Maxing monster abilities gives slight variation to monster


I was thinking about how a hunter would know what abilities a monster would have without the monster doing it. So I thought about slight variations that could be given to the monster once they fully upgrade an ability. This would be a great way to give the hunter a subtle hint of what they are up against.

For example, if the goliath maxed out his fire breath, flames could be seen coming from his neck or if the kraken maxes vortex small gusts of electrical wind would circulate around the kraken. Another example would be for behemoth maxing lava bomb and having lava flow from his crevices and wraith could have glowing hands once abduction is maxed.

I think this would be a great idea to give the hunters an idea of what they should watch out for, because the only other way to know is have the ability done and by then it could be too late. It would also make the monster look cooler IMO.

Let me know what you think about this idea and any ideas for monster variations that could be used.


That is a great idea.
For goliath’s charge, steam or breath like a bull could come out of it’s nose or neck.


There are already visual cues built into the game. My visual observations of the abilities at higher levels.

Leap smash: visual radius is increased
Fire: Length is increased
Rock: at stage 3 i believe the rock glows a little and is much larger than stage 1 rock
Charge: i believe the wind around the goliath is more visible

Vortex: Much larger
Banshee mines: Not sure, maybe bigger
Lightning strike: Not sure
Aftershock: Much larger in size

Decoy: not sure
Warp blast: not sure
Abduction: not sure
Supernova: not sure

Haven’t played enough behemoth to really know although i know rock wall gets wider and fissure gets much longer.

If anyone else has any more information please help me fill in the blanks.


Im saying there should be a trait or varition given to the monster physically without performing the ability. It is easy to see the size of a vortex but there should be a way of knowing the biggest threats from the hunters point of view without getting smashed in the face by it first


When they hit me, I can usually tell what they did with the points, There is also just watching the monster fight and whiff abilities at stage one then you can tell his set for the rest of the game. Though these ideas sound cool and I would not mind if they were implemented.


they used to have this when scorpid was in testing. but it became much too costly so they scrapped the idea

when the original teasers came out. i thot that this is what the game would do. :frowning: still 10x fun tho. but visual evolution will always be a dream for this game to me lol