Mechanized monster ideas?


Since there is a possibility that the monsters might be made by someone or something, what do yall think of a monster that is part machine? I have no idea what a beginning concept of it would be, but I honestly think a mechanical monster is a possibility.


I rem once when i said that… I even said that maybe it could be some form plant that takes over the machines just to give it some plausibility along with time travel… CANT GO WRONG WITH TIME TRAVEL!


Monsters are supposed to be organic creatures so something like that is pretty much guaranteed not to happen.

That’s if the lore stays the same which I can’t imagine they’d change.

Another thing: lets say the monster has a robot arm, how would that magically get bigger when it evolves when it’s made of metal(s) etc?


I thought of that. It’s a stretch (believe me, I know how much of a stretch it would be lol) but they could “sprinkle” random pieces of metal throughout the maps, so when the monster evolves, those little pieces would get attracted to it. Visually, you could see the metal getting closer to the monster, but not enough metal on the map that it changes the map. Like, random plates and shards and whatnot.

I would like to clerify, just a thought. :slight_smile:


I don’t think it could ever happen lore wise.

But holy shit it’d be cool af


The monsters are not man-made. The monsters are extradimensional entities which have the sole goal of destroying all Patterson Technology within our plane of existence.

I highly doubt they’d make a mechanical monster.


What if a hunter builds a machine monster to fight the other monsters but a monster kind of takes it over and becomes a weird cyborg thingy?

Stupid, I know, but I really like the idea of a mecha-monster :smiley:


That would require there to be thousands-millions of these mechs, as there are thousands-millions of each monster.



This one could be unique tho o.0


I was given the impression Wraith was man-made. Where can I go or what do I have to buy to find out about the lore of this game?


1st: What gave you the impression that she was man-made?

2nd: Matthew said it.


Or… At least whatever is controlling them does.

  1. I saw a few forums posts that explain how Wraith and Gorgon could be man-made. Of course, these aren’t legitimate sources but they made a lot of sense. I can’t remember where I saw it exactly. It also seemed strange that Wraith looks like a humanoid female and Gorgon was sort of hinted at being some kind of Basilisk experiment through dialogue.

  2. Does Matthew have a book out or something that has all the lore in it? Or is it just scattered within different posts?

I haven’t really heard much from a guy named Matthew. I don’t think I was all that interested in the lore until I read a few posts speculating on the origin of some of the monsters.


I have a feeling if he does, it’s in his brain. :stuck_out_tongue: [quote=“VandalVortex, post:14, topic:99630”]
I haven’t really heard much from a guy named Matthew

Introduciiiiiiiiiiing… @Matthew!


Thanks for this. I just had a great read of “The Basilisk Rebellion, the Mutagen Wars, and Slim”


Listen to dialogue and you’ll figure out why people know that they possibly could be man made.


Or some kind of military thought robot units could beat them, but a monster adapted to the situation and the monsters started taking them over…


No. That’s false. They aren’t possibly man-made. They aren’t. That’s a fact.

Also, no, your military unit fantasy wouldn’t work either because Shear is under wraps by NORDITA. NORDITA contracted EbonStar as a private military unit for Shear PRIOR to the invasion, and when EbonStar wasn’t enough, they hired a ragtag team of Planet Tamers (Cabot’s crew) to help Evac the colony.

EbonStar is the only “military” on Shear, and is the only military that knows about it, and they are fucked. Aside from CIG9, of course, but the only person they’ve sent is Val.


Have you heard of those kind of stories where the ignorant war chieftain gets fed up because it’s taking the “perfect team of fighters” to actually do there job, so they make an “invincible army” to combat the threat? That exact situation could happen in the lore of this world. And yes, it is possible they could be man made, that is a fact.