Meanwhile in Colorado


#It’s Snowing.


It’s been snowing on and off in Sweden all week! T_T




It’s been raining 24/7 in Australia…

Closes we’ll ever come to snow without calling it a ‘disaster’. Except frost. Frost is a good time.


Meanwhile in Puerto Rico



Other than the whole global famine thing, I wouldn’t mind if it snowed allll year. Still, I’ll have to walk in this stuff so :hyde_cute:


One thing I hate about Colorado is Winter lasts until May.


What is this “snow” you talk about?


I remember when it snowed in June in Denver one year. That was fun.


Lucky nerds. I love the cold, but I live in hell. It’s hot, and humid, and dime sized mosquitoes (skeeters) wait in the tall grass to drink up all my precious nerd blood. Lucky for me, there’s so much mountain dew code red in my system they will all be dead within the hour.

The last time it snowed here was 2004, and I think it had been something like 80 years since it had snowed down here, and 100+ years since we had a white christmas(it was christmas.)


No snow here in Cleveland but it has been in the 30 and 40s.


It is actually raining and chilly in Las Vegas today. I am loving it!!

In about a month it will be 110 degrees out… not looking forward to it. :rage:


Seems to be at the very least rainy and cold everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:


um ot snowed a little in santa fe yesterday but nothing like omg there snow on the floor just snowthat don’t stick


Sigh I wish…


Florida’s climate sucks. Was nearly 100° today. Haven’t missed Oregon or Montana more.


In California (well, Fresno, but still) there was supposed to be a massive storm yesterday. It came, and I feared for my life because I was driving in my Jeep which doesn’t have any windows, doors, or a top. There was thunder. There was lighting. There were incredibly strong gusts of wind (for California, that is). But no. Damn. Rain. Not a single drop.


If you don’t have all season tires, you’re gonna be slidin’.

Snow isnt as good as it sounds.