Max Needs Your Help!


Ok… I need a new addiction can you guys recommend some games for me please?
Games that might last max for awhile:

This list will grow whenever I see a game that peaks my interest


Dark souls

once you start, you never go back


actually my dad has that the only problem I have is if I get hooked and he wants to play it… it won’t end very well that and he hates me touching his stuff


Witcher 3, can’t stop ever


Creativerse if you like Minecraft and have a PC. Not a very heavy game so it should run on even a laptop


Evolve :stuck_out_tongue:

No but what about Just Cause 3?


Tried tf2 yet?


Try battleborn, it’s fun. That, or Borderlands franchise.


Check out Smite if you want to be a giant golden dog who bites a green man with a tiny head and brings him to be killed by the elemental incarnation of America and a two-headed blue pimp.


Minecraft. Its a pretty Deep game…
I’m sure you’ll Dig it.


The door is that way…

for the puns


I dont see why your blocking me from my puns.
Maybe, you should pick some better puns
Ore you could leave these puns alone.
Since their Mine.



Doom is pretty damn good. Great campaign and solid multiplayer.
Kerbal Space Program lasts months of gameplay for some.


The Isle
Oh warframe too


PlanetSide 2 is a good game. Battlefield on steroids.


Disgaea 4 or 5 its really fun and NEVER ends! :smirk:


Addictive games that last a lot?

  1. Team Fortress two! Just look at how many hours I have in that game:

  2. SUBNAUTICA! I’m playing it right now xD

  3. Skyrim or Fallout 4, but Skyrim has more content imo.


Can confirm!


Rainbow Six all the way!!

It seems like its repetitive, but some how, you never get tired of it!

haha tried it out yesterday, and I love it. ZEUS!!!


When in doubt: Struts.
When struts aren’t enough: more Struts.
But yeah, I like KSP. Wait a few weeks for Summer sale, though.

On a serious note;

Warframe is my current addiction. Have almost 500 hours in over the last few months. It’s space ninjas with guns and super powers. Also, it’s free to play without trying to be a money-grubbing asshat.

The Disgaea series is amazing. More than just 4 and 5, as someone said above.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is only like $15 at GameStop, and like $40 on Steam. Better than Skyrim, and a REAL fantasy game to boot. However, Skyrim has mods and Dragon’s Dogma does not. Using lightsabers in Skyrim kind of balances out being a ‘meh’ game.

Sentry Gun has already said Subnautica, so +1

Amnesia. Good scary games. I never finished the second one because it’s 2spoopy4me, but the first was great.

Lastly, the Diablo series. Amazing series of games. Well-worth dealing with Blizzard for.