Meals should've diffrent effect on Birds


Monster can stage up without notifying birds

I think something should be done

Around 7-8 meals (doesn’t matter which wildlife) will notify the hunters about the monster’s location

But if the monster only ate big meals … it will increase the evolve meters by large amount and he basically can evolve without notifying Birds (Free stage 2)

Birds generally are fine but

I think big meals should be count as 1 : 2+ caynon strikers to be able notify birds

Elite buffs : 1.5 - 2x normal wild life of its kind (because monster has an advantage)

Tyrant : 3 meals
Armadon : should count as 2.5 meals
Sloths : 2 meals
Nomads : 2 meals
Mammoth bird : 1.5 meal

Bad monster eat small meals like striders and they caught up early (far away from evolve) … good monster can avoid birds by eating big meals

This change will make high level monster get a bird notification at least once before they can evolve

The change will lower the Skill gab between monster interms of birds notification … but will make sneak require more skill

And increasing the meals to 9 or 10 instead of (7-8) to compensate

What do you guys think ??

Let’s say if monster got Health Regen perk which is 2x normal tyrant (6 meals more likely to pop up the birds )

Damage resistance perk (2x normal armadon) (5 meals)

This will help hunters to compete better in ranked against monsters that uses buffs … because elite buffs will not likely be removed

And that is how we can minimize monsters to take elite buffs … because it will more likely to notify birds !!


I think birds are fine the way they’re are right now


If he’s staging up without birds, then he’s in some cave system. That or he just took the best feeding route.

Birds are fine as they are.


Sneaking is just part of the game. If TRS makes birds good, then that part of the game gets destroyed and hunt 2.0 turns into arena.


Birds are good. If you witnessed a monster staging up without bird sign, then the monster had the, “all birds ignore you,” elite ability found on certain elite wildlife which I believe is the best non-combat perk in the game.


I think that the monster can take feeding routes that stop birds too, and that’s fine. Hunters shouldn’t be relying on birds that early in the game anyway.


For normal meal yes they are fine … generally they are fine but

For a big meal that give about 300-350% of evolve meter compared to normal meal

How come that it has the same effect on birds ??

Big meals should have more effect

Elites buff should have more because it give an advantage to the monster


Nope, totally going to have to disagree with this. Birds are fine as they are.


In real life

If a lion is eating a bird … wild bird will not come

Because the loin is able to finish it very fast

If lion is eating an elephant … wild birds will likely arrive

Because lion takes so much time to finish it off … …


Birds will come either way. It’s not like they killed the animal.

Beggars can’t be choosers.


This is a game, you know… it’s not supposed to be realistic.


I do think the largest wildlife gives too much benefit, You can eat less than the required minimum to get birds and somewhat reliably evolve without birds outside, I have had gams where on the post screen the hunters began running in the wrong direction because I didn’t get birds before evolving because of what I ate.

I think 1 and 2 meal wildlife should add half to the birds feeding meter, and have a lower rate of bird summon than the large wildlife.


They give a lot, but also take a lot to take down.

If you snuck in the beginning of the match and didn’t have Mags, could you blame them?

If you just bolted, then it’s their fault.


Separating your text in so many lines is really difficult to read.

Especially if you seperate the lines in the middle

Of a sentence.

Also, birds are fine how they are now.


Birds are fine as is. Shouldn’t punish a good monster.


Yes this is a video game but it should be fair and make sense

What if we had a racing game that allow cars to fly

What if we make airplanes in Battlefield that is only usable in the ground

Doesn’t make any sense right

Either this one

Big meals have the same effect as small meals


Birds are attracted to kills, not size of kills, it makes perfect sense.


Essentially you’re just saying nerf sneaky gameplay, which is a terrible idea, if anything sneaking needs a buff, most monsters never try to sneak when they know they’re up against a good team


If the meal is too small … they can’t find out about it

The meal can be eaten by very short time

Makes perfect sense ??


I’ll come back when you can make a valid point.