Max is sad [Pokemon 20th Anniversary Edition sold out]


The only thing Max wanted for his birthday in 2 days was this

after waiting for this and not having enough money when it released I am sad I may never own one

(change this if this is not in the right topic I just need to express how sad I am)

I will have to express my feelings by buying skins and pokken tournament and crying in my sleep
and telling my friends to suck on purpose so I can feel good for destroying them as monster


Gotta write that down…


yeah I don’t really want a b-day thread tho
all I wanted was this :sob:


Nintendo is selling Nostalgia. It hit me right in the feels. Now I need a 3DS to play all the games.


just get a new 3ds there are about the same price now and you don’t have to buy a seperate thing to use amiibos also xenoblade


Yeah, definitely gonna get one. Just a matter of money.


have any games you don’t play just trade them in


(shudders at thought of gamestop’s idea of depreciation values)



That’s too true.


GameStop is ridiculous, I like the smaller game stores. There’s a place in town here called Big City Gaming, they gave me $35 for Black Ops 2, Xbox 360 version, when GameStop offered me $10. Granted that was a few years ago, but their prices are always so much better. GameStop is money hungry.
Back on topic though, I want a 3DS real bad. Used to love playing Pokemon, had a full Eevee team on my Pearl game. I miss them. :cry:


they might be havin a spring break sale on some of the sh*t go look


Platinum master 4th gen game



Limited Edition PC Pocket Monster Race Exclusive 360 No Scope Flamebreathe Developer Copy. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really think you should change the name of this thread to #SadMax. It’s important.