you have 4 grenades down it would heal as fast as val. The max, 5 grenades, would be the best but… The grenades would last about 15 seconds(would change in balancing) and would start with radius of 10m, so diameter of 20m and decrease over 15 seconds to 0m until non existent. So at 10 seconds the radius would be 6.7m.
Sam would be best constantly throwing nades and predicting where the monster will send the hunter next.

GADGET: Decoy(based on hologram thread)

Sam would send out a hologram like character that would look like him and have a health bar when smelled. Would shoot the monster with rapid fire Taser Pistols but does not do damage. DOES NOT MAKE SAM CLOAKED.
Distracting monster to keep Sam alive.
Decoy has 1/8 the health of a normal hunter.
Decoy exists until destroyed by monster, no timer.
Cooldown would be 15 seconds after the previous decoy is destroyed.
Does no damage to monster and doesn’t heal anyone.


Would be like Caira’s.


Would be kind of a downer. He had his entire team die when experimenting with wraith and wants every last monster dead but wouldn’t be so raged filled and open as Torvald. Feels guilty about his crew dying. His teammates dying wouldn’t phase him. Quiet. Like Cabot’s age.


Has the possibility to heal the fastest out of any medic if all 5 Med clouds are on a hunter, but that would mean a hunter would be sitting absolutely still because by the time 5 clouds are out, the first one has a radius of about 3. Sam also doesn’t have a good way to heal up while on the move while hunting, he is much better in combat.
The decoy wouldn’t invisible Sam so the monster would have 50% chance and the decoy would have tells like not healing and not actually doing damage. Its like the wraith decoy, after a few seconds you can tell who it is, and Sam’s decoy would only take a few hits to destroy anyway.

So what do you guys think about Samuel? Would he be as good as Caira? That’s what I’m aiming for.


Alright…I keep seeing this CC acronym…and I’ve never found out what it means.


Crowd control. So like stasis grenades, stasis gun, tranqs, harpoon traps, harpoon gun. Anything that changes the way a monster or hunter moves.
So rock wall, abduction, tongue grab, and lava bomb are all CC too.


Crowd Control.
Anything that really controls the monster from being able to do what it wants to do (like harpoon traps, stasis, tranqs, etc)


Ah. Shoulda seen that one.


Hello, finally I can see some decent and inovative ideas (GJ here) . So here are my thoughts and opinions

Dual Long Range Taser Pistols :

Well, giving medic ability to totaly stun monster,not able to move,jump,attack or turn around for aprox. 1,5 seconds + another 1,5s stun after few moments of reload , is a very bad idea. Medic should not be capable of that, this would fit much more a Trapper .
Cause this will be pretty easily combined with Griffin’s Harpoon and abused badly . Monster will be almost permastuned cause it wont be able to destroy harpoon when stunned . And when stun end monster turns back to destroy harpoon, maybe do 1 jump and boom again stunned and harpooned. + Aditional effect , Medic can deal dmg without swapping weapon while monster is CC-d. Every hunter have to choose if they want to cc monster and then swap to weapon to deal dmg or if they want to keep monster CC’ed.

Med Clouds :
Again, interesting and great idea but not finished and extremly broken. Lemme explain.

  1. First of all, diameter 40 m? Griffin’s sound spike has radius 60m ( and it is pretty damn large area . 40m for healing nade is extremly large, not saying that if you throw only 3 nades you will cover far more than the area needed in dome, to fight , and all grenades will be overlaping . Not saying that you will have 2 remaining nades to just boost the healing of that entire area to maximum.

The lifetime of 20s with decreasing nade radius… In most cases Monster has to change target after 10 secinds if it is not able to kill him. And even after 10 seconds the radius is still large enough. And if not, well you could just spam nades and refres the area of effect.

Saying that for monster will be priority to get Hunter out of the cloud is pretty hard . First: because nades cover such a large area,
Second : Hunters got jetpack and can get back easily.
Third : If Sunny in team, Hunters will have no problem to ge to cloud
Fourth : Your medic could just stun Monster and boom Hunter can easily walk to cloud without jetpack.

