Meaty and Gorgon just not viable?


With the current source of AoE healing and shielding from the support it is never in your favor to split your damage.
It is here i find Gorgon and Meaty completely useless.
Their “DoT” is very easily negated, not only by the hunters splitting but by their AoE heal/shield.
I would suggest significantly increasing the DoT effects dmg they apply, but reducing the base damage by half, and slightly increasing their radius.
Then maybe someone will take them seriously.


Gorgon and Kraken are my main, and I have very little problems winning with her. I took a vow to not use Kraken because of his power.

Meaty is fine also. I have had more problems winning against Meaty than Goliath.

What those 2 counter:

  • Quira
  • Sunny (drone)
  • Laz
  • Rval
  • Hank

Because of their spread, it’s hardest for those characters who primarily focus 1 target at a time. Rval has bad healing and Laz’s cloak is awful to DoT AoE.

If anything, I’d like to see Behemoth reworked completely.


Current meta for monster is to do burst damage on single hunter. Yes. Does Meaty have enough burst damage? Imo, yes. Does Gorgon? No, unless hunters decide not to deal with spiderlings at all. So I find the problem is just on the spider trap.