Medic Hunter Idea (For the fun of it)


So my idea is for a medic with a bow. It would carry two types of arrows

First is a standard explosive payload arrow that does light damage.

Second is a healing arrow that when fired creates a zone that provides a “hefty” health per second (almost exactly like the perk) that lasts 3-5 seconds. Ideally for this you would be firing where the person is dodging and trying to keep them in the zone. A few things about this, depending on the HPS it could only stick to the environment or it could actually stick to the monster so it is healing the person it is attacking. This of course would be adjusted to work between fire rate, HPS, how long it lasts to be balanced and add in accuracy needed to make it work. This would heal the medic less than the rest of the group like Caira’s grenades… The effect would not stack with multiple overlapping arrows.

For defense I was thinking a personal jetpack enhancer (no movement boost) that would give unlimited jetpack for a tested duration (to balance) that takes as long as acceleration field to come back.

Lastly just a healing burst that matches Caira’s.


Thats amazing.
You don’t even understand how awesome this would be


Thanks just something I have been thinking over.


Cool idea, however I feel he/she would play way to similar to Caira. I think a trapper with a bow with explosive and some type of tracking/slow arrow would be a better Idea.


Yea I thought bow would be a more trapper weapon but I couldn’t come up with ideas that wasn’t just like Crow’s Gobi or Abe’s tracker and same with the slow.

It would be close to Caira but I think it would be fundamentally different which I couldn’t think for trapper.


You don’t even know, I would play that medic way to much :stuck_out_tongue: . Great idea :thumbsup:


I wonder if this is for fun.


I meant just coming up with the idea for the fun of it. Not really too serious about it.


I know, i just do that any time somebody puts stuff like it in the title :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya figuring out slow and tracking ideas that are original are quite tough.


I’m going to move this over to Hunter category if that’s fine with you since there’s no actual art. And I personally love it if it was a Trapper instead and had three arrows. An explosive tip arrow that made weakpoints, an arrow Harpoon that once attached you set to the ground and can shoot another for a maximum or five, and an arrow that would track the Monster (how, I don’t know without it being to similar to something we already have)


I think the hunter category isn’t right for it because its more for real hunters where this is just made up. I agree fan art isn’t right so I’m just going to put it in community content.

As for your suggestion while I like it, I have thought about the weak point thing but with Torvald, Laz, and Val I think it is a bit weak point overload with 3/4 classes having them. I like the harpoon idea though kind or a mix between Griffen and Maggie.


Lol categories are so vague sometimes but yeah I guess an idea counts as community content. And yeah but I feel like the arrows should be something special rather than just damage. Maybe a .5s-1s stun of sorts?


What I was thinking of at best was an arrow that instead of slowing or showing the target slows its traversal regen a bit


Nah I feel that might be pushing it a bit plus you do need a form of tracking.


Yea that was the hardest part the tracking. This is why I like my medic idea, I had its full set more worked out that it felt more original without stealing an ability.


Yeah but the whole same weapon medic thing sounds took much like Caira.


Yea I can see that and I think Caira is close but I think with a bow it is always going to be a weapon that has multiple arrows for one weapon and I think it would fit well with a quick placing health regen medic which is what started me thinking about it.


so Val’s modified bb gun-er armor piercing rifle, A mix of Griffin and Maggie’s harpoons, and Abe’s tracking dart


Yeah basically.