Maximizing Crow's DPS

I play Crow a lot and it has always been a question when to use charged shots and when to use rapid fire. So as you can see somewhere here on the forum the average DPS on rapid fire is about 154 where the average DPS of charged shots is 79. So obviously the rapid fire is higher, almost twice as high. But consider this: With rapid fire the rifle tends to be very inaccurate. In fact if it is not a Behemoth standing right in front of me, using rapid fire results in at least half the shots missing. So my question is: Wouldn’t it be more effective to charge shots ín every scenario in which the monster has armor? The damage should be about the same but the health damage is guaranteed.

If I feel like the team will get through the monsters armor before the dome goes down I’ll rapid fire. If I’m taking pot shots at the monster while he’s running I go for the charge or if he’s running and nobody is really able to hit him. My 2 cents.

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@xTr1ckOrTr3atx plays a lot of crow he can help with this.

Personally I find it difficult to aim with crow I think he just needs a lot of practice then you’ll be good with him.

I always go rapid fire if the monster doesn’t have armour and charge it when he does, just practice and you’ll be good with him.

Sadly us console players don’t have the advantages Pc players have ;_;

(Btw trick I’m gonna summon you to every trapper thread since I know how good you are)

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I usually do exactly this: Rapid fire when the armor seems to be breakable, charged when it is not. But after I saw these numbers I figured that maybe there is more damage potential when you charge 6 shots and land them compared to landing 3 uncharged and missing 3 assuming that 154 and 79 are the numbers calculated from every shot hitting.

That’s actually a very good question.
The replies so far seem to ignore what you’re going at.

First of all, hip fire on the bloody thing is just awful. Simply awful.
Using the scope on it and shooting from a long-ish distance however does seem to posess some good accuracy despite the incredible accuracy loss during rapid fire.

I would say keep doing what every Crow player is probably already doing. Only rely on the charged shots when you know beforehand that either your team won’t be able to drain the armor or when the Monster only has a little HP left.
You’re right about the horrible accuracy penalty during rapid fire, but I find that when I’m using the same technique as with Abe’s Shotgun, you can still keep up a slightly higher DPS by not charging your shots but also not spamming the trigger. Find good middle ground.

I always charge my shot when given the chance and am unable to start firing right away, though. Knowing the Monster is fighting around the corner or when I’m knocked back a bit and need to climb a small wall before I have line of sight again is always when I start charging my first shot while I can’t see the Monster yet and then continue with rapid fire.

Shorter version:

…does seem true but not to a strong enough degree. I think missing half your shots is an overstatement, especially on stage 3 Monsters that aren’t yet at the point when you should charge every shot.
Using rapid fire to shoot only a little slower than the maximum allowed trigger speed does seem to have higher DPS than charging every single shot for me.
Not only that, it’s also a (tiny) contribution to helping my team deal health damage sooner and of course the DPS is much higher when the Monster is close enough to be trigger spamming.

My view is to generally always use charged shots unless there is only a bar or two of armour left, unless in that case the HP is very very low.

I agree with @rickvs in the sense that if you know your team can do plenty of damage themselves then it’s better to rapid fire to take down armour. The notion that you’ll miss a lot of shots on rapid fire seems misplaced to me, I don’t feel that the rapid firing is that inaccurate as long as you’re standing still, which I’d argue most Crows should be. You can also position yourself closer than you usually would to more guarantee the shots.

There is little point you doing health damage as Crow if the rest of the team can do it for you, you’re much better off ensuring that the monster is slowed and visible via Gobi. You can do this by cycling and having a good aim though so it can become a moot point. However the direct health damage also has two of it’s own advantages, first in potentially distracting/worrying the monster and making the player lose focus, and second from that maybe making the monster decide you’re a threat which is great for the rest of your more damage dealing and utility offering team mates.

And of course if you’re not sure about the team doing good damage on a monster, it’s invaluable to get real health damage on a monster at every stage possible!

if its Bob / goliath I go Charge shots in dome… if its wraith and air kraken I rapid fire… I charge shot only when he uses aftershock or when he starts abduct animation …

on chase I charge shot…

Rapid fire doesn’t mean pow pow pow … its pow … pow … pow :stuck_out_tongue:

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Charged shots until a clip of the rifle can break the armor.

Then pull the trigger steadily and watch the recoil. The zoom on the scope is so annoying that I rarely use it, but its better to ads.

Oh and make extra effort for headshots with a charge shot, its way more rewarding than the little sliver of damage you get for a body shot.

Strangely enough I couldn’t have said it any better.

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That’s fine. Just don’t tag me if it’s about Griffin. I can give a little information about his kit, but advanced stuff, no. I don’t play him. I have him elited just because he’s a trapper, otherwise he wouldn’t see the light of day by me.

Also, I don’t play a LOT of Crow. I’ve certainly picked him up much more again recently. Abe’s dropped down a bit because I’ve lost a little bit of practice, and I need us to be splitting up more at the start to quickly find the monster, but Luke hates us splitting up… Splitting up would be fine if we weren’t out of LoS, and all had good awareness and JP management. :confused: Maggie, Jack are the more frequent picks, with Crow for the odd occassions where I would prefer Abe/Stasis.

@Sepiablitz When on the chase, and you elect to not dome yet, charged shots. Keep doing those to whittle the HP down. Usually the monster may not realize how much they are being whittled, and will eventually try to commit to taking you down. This gives the assault and others the ability to try and take his armour down without him getting anything in return. Once the armour is low enough, it’s ideal for you to dome.

If you’re in-dome, and the monster has say, 1/5-1/4 of their armour left (depends on the monster), then you should switch to rapid shots to break the armour, allowing your assault and support to do health damage, as they can do a lot more burst, which can cause a monster to switch from applying pressure to trying to mitigate. You need to use good judgement. Not all health damage is good damage. Sometimes you need to help your team break the armour so that you as a team can apply more pressure. Monsters won’t usually notice little chips in health during a dome, and will pay more attention to their armour. As long as the armour is there, they can fairly safely commit for a down (unless they are dangerously low on actual HP). If your team is being pressured too much, switch to rapid-fire.

Yea we have to convince him that it’s not that bad we just have to keep LOS ,manage jetpack etc.

And what you said is really good for crow players, knowing when and when not to use rapid and charge shots and that it also depends a lot on the situation.

I think so too. I don’t want to get the basics of Crow explained to me. And I don’t think I need to. (Time to brag)

I already know what most people think is the most effective way to use Crow and I think I am doing exactly that already. What I want to find out is whether there is a way to use him more effectively since I notice that I miss a lot of rapid fire shots thus damage potential. Just by looking at these numbers and assuming that every charged shot hits and about half rapid fire shots miss, wouldnt you get more health damage by charged shots? This is especially intersting against small stage 1 monsters where losing all armor doesnt really change their behaviour and all that matters is getting damage in it.

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Just FYI, the title of you post makes it sound like you are asking for general tips about dps, so I think that is part of the confusion.

You should play the way you are most effective. If you can’t hit rapid fire for some reason, and are more accurate with charged shots then so be it. But, that would seem to indicate that there is room for you to improve your rapid fire technique and increase your dps. It is a fact that if you can land the same percentage of rapid and charged shots that you will do more dps with rapid fire. Then you have to consider the situation (armor vs. health damage). If you miss a higher percentage of the rapid fire then it is possible to maximize your damage with only charge shots just as someone else may be better off never using charge shots because they always miss. However you would need a big difference in accuracy (something like 70% accuracy with Charged vs. 35% accuracy with Rapid) just to make the dps even between the two.

A good way to test which works better would be to play solo custom arena matches with only 1 round. Play like 5 matches using only Charged Shots, and then several matches using only Rapid Fire. Make sure you record the KLR damage and average the damage numbers and compare.

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Yeah, and we’re kind of challenging the idea that you miss about half of your rapid fire shots. I mean maybe you do, if so yeah… do more charged shots if you know you hit them every time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do not spam rapid fire! Pace your shots carefully. You can see reticle bloom on his gun now, use that.


The best way to get high DPS with Crow is to throw your bird right at his face. Double-tap on the launch, and the bird will claw the monster’s eyes out, blinding him temporarily. Once he is blind, climb on his back, and use your Knife to deliver the kill-strike.


No why you say The secret way how to Crow and instakill monsters :o

I always find myself using it like that. Slow steady shots, like Abes shotgun so there is no accuracy loss from recoil.

So kinda like this, but with a bird?

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look its me at 14 :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t checked ranks in while… don’t you dare see my losses :frowning:

pow… pow… pow is the way to with crow:P