Max's shining light


Ya know it’s always hard to keep a smile. It’s always hard to be happy. It’s always hard to be nice. It’s always hard when you feel like everyone’s talking about you behind your back. When you feel like people make fun of you daily. When you feel like people don’t appreciate your work. Do you know what I am talking about? Depression is what I am talking about. A endless abbess of twisted reality. There is no escape from this hell and suicide will just lead you deeper into hell. It’s hard to feel happy. It’s hard knowing he is going to die soon. When he dies I know my life will be even more hell. Like I said no escape from it.

My shining light will be gone soon and there is no cure for age.
My shining light helped me get through everything.
My shining light made me feel safe.
My shining light made me feel happy.
My shining light made me feel joy.
My shining light kept me going in this cruel world.
My shining light is dying of a disease called old age.
And there is no cure for it.
Just like there is no cure for me.
Nothing else will ever make me as happy.


Old age happens to everyone and anyone, and I hope you spent as much time and still are with your cute shining light :slight_smile:


I’ll be honest with you, this is difficult to read, for me, at least. It always hurts when we lose family. When I lost my first dog I was really confused. I never wanted to forget about her, but it hurt too much to think about her. I wanted to get a new dog to take my mind off it but didn’t want to try to replace her.

I ended up getting another dog, after the worst 6 months of my life. The scar is still there, but it doesn’t really hurt anymore; only in times of real stress.


Me and my girlfriends dog, Gonzo, was the sweetest soul. Made it all the way to 16, the most loyal black lab I’ve ever met. He was an awesome friend.
It was incredibly hard when he passed. He couldn’t hardly walk, he was going blind, and deaf. We couldn’t stand to watch him either away, we knew we had to have him put to sleep. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, he fell asleep in my lap, and passed into the next chapter of his souls journey.
The pain stuck around for a long time. But my memories of him will be with me forever, and they still bring me joy. That’s what matters, remember the good times. :sunny:


Thanks guys I just wasn’t feeling myself last night and wrote this while I was sad didn’t want you guys seeing me like this…


Like I said before, we are your friends. What ever you say or do your always to the Max :stuck_out_tongue:


A too-soon-for-me-thread but I can say, spend the remaining time you have the best way you can.


Get a new puppy! Proceed to enjoy the next 10 to 17 years with said new puppy and love life.




Well that and my mom doesn’t want anymore animals even if we can get one


You aren’t replacing him. Just honoring him by loving something new.


Way too soon for those thoughts. It’s been about 4 months now since my loss and it’s still too soon. Max’s dog is still alive. He needs to treasure the time he has. Another dog is like another person…no two dogs are ever the same.


It could be 5 years and still too soon

Even if it means to stay up past midnight