Me and my friend looking for people to play with [PC]


We’re looking for someone who speaks english (or polish) on voice chat, cooperates with the team and generally enjoys playing various hunters (not the same one over and over).

We’re done playing with silent randoms because it only brings more frustration than fun. We’d like to play with people who enjoy playing as a team and know their role. If you’re interested add me on Steam: tatapsychopata1991.


I tried to find you on Steam, but couldn’t find “tatapsychopata1991”… there were several tatapsychopata with differing endings. You can add me if you would like: TheRetriever


hey i play all hunters a bit, mostlysuport, medic and assault but i like them all just getting to them hunters. hit me up my steam name is nembar


I can play whatever hunters. I’m definitely looking for people to play with, tired of ppl with no mics. add me. “clorox- add4SUPPRT”


Nice! Add me!
Steam ID: felle


Add me:

Also we have a informal group of around 10 people at the moment, so let me know if your keen. The thread for the group is here: The Loyal Order of [CBF]

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