Maybe put some tiny holes on behemoth wall?


Play against a Behemoth player is a hard job. Some players rush to phase 3 and win a match easily doing a wall protection in a closed relay. I think is fair put some tiny holes on that wall to shot on behemoth. Some maps are too favoured for this players who want to avoid confrotation and get a level 3 phase to win a match so easily.


It’s kinda your job to stop it from getting to stage three.


You realize that this would defeat the whole purpose of the wall, yes? Having the wall is to keep from being damaged. Adding holes to allow damage would make it a pointless move. Cabot is a hard counter to this because he can shoot right through the wall.

Honestly, there’s no way to say this without sounding rude, but it’s up to the Hunters to keep that from happening. Yes, he can flee like all the other Monsters, but he’s also easy to catch up with and find. Keep it from S3 by having the team work together and make the Trapper do his/her job.


depending on the wall distance, lennox can be just as good too as her plasma lance also go through walls

just another lennox/cabot day for me!


His rockwall was created to restrict hunters moviment, not to protect him totally from damage. The behemoth is not a fragile monster, and this make no sense to totally close himself in a cave or in a closed relay.


Not to mention about rockwall -> pounce. Is this a fair play in your opinion?


Yes it’s totally fair. It was by design.


Behemoth’s wall is already super easy to put holes in, making it nearly useless in a pitched fight. Nerfing it further seems like a horrible mistake.


Well, it’s a wall. Made of rocks. I think blocking damage was taken into account while it was being created.

Did you know he’s also slow, huge, and soaks damage? He loses more health per engagement than all the other Monsters because of this. It makes perfect sense to be able to block damage. It’s part of what he does. Control.

Yes. It’s not cool to do, but it’s fair.


And let’s not forget that if a Behemoth is actually winning by Rock Walling the Relay then that’s a failure on the part of you and your team to get in there and start putting on the hurt. If you’re just sitting back, and refusing to get close so that you can take advantage of Behemoth’s lack of mobility, then expect the Behemoth player to offset that by forcing you to come to him via Rock Wall.

If you still refuse to get close after seeing what they’re trying to do, then I’m sorry, but you deserve that loss.


Well, if you play against any average player, so you know he will get phase 2 in 30 sec or 1 min just right the time the hunter’s jumps off Laurie Ann.
Leaving no time to pursue him to prevent him to evolve to the phase 3.
Then you’ll see your relay getting destroyed depending of your comp against him.


Did you win a Behemoth on phase 3 in a closed space? If have one video to show I’ll put this thread closed.


Plenty of times. Since I’m a Cabot main I laugh at Behemoths who try to Relay win in enclosed spaces. And if a Behemoth is getting to Stage 3 in the first place, then that’s also on you. My team and I have played against some very good Behemoth players (only ever lost to one of them) and they rarely ever get to Stage 3. In fact, a good 80% of the time they’re lucky if they last through Stage 2.


Well, all I play online is public matches, so I’ve played average players like you wouldn’t believe. It’s impossible to evolve in that short amount of time. Not enough food has spawned on the map for that to happen. Maybe half of the evolve bar, but I doubt that.

Well, the comp doesn’t actually matter as much because he renders a lot of Support tools useless. That said, I very rarely lose to Bobs. And they’ve never gotten to destroy the relay. No Monster I’ve played has won that way.


If you don’t have any proof then I’ll continue with my suggestion…


And as I said, if you don’t choose the right conp against him then your chances are too small


Fastest you can start the evolve to S2 is 1:20 and only on certain maps and if the monster is using feeding perk. If a Behemoth is rockwalling the Relay then the hunter team needs to be able to shoot the relay from different angles.


I’m not suggesting to put holes like a size of a car, just some roles to put your gun to have one chance against the strategy to evolve til S3 and destroy relay.


Behemoth’s play style relies on crowd controlling the hunters with tounge grab and rock wall to separate the hunters, putting small holes to shoot/heal/shield though would make the move completely useless.


This is true, but the real role of behemoth is to control the hunter’s movement and space.