Mechanized monster ideas?

Thanks for this. I just had a great read of “The Basilisk Rebellion, the Mutagen Wars, and Slim”

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Listen to dialogue and you’ll figure out why people know that they possibly could be man made.

Or some kind of military thought robot units could beat them, but a monster adapted to the situation and the monsters started taking them over…

No. That’s false. They aren’t possibly man-made. They aren’t. That’s a fact.

Also, no, your military unit fantasy wouldn’t work either because Shear is under wraps by NORDITA. NORDITA contracted EbonStar as a private military unit for Shear PRIOR to the invasion, and when EbonStar wasn’t enough, they hired a ragtag team of Planet Tamers (Cabot’s crew) to help Evac the colony.

EbonStar is the only “military” on Shear, and is the only military that knows about it, and they are fucked. Aside from CIG9, of course, but the only person they’ve sent is Val.

Have you heard of those kind of stories where the ignorant war chieftain gets fed up because it’s taking the “perfect team of fighters” to actually do there job, so they make an “invincible army” to combat the threat? That exact situation could happen in the lore of this world. And yes, it is possible they could be man made, that is a fact.

No. It’s not possible. The head writer for the game said it isn’t. So no. They aren’t man-made. That’s false.

Also, Shear is already lost. The hunters weren’t contracted to stop the monster invasion, they were contracted to help with survivor extraction. The fact that they are still there isn’t do to their sense of duty, but because they were left behind. No one is coming for them.

Where did Mathew say it wasn’t?

In a stream.

Can you recall which one? Or, at least, around when it came out?

Nope. But @10shredder00 probably could.

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@Rapterror @Dustin_Wright

You mean something like this?

Well, there was also a stream where he said literally the exact words, “No, the monsters aren’t man-made.” but that’ll do as well.

I have no doubt about it. I just don’t know what stream that could’ve been although he’s only been on one stream.

Yeah. That one.

Edit: Wait, he’s only been on one stream, and you didn’t know which stream of his I was referring to? How does… Shredder… what’s wrong with you today? :joy:

Then the exact date of that stream was November 5th, 2015.

Let me stop you right there. Everything.

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I don’t watch streams, so I wouldn’t know.

False, he was on a stream talking about Emet concept art and on another stream where he talked about Kala concept art

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Explain this then