Second big problem :
As you said 1 nade = 1/3 of Val’s medgun.
So 5 nades = 5/3
This will EASILY outheal dmg dealt by Monster.
No Medic should be to outheal Monster dmg from basic attacs, not saying about skills. So focused Hunter will just stay at this area (which will be pretty large) with max healing effect, and Monster can fk off.

Not mentioning that those nade requires no skill to heal entire team of Hunters. They will just walk to it heal and get back. When talking about Caira, she has to at least aim properly and Hunters have to be really close to each other, all risking getting hit by monster’s ability at once. In the large area of Healing nades , the Hunters dont have to get close to each other, and they are not risking anything.


Teleport Nope, not even in worst nightmares. 40m is too much . Not saying this will totally deny Monster to focus Medic . Cause f.e. when Goliath is Leap Smashing Medic, bzinggg Medic is 40 meters away and LP was wasted . Ok Monster starts chasing Medic , but nope, Medic Have full jetpack and easily can get away , and then bzing teleport again. Not saying how broken it will be when combined with Jetpack booster or Hank’s Shield.
Also if Medic will get caught to monster’s combo , well he will just teleport away.

Love this idea, and this fits Medic prefectly. But again , I have few things against it.
I would 100% get rid of the thing that decoy slows down the Monster . Just again, more CC to hands of Medic ( man he is not Trapper ). The decoy could shoot the Monster but it shouldn’t deal any dmg or slow ( cause it is just hologramic decoy).

Your 2nd. versions of how it looks , seems pretty fine. But I would totally scrap the 1st. one. Cause when Monster doesn’t have sight at Medic as how he is spliting, it is imposible for Monster to realize , that he is attacking and wasting his skills ,time and precious armour/health for decoy. And this is pretty stupid and frustrating for monster.

I would like to see version like this : Split won’t be noticeable.Decoy will be destroyed after 3-4 hits or automaticaly after 10 seconds. And CD will be 20 sec. But thats just my opinion.

So to sum it up :
The Taser guns could fit medic if they will have effect simillar to Val’s tranq, but not the stun effect… IMO you should gave this guns to new Trapper and create new weapon for medic .

Med Clouds are great idea for medic , but needs lot of tweaking in area of effect ( cause it is too much, not saying that it is extremly easy to keep entire team full HP ) and also max healing equals to 5/3 of Val is too much. Maybe 4/3 if all 5 nades are on one place … But anyways not sure about it.

Teleport nope nope and nope

Decoy Yep perfect , you got my 100 votes for this. But the first version of how it works is really bad .

Anything in my post isnt meant offensively. I just tried to made constructive feedback.


Ask yourself this.

Would you want to play the monster against this medic? Can this be fun for the monster to overcome? How does this fit in with the monster?

When creating a hunter, you must keep in mind that over all, this is a game and that games need to have an equal chance for both teams to win, or allow for the team who has the underside to gain advantage through the other teams mistakes.

Too much CC between the Hunter classes is Frustrating and degrading, and it gives new monster players a very rough and bad experience, and at the same time, it gives experienced monster players a lot more to worry about.


Well and nicely said


What bothers me the most, is that the healer can deal CC AND Damage with the same gun, Where as all the other medics have to choose between Damage or healing/CC. This makes Samuel very desireable.


TYPE: Medic :medic:
NAME/ALIAS: Calvin Sium (prefers Cal)

DESCRIPTION: Cal is from Jamaican descent, and has an outgoing attitude. He’s black with dark dreadlocks and decorated with beads. He is over-the-top friendly towards anyone he meets, and always tries to find more friends. He was a medic in the third Mutagen War, combating the Basilisk soldiers. However he was a part of the U.M.C (Unmanned Medical Corps) and uses a humanoid, metal-alloy droid in combat as opposed to going into combat personally. Cal does not leave the drop ship, but will pilot his droid from there. He refers to his droid as Iggy. Iggy has a speaker so he can communicate with the rest of the hunters on the battlefield.

SKILL 1: Cryo-Laser- A continuous-shooting laser that is hit-scan. Deals very low damage, slows the enemy by a very low amount (as long as the laser is trained on it), and other incoming fire deals a small amount of bonus damage if it hits in the same spot as the laser. This will be the primary weapon, and will deal excessively low damage per shot. In short, it deals bonuses all around the board.

