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Hey everyone Max here now I got a request from @reactiveisland5 to put on another RP here on the forums so I dunno how this is gonna go. If you have seen past RPs then this is similar as in you kinda control an entire country or work for it. There are going to be six countries to begin with and then if the RP is popular enough I will expand that limit. Now for making a country it’s first come first serve so if you don’t make it I’m sorry you can always work for one.

Your country has to have a name of course if they are a neutral country, pacifist country, or a war country. Neutral is self explanatory you just have to exist. Pacifist countries must try to make peace even if it means by going to war and War countries are either going to war, making deals with other countries, or building their armies. Lastly your country has to have an element I will explain later but elements are mainly what the country has plenty of and also for something else. Elements are fire, water, earth, metal, sky, and electricity. For example if you choose the Sky element you can say your city is a flying city. Anyways I’ll be keeping watch and filling out the chart for any entries.

Country 1: Corinth (Electricity)
Country 2: NEW ROMAN EMPIRE! (Metal)
Country 3:
Country 4:
Country 5:
Country 6:

Elements left:


Country: Corinth

Element: Electricity

Alignment: Neutral

Corinth is a slow moving, large, land city, with slow sea travel abilities, that always has storms around it. To keep neutral, it gathers energy from these storms to use in the city and its equipment. It has EMPs for use defensively. The country’s equipment is EMP resistant to outside EMPs, and completely immune to the country’s own.



Element: Metal

Allignment: Warring country.

Description: Having been build from the numerous Italian states fighting over who should have the country, The Roman Empire is build on conquest and domination. After unification, the romans invaded Switzerland and lower France. Under the rule of a man named “Julius Caesar”, The invasions were successful, and soon Rome had made it’s way on the map. However, Caesar died in battle, and soon his casket was delivered to the Imperial Roman Palace and is only viewable by the Palace guard and the Royal family.


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This’ll do, but in rp, it looks a ton more streamlined and fancy.


Like the place in Greece…?


TBH I wanna see a fight between our first two countries :stuck_out_tongue:


No, I just threw it together.


A large riot has started in @reactiveisland5’s country they claim to be making the world a better place by getting rid of this country what do you do?


I crush the rebellion with an iron fist. I send the II Legion to quell the rebellion.


The rebellion is almost sniffed out within weeks as most flee the country not expecting such force. The others are captured what will you do?


i will crucify the leaders and imprison the soldiers, this will show no one to mess with me.


One of your men recommends to interrogate to find the source




I interrogate the leaders and THEN crucify them.