May The 4th Be With You


Happy Star Wars day everyone! Me and my friend spent the whole night watching episode 1 and 2, still 4 more to go!


When you day Episode 1 and 2 you mean the prequels right?

Because the prequels were better than the originals in every single way. :slight_smile: Right @Brandini? :wink:


And also with you!


May the 4th be with you!!! And Dec. 18th can’t get here fast enough!!!


May the OP be with you.


I gotta say that they were better in almost every way, but I really didn’t care for Episodes 1 or 2 that much. Episode 1 was a kid’s movie plain and simple. Episode 2 was pretty blah up until the battle on Geonosis took off, but episode 3 was just straight up epic. The original trilogy had a much better plot than the prequel trilogy.


What do you mean?? Jar Jar and Watto were incredibly deep characters


@MidnightRoses @Brandini There’s a special kind of hate I reserve for people who prefer the prequels :stuck_out_tongue:

Originals are better in plot, and even using models instead of animation feels better to me- this is how you gotta do a star wars marathon:
Show up for the final battles of Episode 3 because they’re entertaining in the same way an action movie is. Then, watch all of the originals, because they’re great movies and you don’t have to deal with Hayden Christensen’s acting.


Better plot? What kind of parallel dimension are your star wars movies from?


@RobertOfPotatoland You obviously misread my post. The original trilogy was a very great set of movies, and to be perfectly honest, I prefer the Original trilogy, however, I love the scale and armies of the prequel more. The rebellion realistically never could’ve gone head to head against the Empire. In the prequels, you had massive battles grander than anything in the GCW, all happening at the same time.


That is true, the battles were fun to watch. I still think that can’t match up to the plot of the originals, and for some reason I love the feel that using models instead of CGI gave in the battle of Yavin and Endor and such. Felt more real.


Watto was awesome, what you talkin’ 'bout! (read your post as sarcasm…maybe I mistook it)

As for the Gungans…I loved their creature design…just sad Jar Jar was created seemingly for kids.


The battle droids as well. They were so f***ing stupid that it wasn’t even funny. I’m glad they introduced the SBD to take over with a more menacing approach.


So apparently I Am Bread released a May the 4th update with a space combat level.

…Where you fight Rye Fighters.

…It’s called Starch Wars - A New Loaf.


May the force be strong in the new movies so we don’t have to hate yet another trilogy