Maybe buff slim



i just wanted to ask if you (developers) could buff slims 3 (healing dron)? i mean its not healing much and monster can destroy it with any attack just like that :confused: its useless in my opinion. i was thinking about making that dron immortal or maybe add some hp bar, because look Rogue Val have (Class Ability: Healing Field) that can’t be disabled and its healing the same amount like slims 3 (healing dron), in my opinion is kinda unbalance :confused:


That threads a bit dated now I would say, he’s gone through tons of changes .


It’s not really supposed to be his main heal though. It’s a utility. It can resurrect stealthily and from a distance. It can top up a wounded hunter. It’s not a main heal though, that’s the Leech Gun + Heal Burst.


Honestly Slims heal is pathetic as it is. He never survives more than 1 ability from a good monster and he cannot heal his teammates anywhere near enough to be justified over other medics not to mention his absolutely horrible Spore Cloud.

Slim needs a rework as he is currently never gonna be good enough or balanced enough to warrant use without him becoming overpowered


Im anticipating a lot of these threads with him being free.

Curious to see how this all goes.

That said -there are some Slim adjustments coming in. Cross the fingers. I think his spore cloud need some attention, and im leery about his capabilities against kraken/wraith/gorgon for the time being. Guess well see how things go.


I just don’t think his leech gun needs to be a shotgun, the spread is what makes him inconsistent against flyers and speedy monsters like Wraith. If they’re gonna stick with a shotgun mechanic at least have his pellets consistently concentrated in the center with little spread.

Also his Spore Launcher needs something for it to have an impact.


I always wondered how well it could work to have Leeches actually… you know… Leech. For example; Currently, you hit a Kraken with a few pellets of your clip, even when spaced and retaining the tighter spread, and well… you get a Heal burst. To cover the salvo that Monster is sending your way.

But, if the pellets left a sort of residual Over Time effect to continuously supply charge to the Heal Burst, instead of just a one-and-done thing on hit, to a maximum value, ofc, I feel it could really even out Slim vs those problem monsters he has. It wouldn’t be anything great, in fact if you were point blank I’d say Spam-firing would still win out over leeching and slower firing rate, but as it stands now, Slim Players, for the most part, are playing a back-burner role that simply can’t keep up with the healing load more often than not.

Spores are an issue as well. Old Spores were bad, they either worked or they didn’t. No middle ground, but current Spores are nothing more than a slight nuisance at best, and completely ineffective at worst. The cloud needs an additional effect, not a step towards the old spores, mind you, but something like a steady HoT to Hunters within it, or a Damage Reduction from Monsters within, or hell, maybe even a small Jetpack Recharge boost to Hunters inside. Anything, really, because current day spores are just not worth the effort to use in most situations, I feel :confused:


Wraith counters him