Meaty an experimental adaptation?


Disclaimer: Now this isn’t about Meaty being a wasted adaptation or anything like that, just a little food for thought I guess. Now, onto the discussion.

So with Elder Kraken now coming to light, this just got me thinking. Compared to all the other adaptations, Meaty is pretty bare bones. Compared to EK, he just has a slightly different body and adjusted attacks that are more or less the same. Then you go to EK. His body has all these new details, his attacks has notable differences. The same argument could be used for RV and Blitzkov compared Mad Mags TSG. Although, I find they’re playstyles to differentiate enough. So basically, was Meaty more of an experiment of how adaptions could work? Just curious to what others think.

Meteor goliath rework?

What can you change with a rock, some flames, a smash, and a bull rush? Add more flames and make it pretty.


From my understanding they didn’t have as much time with meteor Goliath over the other characters. I’m not entirely sure though so don’t quote me on that.


You also need to understand that they can’t change animations or add them. So you really can’t change how the abilities act when they’re animation bound to the Monster.


i think if all adaptation are released Goliath will get a 2nd adaptation because he is the Mascot of Evolve


I wouldn’t think animations would really play into it. EK attacks are very different, but(as far as I know) have the same animations. Maybe rock throw could explode with a bunch of shrapnel? Or leap smash leave a burning crater?


If I remember correctly, @MacMan said that they only had 4 days to deliver Meteor Goliath.


Thank you I was right then :smile:


Well that sucks. :confused:


IMO meteor goliath still turned out amazing though :wink:


Yeah, I wasn’t trying to say he’s necessarily bad. He has blue flames, what’s there to complain about? I just find him really underwhelming in pretty much every aspect comepared to EK.


I agree on that, EK’s design is outstanding. Like absolutely the best so far, every adaptations look get’s better with each release to me.


meh i like regular goliath more right now dot dont work on premades until your rock explodes on them and there fine


To put it simply, yes. Meteor Goliath had much less visual development time and development time in general in comparison to everyone else. However I wouldn’t go as far to say that Elder Kraken is completely different with “notable differences and details”. We only know what they look like, no idea what they do or whatever else.

To me, the Monster adaptations are amazing but they seem fairly bare-bones as of right now. I hope I’m proven wrong with the release of Elder Kraken but when you do look back at it Meteor Goliath does sadden me since he didn’t get nearly as cool a changes as the others in my opinion.

However as I said there are restrictions, can’t change animations, they had less development time, and in fact, Meteor Goliath was basically an experiment. If he was well received they’d make more, if not they wouldn’t. Problem is with Meteor they were given (I believe) a week to make a new look for him and then if that was approved worked on his balance. Since they had such a short time-frame they ended up ripping from old concept arts.

Unfortunately that meant for pretty minor changes in the long run. :cry:


Meteor could have gotten more spikes


well it was a first adaptation and they got only 6 days to bring up the core concept


Meteor could’ve gotten a lot more in my opinion but I’m not going to say they did a half-assed job or anything. I understand their restrictions and what they could and couldn’t do and that he was, essentially an experiment. It still upsets me though seeing as how he is developed in such a miniscule way in comparison to something like Elder Kraken, even as a visual stand-point.


He still looks good. Can’t go wrong with blue*** fire


i really agree


My thoughts exactly, it’s upsetting that they couldn’t do more but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still amazing :stuck_out_tongue: