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Summary Max:

Max is a young boy when he was abandoned by not only his parents but most of the world. An earth destroying asteroid approaches causing most people to flee earth for a new home. Max is left alone with his brother, Jack, a curious young boy who seems to not know the true cruel world and only sees the positives. After Max meets up with Ari, an old school friend, they set out to find a safe place to live the rest of their short lives. Unfortunately others only want to cause pain. Join Max on his journey through a hellish world to only find himself in a new world full of mystery and wonder.

Summary Draconis:

Draconis is a god, well the god of gods to be exact but he doesn’t like to gloat. He could command anything he willed and controlled the fate of the entire world. However, other gods take him for a lazy god as all he does it let others do his work for him whilst he sits and mopes about someone. After the gods overthrow him Draconis is left as a mortal and weakend. He is left only to watch as the gods destroy the thing he prizes the most, his creation. Follow Draconis as he refuses to give up and find a way to take back his throne to fix everything.

Sorry I’m not very good at summarizing stuff, hopefully it helps with others understanding or attracting readers.

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Chapter 4.5: The Experiment:

It was just another normal day in the city. Lights flickering for late night clubs even though it was almost 6:00 A.M, cars honking, birds chirping followed by a gunshot and a screech of death, the whirling noises of the Anti-Pest machines searching for more birds to murder, and her alarm clock beeping loudly… Wait, it only beeps loud when. She jolted upwards and looked at the time on the clock. “Ahh! I’m going to be late!” she screeched rushing to her closet. It was her big day, she can’t be late! It would wreck her time bonus! She moved her clothes to reveal a keypad and typed in a few numbers and letters. A small popping noise was heard and a hidden door opened revealing her best looking lab coat. She wasted no time putting it on as well as some jeans and rushing out the door.

She got into her car and fumbled her keys trying to quickly put them in to start the car. It made a buzzing noise and it started to float up. She pushed the pedal and it sped out of her shed and into the crowded highway. She frantically looked for a way around the other cars and saw a teleport pad. “Please please please let this be faster than waiting here” she whispered to herself flying through it. It led out to the other side of the city which was bad, but also good as it was a little closer to the lab. She sped forward looking around hoping no cops were around. “Floating cars were a serious mistake, they only make more of a crowd, we should have stuck with normal ones” she said aloud sighing. She zoomed into a designated parking lot and got out. She almost missed the sidewalk and fell but she was able to grab it and pull herself up. “Makes parking straight and not sideways a hazard as well” she thought to herself, pressing the lock button on her keys.

She rushed to the door only to knock into a man wearing a black coat. “Shouldn’t you be inside?” the man asked smirking. “Shouldn’t you be at home cooking dinner?” she responded pulling the same grin on him. James, he was working for the government so unlike most men he worked instead of staying home. “They told me to wait out here but it’s been about an hour, was it because you were late again?” James asked looking back to the door. “Yeah, I’m sorry James I had to stay up late watching my nephew” she explained pulling out her key card. “I don’t know why they haven’t fired you yet” James said laughing. She rolled her eyes and unlocked the door.

“Karren! Where have you been?!” a female voice yelled. “Sorry I’m late, didn’t get much sleep” Karren responded. “Hana didn’t you let James in? It’s cold out there” Karren asked opening her locker and pulling out some papers. “He said he was waiting for his partner” Hana explained handing her some more papers. “Yeah, Kaito should be here any minute” James said looking at his watch. “You said that about an hour ago” Hana responded sighing. “I forgot you got an exchange agent, he’s from Japan right? Old or New?” Karren asked ordering the papers she was holding. “He comes from a traditional family so old Japan, I think he’s late because he still hasn’t learned much english so it’s hard for him to get a taxi” James explained frowning.

