Max’s Fish Tank (Aquariums in General)

Hello am Guppy. Home is looking better. More picture soon.


Before I take more pictures I’m gonna put some pictures of the tank from awhile ago so you have some reference as to how bad it looked.

Before anything:

Rocks, water, and plants added:

Water cleared up decorations added:

(Decorations are floating fish house, rock cave, wood)

Our fish:

Bailey (Male Betta), Chad (Male Guppy), and Female Guppies:

Shrimp close ups:




Tank shots:


(Sorry I dunno why the picture is sideways I didn’t take it that way)


Added pictures 3 pictures of Dick, added one more shrimp close up, added 3 tank shots, added 1 overhead.

Let me know if you guys wanna get any close ups of specific fish or shrimp or snails and I’ll try to snag one. Also we can now commence the suggestions for the female guppies and ghost shrimp group names!


It’s all looking excellent so far!


Looks awesome so far, nice setup. Have you kept fish like this before? I know keeping tropical fish can be a pain.


I’ve kept Betta’s before but it was only recently that I found out my tank was to small thus I got this new one a little over a month ago. This is the first time I’ve cared for guppies shrimp and snails though and I think I’m doing a good job so far.

When we first got the small tank I was told a Betta would live fine. After Bailey was glass surfing I did some research and found out that while yes they can live in something so small it’ll be stressful for them.

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Those look delicious.


You can try to eat them but there’s no meat and I don’t think I’d be very tasty.

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While I was changing the water today I’m pretty sure I picked out a dead ghost shrimp. I can only see two right now and both look to have eggs but I’m not sure if the others are hiding. For all I know it could have been a molted shell but I don’t think it was sadly. I also swore I saw a guppy fry and yet all the guppies still look pregnant so I’m prolly going insane.

If it was a dead ghost shrimp it might have been me not feeding the tank enough or due to the fact I’m a couple days late to changing the water since Sunday I had two friends over for a short party and yesterday was my birthday.


A couple days late on a percentage of water change won’t do your shrimpies in. Shrimp are sensitive but I don’t think they are that extreme.

Guppies pop out live but not all at once…it’s possible the females still are pregnant and only a coupe fry were born.

So my science teacher got a tank and some fish. Now he’s a bug guy. He has Bee’s and his own brand of honey that’s sold locally. I don’t think he knew much about fish care so I stepped in to help. So he originally got a Glo tank and some Glo fish but they died which is why I stepped in. I gave him one of my partially used Filters so he could cycle his tank and then gave recommendations. I’ve been getting updates and it seems like his snails aren’t doing well and he might be getting fish today if the water perimeters are good. I’ll probably give him some mineral balls that I use as well. I’m hoping his tank becomes a success because then I know I did not only my teacher a nice favor but the fish he’ll be putting in the tank as well. Also the tanks for his younger child and I hate to see children upset or hear about it.

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So this morning I found a clutch of eggs above the water. I couldn’t do anything about it until a couple minutes ago as I had school. Anyways I’m pretty sure it was Pharoah since I think they’re the ones aquarium snails who have to lay their eggs above water. I just removed it and threw it in the garbage can outside cause the truck will be here to get it soon anyways. It wasn’t honestly gross getting the eggs cause when I first put the bowel below to catch them I tried just moving them up and forcing them in. They were pretty much glued on and I heard a crunching noise. Dear god I cringed so hard at that.

I guess you did an egg-celent job :ok_hand:



U wot m8


Fishies! I love the whole tank ecosystem you got. I always wanted to have something like that when I was younger, but wasn’t allowed to.

Pharaoh looks cool and is officially my favorite, though. :snail:


Pharoah is adorable but the tank can handle only one Mystery snail as they can get pretty big so he needs to stop laying eggs >.>


I’ve noticed a fry swimming around the top of the tank. I’m surprised none of the other fish have eaten it and I’m curious if maybe it’s now to big for them to eat. Unfortunately I can’t keep it cause my tank is full enough so I’m waiting for it to get big enough to get caught and then I’ll probably try and feed it to my sisters snap turtle. My sister says that the turtle is picky and might not eat it which will then be a problem because then I’ll have to figure out what to do with it.

Bailey is also having swim bladder problems which worries me as I’m not sure what to do to help him out with it.

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Hmm. Do you feed them flakes or do you feed them food that sinks? If they eat the food from the water line they’re going to gulp up some air which can be a cause of swim bladder problems. My Smokey (RIP) used to have swim bladder problems but my fish always used to come to the top and gulp food before it even sank. Overfeeding is also a cause to swim bladder problems.

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I use flakes because I haven’t been able to find any pellets at my pet store (which is annoying). I have been going less and less on the food trying to find a good amount to feed them. I’m hoping when we go to get some new filter cards that we can find a good pellet to feed them.

For now it might be better to (while having clean hands) take the flakes and submerge them for the fish. That way they’re less likely to gulp up mouthfuls of air with the food. :smiley: