Max's first ever event contest give away thingy

The extremely long title explains it all I Max! The great ruler of nothing am giving away something!
But of course I like to spice things up so it’s kinda like a contest or something?
Anyways! The prize is this minecraft windows 10 edition beta and, Minecraft xbox one edition (With some sort of skin packs or something like that) and also this minecraft xbox one edition builders pack thing I dunno what it does cause I don’t play minecraft.
Ahem Now onto how you enter! I really want to see some funny game clips from overwatch as I just got it for Christmas. So I will pick three that I laughed at or enjoyed and ask what they want each in a PM or something like that!
Now I don’t care if they aren’t your clips but tell me if they aren’t please so I know 1 per person please
I will pick the winners on the new year (The 1st of January) so go ahead and start posting I guess


Very cool! We have a lot of Overwatch players here so it shouldn’t be a problem!

Max, you have created a monster!

That being said, I’ll try. After all, the dead Sea is the saltiest thing on the planet, second only to overwatch players, so it might be difficult.

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Fixed that for you (:


No, I was correct. I don’t play lol, so you’re wrong.

I already have minecraft but I don’t play it anymore since 1 or 2 years. My sister have Overwatch since christmas but I don’t have it. So…
However, it’s a nice contest.


I would enter but I don’t want Minecraft.
So good luck to the participants.

I’ll try, mainly Cuz my sisters are pushing me to get the xbone edition

TFW you don’t read the rules

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TFW no one enters

I havent found any… Okay that’s a lie. I’ll put a Muselk overwatch video here in a bit.

I watch his overwatch vids but I am gonna say Zylbrad is funnier :stuck_out_tongue:

Since no one entered I am just gonna give you the code when I get home

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Oh jeez thanks…

Zylbrad is hilarious, but he’s not in The Ultimate Explosion video, so he doesn’t have his view on it…

That’ll be $15 :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding


I’m poor…

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Sorry I forgot lemme PM ya

K thnx


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Well I see no one posted anything but ill post a few of mine later I don’t play Minecraft either.