“Open door please? Automatic door open please, door? Uh, open sesame? 開いた?” a man said at the door. James walked back and opened it. “Helloooo!” the man said walking in. “Kaito, the sign at the door said ring the doorbell…” James sighed shaking his head in embarrassment and disappointment. “Doorbell? You mean button you press to make ringing noise in house?” Kaito asked. “Yes Kaito, I thought I already too explained to you how to get into the lab” James clarified making some hand gestures. “You taught him sign language?” Karren asked still organizing papers. “No his brother is deaf so he learned it so he could speak to his brother” James explained.

“Ah sign language, the only universal language, I’m glad that it exists as it makes things easier when going to old countries” Hana said aloud hoping someone would agree with her only to be ignored. “Let’s get on to showcasing the experiment shall we?” Karren said leading the two men to the back room. “As commissioned by the president we are attempting to create a device that will allow us to travel to new dimensions, we already have a device that allows us to talk to people from other dimensions but they all end up in a mental hospital because only they can hear it” Karren explained stopping at a large machine. “It gets me excited thinking about it though! Think about it, with access to new dimensions we can learn so much more, we could study their culture, if they are more advanced we could get help with our machines, et cetera” Karren excitedly explained playing around with the buttons on the machine.

“We haven’t tried it out on humans, but we’ve used test dummies with cameras attached to them as well as larger floating cameras that we’ve contained in large object, however SOMEONE got it caught by others a few times” Karren explained looking over at Hana with an annoyed face. Hana let out a nervous laugh. “It did help with out study on them though, they saw it as some terrestrial ship, called it a UFO, we believe it stands for Unknown Floating Object” Karren continued pointing to pictures of humans pointing up at the sky. “So they’re the same species as us? I thought other dimensions meant beings vastly different” James said sounds curious but also confused. “Well, our previous study showed that dimensions directly next to ours share a lot of similar traits, this one shares almost all known species, the differences is that A. While the economy is balanced like ours but Males take the working role more than Females and B. They haven’t made as many discoveries as we have” Karren clarified as she stepped away from the large machine.

“Also they seem more about inventing new things for entertainment…” Hana added shrugging. “They did make one discovery of an animal they we hadn’t seen until we saw them discover it though, they called it the Tardigrade, shortly after they discovered it we sent message to some other scientists and they found it lives here as well, unlike them we stopped focusing on microscopic organisms after we found out about everything that makes the human body work, or at least what we believe to be everything” Karren explained showing pictures of the creature. “Oh yes, I hear about this in news awhile ago, I did not know they have found it first” Kaito said taking a hard look at the picture. “He honestly sounds like that stereotypical non-english speaker in parodies” Hana whispered into Karren’s ear. “Parodies start off somewhere” Karren whispered back as she started to lean back onto the machines edge.

“Well, enough stalling you can show us some of your clips and we’ll be on our way” James said taking the pictures from Kaito and putting them down. “Actually, well today was the day we were going to send a person through it, any volunteers?” Karren explained smirking. James gave her a confused look. “Just kidding, well, only about the volunteer part, I’ll be going through” Karren excitedly explained grabbing some equipment. “Wouldn’t that be, uh, unsafe?” Kaito asked looking unsure. “Well… Yes! But that’s what being a scientist in this world is about! Taking risks and diving deep into the unknown for the pursuit of knowledge!” Karren responded typing in some coordinates into the machine. James quickly made some signs that Karren nor Hanna could see. “You sure you want to do this?” James questioned looking worried. Karren nodded as the machine powered on creating a green and black portal. Karren smiled as she fixed a camera to her shoulder.

“I’ve put it in a hidden location so you keep it up at least for an hour Hana” Karren explained approaching the portal. “See ya soon” Karren said smirking and waving gently. She put her hand through pulling it back out instinctively. She looked back at her hand and shook her head. Karren took a deep breath and stepped through the portal. Hana looked at the recording and gasped. Karren screamed as she fell into a pit. “I-I’m okay haha” she said to hoping the audio was being captured. Karren picked up the camera which had fallen off. She climbed up the pit and immediately dropped the camera. “T-THIS IS UNHEARD OF!” Karren yelled in excitement. She picked back up the camera and faced it to show a bright purple sky with a large creature that resembled a dragon drifting in the sky. “Hana! Write this down! You may not see it but upon this magnificant creatures back seems to be a city! A CITY ON TOP OF A LARGE BEAST! This is such a discovery!” Karren exclaimed.

James nodded to Kaito. Kaito immediately rushed up to Hana and snapped her neck. “W-Why” were the last words that escaped Hana’s mouth as she fell to the ground. James rushed forward and smashed the control panel. Other scientists started to pour into the room due to the noise and Kaito took them out swiftly. Karren turned around to see the portal closing. She rushed forward but was unable to get to it in time. “N-No, what the hell? Hana?! Open the portal back up! Please! J-James! Just push the green button! Hana is going insane or something! Just push it so I can return!” Karren’s voice screamed through the viewing device. She fell to her knees and started sobbing. “P-Please, I don’t want to be trapped here, my nephew is counting on me to take care of him…” Karren sobbed her tears making the soil softer as they were absorbed. “I’m sorry Karren, if any normal person were to see this, well, they wouldn’t be able to comprehend this, it goes against all our laws of physics, I’m sorry you had to end this way” James said pulling out a handgun and shooting the viewing device shattering it into millions of pieces. “Kaito let’s go, we’ll leave the law enforcement to close down this place and clean it up, I’ve already informed them” James commanded putting the handgun away and walking towards the exit. Kaito nodded and followed.

It wasn’t long before sorrow turned to rage. Karren gritted her teeth and yelled in anger smashing the camera. She started to tear up the dirt and throw it around before she sank into her arms crying once more. “Ma’am are you okay?” A young girls voice asked. Karren looked up to see a young girl wearing a turquoise shirt with a lovely flower pattern on it, she was also carrying a basket with what looked to be cooking supplies. The young girl looked surprisingly human, no notable changes to humans in this dimension it seems. Karren couldn’t bring herself to talk to this little girl. “Are you lost?” the young girl asked. Karren nodded slightly hoping that giving an answer would make the girl leave. The girl walked over and sat down with Karren. “Mom says I’m not supposed to talk to strangers, but I have Popo with me, and you also look really sad” the young girl said fiddling with her basket. Karren wondered who Popo was, perhaps an imaginary friend? It did not matter, she had no plans of harming the girl. “You must be hungry, here take this” the girl said holding out a large berry like fruit. Karren was really hungry and while she didn’t trust the girl fully the fruit intrigued her. She gently grabbed the berry and smiled at the girl.

It looked like an enlarged raspberry but was colored light purple. Karren took a bite and slowly processed the taste. It was very sweet and tasted like an apple. “I hope I didn’t give you the sour one” the girl said looking into her basket once more. Suddenly all sweetness went away and the berry tasted terribly sour, it was so sour it almost made her cry. Karren spat out the berry and wiped her tongue with her hand only to taste the dirt that was on it. She tried to spit out the dirt but it seemed to stick to her tongue. “Sorry” the girl whispered handing Karren a napkin. Karren used it to get the dirt out of her mouth. “You’re not wearing any normal clothes… Where are you from?” the girl asked looking curious. Karren panicked at the question, what should she tell the girl, should she lie or tell the truth? She really had no other choice, she couldn’t lie to this girl, it was hard for her to lie to children.

Karren started to speak when a large creature emerged from the brush. It looked to be a mix between a bear, bunny, and a flying squirrel. Karren backed up not making a noise. She knew animals could usually tell if you were frightened judging by your voice. “Popo!” the girl yelled rushing to it. The large beast reached out its paws and hugged the girl. It started to lick the young girl before she pushed its head back. “No Popo, not in public” she said giving it a disappointed look. The beast whimpered like a dog and leaned onto its back as if asking for a belly rub. “Absolutely adorable for a creature this large” Karren though aloud covering her mouth. She did not mean to speak so loudly with her still startled voice. The beast stood up on its hind legs and approached her. It started to sniff Karren all over for what she assumed was to make sure she wasn’t a threat. It deemed her safe and licked her face. Karren wiped the saliva off her face with her hands only for the beast to lick her face once more.

The girl laughed and snapped her fingers. The beasts bunny-like ears perked up and it turned around to face the girl. “Off” she commanded walking back up to Karren. The beast moved back and sat down. “Sorry, Popo gets excited when he sees new people” the girl apologize helping Karren up. “No no it’s fine, I did not mean to instigate it” Karren responded fixing her coat. “Now why are you wearing that weird stuff?” the girl asked looking puzzled. Karren really had no other choice, she told the girl everything, from how her world worked to her theories on why the portal wa s closed. “That’s terrible…” The girl said looking down. “Perhaps I can help you! My family, we are super close to the prophet maybe we can get him to call upon Draconis to send you home” the girl explained looking a little more happy.

“Who’s Draconis?” Karren asked giving a curious look. “Well, he’s our god, he and his wife made everything, but… they’re at war right now…” The girl explained looking up at the sky. Karren was still unsure of most of this stuff, gods don’t even exist do they? Perhaps since this world is so different they can? She didn’t give much thought to it though, if it was her way home she’ll take it. “Then let’s go” Karren said looking determined. The girl whistled and Popo stood up. The girl climbed onto his back and held out her hand to help Karren. Once Karren was seated Popo rushed off the edge and spread out its arms and started gliding on the air. Startled Karren screamed and closed her eyes thinking they’d fall. She opened her eyes to see the massive landscape. It looked more beautiful from above. She could see cities stretching across the land below them. Behind her was a tall mountain which she had landed on. “I forgot to ask what your name was” Karren said looking back at the girl. “My name is Ray, my mom named me that because simple names like mine are very uncommon here” Ray answered looking back and smiling.

They glided for a few minutes before arriving at the large flying beast. Popo entered into a port on the side of the beast. “First we must get you some more conventional clothes, if you wish to blend in whilst you stay this is a must” Ray explained helping Karren off Popo. “Erm, okay I guess” Karren said looking around. Karren pulled out her notebook while they were walking around and she wrote down a bunch of notes. From how the people seemed to work around here, to how the city functioned, to the small beasts that these humans call pets. “Here we are” Ray said turning around and smiling. They stepped inside the store. It looked super small from the outside but on the inside there were many halls full of clothes and other items. Ray handed her some shirts only for them to phase through her.

Karren and Ray gave each other a confused look. Karren walked to another area. “Handmade clothes… Perhaps these shall work” Karren said picking one up. “Yes, I can carry these, that must mean I can wear them as well” Karren said to herself picking out a few she liked. “I’m not sure why you can’t pick up those magic clothes, but these ones look just as pretty” Ray said smiling. Ray went out and grabbed a coin purse. “Oh right, I guess the currency I have will not work” Karren though aloud. Ray handed her the purse and she grabbed it. Ray grabbed a dress for herself and they bought the clothes. Karren put her old lab coat and jeans in a small bag.

They walked out of the store and got onto Popo’s back. “We shall go to my house, I’ll introduce you to my family and explain your story and they should help us” Ray explained scratching Popo’s left ear. It seemed to be a command as right after she took her hand off his ear he started moving. As they were approaching a house a large fireball hit the ground near them. Popo jumped back and growled as sirens went off in the distance. People started screaming in fear and running. “What’s going on?!” Karren yelled looking around. “Popo mush!” Ray screamed pointing towards a house. A third pair of legs seemed to grow out of him and Popo ran towards the house at lightning speeds. Before they could make it a large snake like beast fell on top of the house. “Mother!” Ray yelled trying to get off Popo and rush towards the house. Karren grabbed her back. She didn’t know why. It felt like an instinct. This girl reminded her so much of her nephew, she had to protect her. Karren looked at Popo.

“Keep her safe” she commanded getting off him. She looked to her side. A convenient weapon shop! She rushed over and moved her hands through a pile until she found one she could hold. Karren pulled a rifle out of the pile. She rushed over and grabbed some ammo before stepping back out to face the beast. Popo was doing its best to dodge the beasts attacks to protect Ray. Karren looked at the gun. She had never wielded one before. It looked like a relic to the other guns she’s seen. She fiddled with it until she found out how to load it. “Hey! Over here!” Karren yelled pressing the trigger. Only smoke seemed to emit from it instead of bullets. Karren didn’t know why it didn’t work. She messed with it a little more until the beast was right in front of her.

She looked up, hopeless. The beast lunged forward. Karren flinched prepared to take the hit and possibly die. Karren heard a scream and opened her eyes. There lied Popo and Ray on the ground bleeding out. They took the hit for her. Karren gasped and back up. Her fear quickly turned to anger. Karren yelled furious at herself. She couldn’t even perform the simple task of protecting a young girl. She grabbed the gun and started beating the large snakes tail with it.

“Ray!” A voice called out. An older girl rushed to Ray’s side and felt her chest. “Y-You’ll be okay, mother is here” the girl said to Ray clearly panicked. “Lunar take care of Ray, I got this beast” an older voice said. Karren looked over to see a man wielding a long blade with crescent shapes carved on it. He jumped up high. It was as if he had no gravity. He then swiped downwards and the blade extended hitting the entire beast. Karren jumped out of the way barely avoiding his slash. The man turned to see Karren. “You, did you cause this?! I sense an otherworldly aura” the man said rushing towards her. Karren backed up and started running. He launched his blade forward towards her. The blade phased through Karren and hit the wall in front of her. She flinched and tried to back away from the blade only to fall. The man picked her up and threw her against the wall. “Your aura brought this beast here didn’t it, it brought it here and you let Ray get hurt didn’t you” the man yelled furious.

“I-I don’t know, I don’t even know what’s happening, I just want to get home” Karren whined tears in her eyes. “Ray, she told me she’d help me get home, her and her family, she said” Karren was cut off by the man. “Lies! I won’t believe your lies! Ray wouldn’t take a stranger with her!” he yelled. “N-No don’t hurt her” Ray said sounding weak. The man turned around to see Ray trying to crawl towards them. “It was the truth, she was so sad, she’s from another dimension and needs to get back, she has a nephew to take care of” Ray explained breathing heavily.

“Another dimension?” the man thought looking back to face her. “I-I think I can help here, I’m pretty sure I have something in my bag that’ll help” Karren said tears still in her eyes. “Then do it” the man demanded picking her up and tossing her towards Ray. Karren walked over to Popo and grabbed her bag. She pulled out a small device. “You’re just going to go to sleep for a little bit, this should accelerate the healing of your wounds” Karren said putting the device on Ray’s back and pushing the red button on top. It let out a beep and Ray was suddenly encased in ice. “You witch! What did you do to her!” the man yelled as the woman punched her backwards and onto the ground. “No no! It’s a portable cryochamber, it freezes her and keeps her in the exact state she was until it is deactivated. I can’t heal her but this’ll keep her alive until we find someone who can” Karren yelled flinching. “What does that even mean?” he asked. “It’ll keep her exactly how she was, she won’t age, she won’t die, it’s just until we can find a doctor” Karren explained holding her arms in front of her just in case they attack her again.

“Only a god can heal her wounds, I checked…” the woman solemnly said. “Then we go find that Draconis she told me of” Karren responded. “We are in a war and you expect us to somehow find Draconis?!” the man yelled sounding furious once more. “With who?” Karren asking looking up at him. “So you truly don’t know… We are in a war with Gaia” he explained. The woman put Ray in a bubble and she disappeared. “Her temporary prison will be safe in my dimension” the girl explained standing back up. “You, you will atone for this by traveling with us” the man demanded. Karren looked both sides before realizing she had no real choice. She reluctantly agreed. “What are your names?” Karren asked. “I am Arigos and this is Lunar” the man explained.

“Arigos is Ray’s fathers, her mother died when she was young so I took up the motherly role” Lunar explained sighing. “And your name is?” Arigos asked in a demanding tone. “I am Karren” Karren said solemnly. “Okay Karren, let us go then” Arigos said starting to walk away.

They traveled far, the journey was long and dangerous but they never gave up. They continued on their path. Almost every time they came across something Karren had never heard of she would exclaim at how different it is and start to study it only to be dragged away by Arigos. Her notebook was full of data she had collected, when she gets home she had planned to get funding and start a new project to study all these creatures. Karren could never fight as any weapon she held would phase through her for some reason, this led to many arguments between her and Arigos however Lunar would break it up. Eventually, they arrived where they were heading…

A large staircase leading up to a throne, mysterious symbols were carved on the throne. “What is this place?” Karren asked drawing it in her notebook. “The throne of Draconis, well, a replica made by the people, it will help us contact him” Arigos explained walking up the stairs. Lunar followed and so did Karren after she finished a rough drawing of it. “How does it work?” Karren asked feeling the stairs hoping to figure out what material it is made of. “Lunar is the only one who knows that right now, she is a demigod after all” Arigos replied nodding to Lunar. Lunar walked up and touched the throne. It instantly started to shine brightly and a beam of energy shot up into the sky.

Karren was studying multiple large holes surrounding the throne when she suddenly jumped back. Large swords fell from the sky into the holes and a large roar was heard. A huge black and gold dragon flew above them, large swords surrounding him and forming a second pair of wings. It landed on the throne crushing it instantly due to its size and weight. The air grew cold as it started to hail only behind the large beast forming a throne of ice. The dragon sat down and Arigos and Lunar kneeled. Karren stood in shock and amusement. Was this their god? It was larger than the beast they had built their city upon. “What brings you to summon me oh chosen of the moon?” it asked its voice booming. “Draconis, my master, our humble god” Arigos started looking up. “No need for compliments, I am busy so make it quick” Draconis said putting his head on his left hand.

“Y-Yes sir, we have come for a miracle, my daughter, she is young but dying of wounds, we ask of you to heal her” Arigos explained shaking slightly. “You have already became my chosen warrior for this land, what more do I give, what more do you give?” Draconis said sounding bored already. “This girl Draconis, she is willing to give you her life, she is from another dimension” Arigos said looking over at Karren. “Is this true? I can sense you yield from another dimension but do you wish to serve in a war greater than you could ever imagine. “What? N-No I just wish to go home” Karren responded looking up at the gods eyes. Arigos looked at her with anger. “It is home you wish to go? Then so be it” Draconis boomed as a portal opened next to him. Karren walked forward and towards the portal.

She looked down at her notebook then back to Arigos and Lunar. She must share the world of this new knowledge. She walked closer towards the portal. Knowledge always comes before anything does it not? After all knowledge is power. This is the right choice. She put her hand into the portal. She started to remember all the good times she spent with Arigos and Lunar, she had no good times to remember from her world. It was always just work. She was even kicked out of her own world. Does her world even want her? She felt nothing but sorrow and pain in that world. In this world she felt alive and happy. What of her nephew? How would he react after seeing her after she was most likely presumed dead. His fragile mind wouldn’t be able to take it. Perhaps it was time for Karren to be dead. Yes, it was time for Karren to be dead in that world and alive in this one. She looked down at her notebook and pulled her hand out of the portal. She then sighed and tossed the notebook through the portal. The old Karren is dead, rise new Karren.


She turned around to face Draconis who looked at her with surprise. “Draconis, I will serve you, under one condition! I must fight, no I will fight, I will fight for Arigos and Lunar my first true friends. And you, well you will aid me not only in battle but as well as reviving this girl from the brink of death” she yelled with confidence. Arigos looked back at Draconis in fear, no one has EVER demanded a god would do something. Draconis’ face looked in not only surprise but also anger that she would try to command him. The anger suddenly faded and he let out a loud laugh. “Karren, I like your spirit, I can feel your change of heart not only by your tone but also by your words. You, you are my true warrior, the one I was searching for. I will agree to your terms as long as you agree to be eternally loyal to me” Draconis said laughing. “Then I agree, I will win this war for you” she agreed smiling.

