Maybe you can click one of the sticks to make a monster roar with a + and a - affect


maybe the roar could cause all birds in a area to run away or even reavers at S1 trapjaws at S1-2 to run. multiple birds will fly away to give the hunters a hard time to figure which one the monster is at maybe a 150 meter radius. while hinters are notified of the monsters general area
And maybe gorgon can get her t5 reveal roar

Monster roar

The idea sounds cool, but it isn’t really necessary and would be another number for people to learn.
A roar shouldn’t mess with gameplay; at most it should be a taunt imo.


Why?[quote=“AlbinoGoliath, post:1, topic:85539”]
multiple birds will fly away to give the hunters a hard time to figure which one the monster is at

Is already in the game and hardly ever used so why not just add a Monster Roar ability and this is what it would do?


I just want a normal roar with it’s animation, like when it roars. A second one, when you win by killing the hunters with the camera change as well, and the relay win camera.

The third one should be for Og and Meaty, seeing as how the rest are lackluster and aren’t as great.


The “(scare) multiple birds will fly away to give the hunters a hard time to figure which one the monster is at maybe a 150 meter radius” sounds like its all positives with no real negatives. Thats a 300m bubble of confusion, which at best alerts the hunters to what side of the map youre on- But they probably already know that anyways.

However, the trapjaw one however sounds interesting- Would be nice to enjoy that mammoth bird and sloth bbq you just prepared without being dicked over by wildlife. That 7 meat can make a HUGE difference- And giving away your position to guarantee it might be a reasonable trade to secure the meal.

Interesting idea. Wouldnt be opposed with some refinements


and maybe some of the bigger wildlife like sloths could se the roar as a fight challenge and go attack you if there in a 200 meter range maybe


how do multiple birds fly away?
ive only seen it with one of the evacuation debuffs


Earthquakes cause all birds on the map to be triggered.


maybe we could do that but in a short range


A summon all sloths within a 400 meter bubble ability?

Sounds like a good way ef over hunters in domes lol


hmm maybe some new wildlife only hostile to monsters


I don’t think the game needs to get any more complicated. This idea with scaring birds will screw over pubs and confuse new players even more. 150m would also be another number for players to remember. The trappers job doesn’t need to be more difficult.

A taunt still has uses but they are at least intuitive.


I’m not saying this mechanic should be added though you bring up a good debate for why it shouldn’t mess with gameplay.

While I for one want a taunt of some sort (preferably a roar or something) I feel it’s best to leave gameplay effects out of it or at least have it not effect gameplay too greatly. Additionally I disagree with making the trappers job more difficult as always, the meta is towards Hunters so any bone the Monsters can get thrown I’m all for.

Though I don’t see how this wouldn’t be intuitive.


What if the roar scared birds, but showed the Monsters location as well? Like the same ping that Griff’s sound spikes show, for a few seconds. The birds would just be for show then, and it would truly make it a taunt.
You hit stage two, armor up, let out a huge roar and the Hunter’s know right where you’re at. :smile: would be super fun, way cocky, I like it.


It’s a great idea

Remove birds at the cost of higher roar sound


maybe there will be a special ping marker of the monster roaring


One idea for the roar is that it alerts wildlife and the stronger/ more aggresive wildlife take it as a threat and attack the monster, while the lower level/ passive wildlife would run from the roar. The roar range could also be upgrade per stage, so a stage 1 roar has less range than a stage 2 or 3, making it easier to find the roar origin at a lower stage. So if you scare birds but want to hide your position at stage 1, you can roar to scare other birds but it will alert wildlife like crowbill sloths, and it would scare away good food sources, like mammoth birds or canyon striders.

Or it could just be used as a taunt. That would still be fun.


Kraken would look sexy letting out that delicious raur. I’m all for it if it’s in a small radius. Under 80 should be good for scaring birds and wildlife. Avairy I believe the largest map at ~320 meters across, so anything over 100 would take up half of the map.


are you serious 320 meters o_O I call for some bigger maps


Don’t quote me though. I just remember using it to farm Kala.