Medic Challenge Idea


I had an idea for a challenge for the medic class.
Seine some of the feedback to the Griffen challenge, here is an idea I made.
#Spy Day Challenge
The challenge is for players to use Val, and place 3-10 markers on the monster at 1 time. Those who do this in a certain amount of games could win a skin that would be black with gold on it for all medics.
This is an idea just to make the challenges a little more interesting.


By “at one time” do you mean in a certain number of seconds?


Have at least X amount of markers on the monster at a time.


Ahh I see. How many times would this need to be done? I can see this happening many times per game so it should be pretty high.


Depends on how many markers you would need to place.
My original thought was 10 markers at a time for 2 games, but I found that too difficult.


All that challenge is going to do is fill every lobby with wannabe mlg quickscopers. There should be a healing component to the challenge.


Well it’s just an idea.
Reference complete.


Nothing wrong with brainstorming! :smile: