ME AGAIN- LOST #2 Goliath Leaderboad rank

So basically I lost my Leaderboard rank in which I was Number 2 for Goliath. I work especially hard for that rank as i was in competition with the other two guys that were beside me. I’m hoping they can fix this HUMONGOUS Bug in the game with all my stats back to the way it was, and not me having to give up entirely up on it. That leaderboard rank was one of my main incentives of playing this game, it’s such a entertaining game the thirll of being hunted… As of right now I’m having trouble picking up the controller to even play it just because of this major issue.

Ive posted some photos to prove that i ain’t some punk kid trying to get rank 2, I had taken daily photos of my rise in the leaderboards plus i have key witnesses that might be able to prove that i was Number 2, though i ain’t sure they will respond… Xbox One GT- GAME IHER & BAMs Playground.

My GT is OV3RD053 15!!!

What’s worse you losing your rank (I was 95th in the world as Hyde until the same thing happened to me) or losing ALL OF YOUR STATS LEVELS PERKS MASTERY THE WHOLE BIT?!?!?

Current leaderboards aren’t much to care about. It’s based on how long you’ve played one character.

Honestly, just wait for a ranked system.

A rank system? Why…

Because the current Leaderboards are broken, buggy and only demonstrate more of a /played then skill.

Well my stats were legit, I never quit just to keep my stats looking good i had like 30 deaths and a 4.8 WLR. Maybe if they had it where if you quit the game then it counts as a loss

So you say.

Which is why these leaderboards are worthless.

Stop caring about them and just play.

and now 2k support is trying to give my free characters for my loss… i have everyone unlocked and i never lost my rank. i just want some real help thats not an automated message

Look mah I’m famous!

devs? please