Max's World RP


The leaders talk mostly about a different religion to try to get out of actually saying anything important but later talk about a god of electricity that’s all they said.



@jynx680 What are these rumors


Tfw @jynx680 doesn’t wanna respond


(Can’t on sundays, remember?)

Sorry, about that. Our communications relays go down every Sunday for maintenance. Let’s see here…

Oh my fucking goodness. Not these fucking psychos again.


One of Jynx’s assistants pulls out a chart. “It seems that our religion is having a bad influence” he said comparing violence outbreaks from the past to now.


“Should we ask our god what to do??” That assistant asked Jynx


@reactiveisland5’s lead command feels they should attack the country


Your god, you mean. If you want, but we shall hunt the fanatics down regardless. But first, we must speak with the Romans.