Two gloves suddenly formed on her hands. They had a golden glow to them and were black. “These gloves will bind you to this world, they will allow you to do what you couldn’t before, being binded to this world also allows you to be harmed by magic, so if you think about deactivating the gloves they will do so unbinding you making you invincible to magic temporarily. As for the girl, I must see her” Draconis explained smiling back. A portal opened and a large bubble containing Ray floated out. “I have watched you all throughout your adventure so I know you must remove this “device” and free her so that I may work” Draconis said standing up. Karren tapped the ice a few times and it instantly melted. Ray slowly moved waking up from her slumber. She looked up at Draconis. “God? Is that you? Have I arrive in heaven?” she asked sounding weak.

“Young girl, first of heaven doesn’t exist you just get reborn as someone new, but no, you shall live as per request of the hero Karren” Draconis explained lifting up one of his blades. “Hold still now young one” Draconis demanded as the blade glowed. He plunged the blade into Ray and Karren fell back in shock. He started chanting some words and an orange glow bursted into her. With each word more and more energy was bursted into her. Draconis finished chanting and there stood no girl but a sun. “Ray, you are no longer a girl but the demigod of the sun, servant and friend of the hero Karren, you will play a bigger role in this world, now rise” Draconis commanded raising his hand. The sun was absorbed into a figure. There stood Ray. She wore flaming armor and had wings of a Phoenix. The rifle Karren kept carrying floated up and a burst of flames transformed it into a rife of flame.

Arigos ran up and hugged Ray only to jump back in pain. “Sorry I can’t control my body temperature yet” Ray said looking down. “Your new name is Solar, demigod of the sun, relic of the Hero Karren” Draconis explained standing back up. “If you ever need aid just think of me and I’ll be there” Draconis said looking at Karren. Karren nodded.

Years later Karren and the others were locked into a battle with Gaia’s forces who had ambushed them. They were made of some type of mist and were immune to almost all attacks. “Karren I believe we may need Draconis for this one” Arigos said looking over to her. “Yes I agree” Solar agreed nodding. “Alright, Solar lend me your strength” Karren said holding out her hand. Solar grabbed it and bursted energy into Karren. A large beam of light filled the sky and a golden portal opened. Soldiers pointed to the sky behind cover and other screamed thinking it was a new enemy. Draconis descended from the portal and hovered above the creatures. Large shields suddenly appeared over every ally. Draconis reached to the sky and his blade appeared in his hand. He raised his other hand and seemed to grab part of the sun out of the sky. He crushed it in his hand and wiped his hand all over his blade. It seemed to be melting but it held its position. Suddenly Draconis raised his sword and started swiping all over the area disintegrating all the mist creatures within seconds. People cheered as he flew back into the golden portal.

Karren was split up from Arigos and fighting a large beast. “I don’t think we can take much more hits” Karren said holding her arm. “This is a life or death situation, we must summon Draconis” Solar said helping Karren up. Karren nodded and used Solar’s energy to fire out a beam of light. Draconis came out of the golden portal once more and landed in front of the beast. It screeched in anger and tried to attack Draconis only to be deflected by the large blades that formed his second pair of wings. He held up his hand and his sword formed in it. This time however he planted it into the ground. He suddenly multiplied by 10. Each version of his took turns slashing at the beast before it was nothing but ash. He returned to his portal once more.

Karren and the other Heroes were locked in battle. This was their final fight with Gaia’s servants. The Wyvigns, they guard the portal to her throne. After this fight they could finally confront Gaia and defeat her with Draconis. “We shall finish this quickly” Karren said calling upon Draconis. They could not see him appear but they heard the portal open. The ground around them lifted up. It was only mere seconds before the entire cave was lifted up into the air. Shields appeared around everyone except the enemy. Suddenly a large blade ripped through the entire cave killing all the Wyvigns. The cave slowly descended back into the place where it was originally and they heard the portal close signifying Draconis had left.

