Maximum level cap concerns


During the beta of evolve I reached level 29. Granted I did play quite a bit during that time (in order to enjoy every second of the game that I could possible have). I feel reaching level 40 may be accomplished in a month or so of playing. Perhaps some form of prestige should be offered (maybe you receive a star beside your name for each prestige). I know this is not call of duty or any generic shooter, but perhaps after level 40, you could reset your level (but not lose your mastery or perk bonuses). Or since the probably of facing lower levels is unfair (because of the level reset), perhaps extending the level after 40 should suffice.
In essence, I feel many people will achieve level 40 quite quickly and with easy, and I know it is small psychological problem that assuming reaching a maximum levels warrants the belief that the game is finished for you, but maybe offering some form of high attainment could be nice. Doing so could possibly add further replayability and increase the longevity of the game.


There’s going to be a ranked queue of some kind implemented pretty quickly after release.


It was confirmed by one of the devs that there will be a free update some time in the future that will raise the level cap past 40.

Ranked level 40 is too low! Need increase
Why Level Cap?

More levels means more perks!

Ranked level 40 is too low! Need increase
Why Level Cap?

:open_mouth: Nice!


How will that work though?
I’d imagine you would then add them “behind” the current star 1 perks for example(so the lvl 40 perk becomes 42), but wouldn’t that place some perks at too high a level and we’d lose some perks once they get released or how is that gonna work?(Or is this not yet looked at?)


Which is perfect. New content to keep unlocking trumps unlocking the same stuff over again, ever time.


Not necessarily, could be just symbols/icons.


Means more variables!


Means more strategy and fun!


Exactly. As a physics graduate I was taught to isolate the variables. Its just kind of fun to think how complicated and how fun the game is.


Just wondering are you guys actually going to raise the level cap? Please don’t… Raising the level cap does absolutely nothing good. The only thing it does is add more grinding for what? More perks? Perks that will mean nothing once everyone is max level again?

Competitive games work a lot different then MMO’s and even on MMORPG’s I’m against raising level cap. As long as you give them constant updates with a good competitive ranked mode, there will always be enough content to keep people happy.


Something in the gamers psyche says that levelling up is good even if it unlocks absolutely nothing. Even I’m affected by this affliction. Put something like skins at a ridiculous level like 200+ sating this level up lust and also shutting up some of the DLC haters and allowing those willing to pay for convenience to do so


Where did you see this and when was it confirmed?? For me and many others this is a big deal


It was a while back, @MacMan confirmed it. Not sure exactly where the quote is but I can try and dig around for it.


How did I miss this? I’ve actually been wondering for a long time if you guys were planning to add more perks in the future! :laughing:

I think there could be some really interesting stuff you guys could do with perks. Especially if they’re a little out of the norm.

Sanctum 2 is probably one of my favorite games ever and Evolve actually seems to scratch a similar itch for me. (weapon variety, class variety, off-hand weapons auto reload, combat in bursts with tactics in between, lots of good cooperative teamwork and strategy.)
They also did similar with adding more levels (which were also tied to perks similarly) and I think they did some really interesting stuff. (balance was occasionally a little questionable, but everything was viable given the right situation or play style.)


Officially had a level 40 medic that did not heal. Maybe it was a friend. Any thoughts on cap raise? You guys been seeing this yet


I did it in less than three days man. depends on how much you play and how well you play.


A player’s level has very little to do with their skill level. Level 40 idiots are rife.


it’s not particularly hard to hit cap. especially if you’ve got good friends who will take you through evac… sigh… i miss the bonus xp from evac…