SKILL 2: Healer Sentries- A deployable turret is thrown on the ground. Any hunter that comes within range of these turrets will be healed by a medgun (prioritizes low-health hunters). Up to 5 can be deployed at once, and can be destroyed.

SKILL 3: Blink Grenades- Throws a grenade at a distance, which explodes on impact. You will then instantaneously teleport to that spot. This will also have a relatively long cooldown, as to prevent spamming.

SKILL 4: Healing Burst

PERSONALITY: He likes to talk a lot and often with his fellow hunters. With most of the women, he flirts with them at any chance he gets, and gets along with almost everyone. However, he can get a little too friendly for some people, and thus rubs them the wrong way. Even though he and Slim were on opposite sides in the Mutagen Wars, Cal bears no ill will towards him.

TACTICS: A new way to try a healing class in a passive way, as well as evading the monster with a new defensive skill (teleportation).


The sentry healers, how much would they heal? Because you say medgun and so would placing 2 heal a combined target twice as fast? If so, super OP.
I like that it is passive.
I also really like Cal’s character and especially the fact the he coontrols through a drone called iggy. Super cool.


Posting idea from another thread.
Grant medic
Description: A young white male, Grant wars a grey trench coat with white on the inside and he also wears a blue bowler hat. He isn’t the fittest person, but he is agile enough to keep up with the other people.
Primary: Hand Cannon: A classic revolver, Grant uses a accurate revolver for reliable damage at a medium range. Charging up the fire fuses the rounds together, making it do more damage, but sacrificing range the longer you hold down the trigger. You must let the gun cooldown before you can fire again after charging up.
Healing: Heal Pulse: Using a shotgun-like weapon, Grant shoots a single (single clip) cloud of healing that stays in the world for a few seconds. It heals a high amount of health on direct impact, but heals a slight amount over time if you stay in the field. You get less health (both ways) the farther you are from the origin of the shot. Cloud is wide but travels for a short distance. You can only shoot twice before the 1st will dissapate.
Utility: Resistance Field: Using a medium sized field (like adrenaline field) that lowers the amount of knockback the hunters get from attacks. This allows for use of jetpack when being attacked, and prevents juggling (if it was still in-game).
Class Ability: Heal Burst: This special heal burst heals more points than the other heal bursts (for everyone) but has a smaller radius than the others.
Personality: Grant is a smuggler, but not of addictive drugs, but of pharmacy drugs. Out on Shear there were no doctors, so Grant would smuggle in much needed medicine to those in need. After the attack, he continued to help those in need until he was recruited by the hunters. He is liked by all, and respected great by Cabot. Bucket likes to ask how he did his smuggling (so does Abe). Hyde asks if he has any good times medicine.
Tactics: Use your regular fire on the revolver for ranged fire. Shoot your heal cloud when you need health, you can benefit to! Use your resistance field when focused, it may save you when you get to use your jetpack. Charge up your revolver when using your resistance field, it prevents the process from being interrupted.


So I made changes to my OP.
-Med Cloud size reduced
-Med Cloud hps reduced
-Med Cloud duration reduced
-Removed Stun Charge Feature for Taser Pistols
-Added halving auto damage for charge hit of Taser Pistols
-Taser Pistols no longer inhibit movement at all
-Decoy stats completely reworked

Thanks for your input guys! I can totally see how the original would have been unstoppable.


I wanted to keep values vague, but it would be lower than a medgun. I would say 2 or 3 sentries could heal more than a medgun. However, the sentries are easily destructible, and can’t do anything if a hunter is out of range (via knockback or something else). This leaves the decision of whether to spread them out, giving low healing over a wide area, or compact them more tightly to give greater healing, but things can go south fairly quickly if things go wrong.


I really like the bursty heal, would be like the opposite of the medgun. The resistance field is also really cool.
Oh yeah, and I really like the Hand Cannon(but thats mostly cuz I’ve played Bioshock Infinite).
His heal burst would have to heal himself quite a bit more than others I’m guessing, or else he won’t have survivability like Val suffered earlier.
But his survivability would be helped by resistance field though…
Cool Ideas!