Maybe . . . JUST MAYBE. . . wraith is being nerfed passively


MAYBE IT IS. like at first i had so much trouble with wraith. in terms of tracking the bloody thing its a chore. its borng. its stupid. and i always lose. but now im . . . well ROFLSTOMPING them. i just went 5 matches in a row with a coawrdly wraith that 15 minute staged 3 and my team just stomped it. a combination of markovs mines my cabots damages amp i guess. but also a great medic. the wraith thought process right now seems to be fearless “im op i have nothing to fear” but those mines with a damage amp say otherwise. just 2 of them and your entire armor bar is gone and at that point? your losing preciouse health you dont have much of. and by the way that amp is still on you while the assault is face tanking your supernova with his shield

perhaps wraith players own overconfidence is whats nerfing the wraith. self nerfing heh thats actually kinda funny


Sounds to me like you’ve figured out how to fight Wraiths. It was bound to happen.


If the Wraith player was actually engaging then it was a rarity. Most of them just Supernova/Decoy and wander off unless the Decoy puts someone on the ropes.


he had no choice but to engage us. we had a VERY good laz. you cant wittle us down when we have a laz.


And the Wraith didn’t do an abduct? I find this puzzling.


mines? abduct… new mines? warp blast over them… new mines? oh abduct


Players not having to learn good judgement or really develop skill to do well, and failing because of it, isn’t a health balance method.


Sounds to me like many Wraiths are too stupid to watch for mines against a Markov.


They can miss.


whenever the arena drops on the wraith and im a markov its like im a heaven. i just drop mines in all the choke points.


Actually Laz mean that he suck even more
Because since Laz has no direct heal the monster can just tunnel the trapper everytime he get a dome, dumpster him in 10s then leave


if the monster does that though he doesnt get a strike because laz


If the Wraith was smart they would look for and avoid them.

Fortunately, most aren’t.

I do view Markov as the best chance against Wraith, though.


Lazarus is simply not a good pick in higher level play. Monster downs him, he gets strikes, he eventually stays dead. Between Decoy, the insanely fast regen rate of traversal stamina, and the absurd range on higher-rank warp blast, there is nowhere for a medic to hide, should the monster feel like downing them first.

The only corner case that stops me from doing that is Hank + Caira when I don’t have supernova.


i think wraiths just get scurred when flushed into a tunnel with mines and would rather take the mine dmg then merely warp back through the hunters and maybe have to deflect one harpoon.


Hang on here. Maybe it’s xbox exclusively but I’ve noticed lately that when a wraith abducts through/into mines it doesn’t get hurt. It’ll set them off sure, but won’t damaged. Anyone care to explain this? Because right now it seems off that the wraith get do this and set the mines and traps off with no consequence. Decoy I can understand, but not abductions.


I called it a couple nights ago,


Why does everyone assume all the mines are stacked up as close as possible? At most, one maybe two mines go down in any single cast of anything, and I can guarantee that I’ll be slapping them down faster than you’re destroying them.

In any case, you actually still take damage if your abilities end in a mine’s radius. Be careful when you have a Markov that actually spreads them out.


No, you have to unlock all hunters/monsters via the mastery system.
Everyone starts with goliath, even if you pre purchased.


Soooooo decoy is good for doing damage, distracting and destroying mines… Just a hint for people who think there is no way to counter mines.


Not when you prepurchased on the Xbox One digitally. You instantly unlocked Tier 3.