Medal of Honor


Just wondering what determines who gets the medal of honor at the end of evacuation?


I think it is whoever did the last hit on the monster on Defend. But I really don’t know. It seems to be death/damage based as Assault usually gets it, while medic and trapper don’t as often.


I think it’s the biggest amount of killing blows on the Monster. Not sure tho.


It could be random. lol I see the medic get the medal of honor A LOT!


I just delivered the last blow after keeping the monsters slowed the whole round and I didn’t get the medal of honor. Some other medic got it. I was the last one alive to, so I can’t say how it works. Sometimes, I do twice as much work than most of my team. There are time in nest mode, I kill all of the eggs with Hank, and then switched over to medic and keep doing good and I never get the medal.