40 years later after the *&^% war had been won Karren had retired to Solar’s old house which had be rebuilt when she asked it to be. She was sitting in a old sofa watching kids play outside. “Karren, I will be gone for a little bit, I shall return with groceries, anything you want?” Solar asked walking by her. It took Karren a second to think. “A nice batch of sweet bread would be nice” she croaked. Solar nodded and went out the door. It was only a few minutes before a masked figure stepped in front of her. “You wilt with age woman” they spat. “I know what you’re here for, my death isn’t it” Karren said slowly looking up at them. “You would be correct, normally I would feel bad for an older person but you chose the wrong side to defend 30 years ago, we have found your weakness as well” they explained.

“So you’re from the old empire I’m guessing” Karren said. “Correct, however I will take no more statements from you, begone” they said plunging a steel sword into her. “We figured out that anything that isn’t magic, take my fists or this steel sword for example, can hurt you, goodbye Hero” they said sheathing the sword and leaving without a trace.

Solar rushed back home. She didn’t mean to take so long, they had to make a new batch of sweet bread wanting to please Karren. They insisted it was free but Solar forced them to take the money. She was quite tired of people offering things for free. She opened the door and dropped everything. “N-No… KARREN!” She yelled rushing over. “It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have been gone for so long, and now her friend was dead. All my fault” a voice echoed through her head….

I don’t really count this as a chapter thus the 4.5. Reason being is that this lore wasn’t planned to be in the story. It was instead meant to be a Role Play but I’ve given up on the idea for now. It was planned to be a lot long so it was kinda hard to shorten it down. For those who may be confused or didn’t get the hints Max wasn’t the first one from another universe to arrive in Draconis’s Dimension. Karren was the first and the one before Max to arrive. This also explains Solar’s backstory. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it! I’ll probably take a break until my spring break is over since it starts in a few days.

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Chapter 5: The Meetup:

Max stood up and brushed the sand off of him. A small purple line appeared between him, Eclipse and Draconis. Max was launched forward and hit the sand once more. “Oh Max, I’m sorry, I forgot that I bonded you to myself and Draconis so if we move to far ahead without you it’ll force you to follow us” Eclipse explained helping him up and brushing the sand off of him. “I’m not, I said let’s go and he took his time” Draconis said rolling his eyes. Max’s coat suddenly brightened up and the purple line snapped. “A relic with the power to not only bind you to this world but also allow you to leave a relic behind… Where did you find it” Draconis demanded looking back at Max. “I’m not sure, I woke up with it” Max responded taking off the coat only for it to force itself back onto him. “I’m not a big fan of wearing it now that it’s hot though” Max added messing around with the coat.

The coat suddenly opened itself and moved onto Max’s back acting like a cape. “That’s a lot better, if only it didn’t look weird” Max said hoping I’d change its shape but to no avail. “Let’s just ignore it and continue on” Eclipse said hoping everyone would put down the subject. Draconis looked at the coat then Eclipse. He sighed and started walking forward, Eclipse and Max followed. As they walked forward Max looked at the walls to see weird shapes on the wall. “What’s this?” Max asked touching the shapes. “It’s an ancient language, not many people have figured out what it says but I do, let’s see, it says ‘trap ahead tread with caution’ so let’s be careful” Draconis explained continuing to walk forward. Max ran to catch up with him only to trip over a wire. A large door opened up and a boulder fell from it.

“You idiot!” Draconis yelled as he seemed to warp over to Max and create a shield around them. The boulder crashed into the shield and caused the ground below them to fall. Max screamed in fear but Draconis hit him to shut him up. “Solar, Lunar, find a way out of here we’ll catch up!” He yelled as a loud thud was heard. Draconis could hear her voice echo but couldn’t make out what she said so he assumed she said okay.

Ari stood up and put her hand on her head. “You’re awake, good, let us go” Aquarius said relieved she was okay. “What happened, I have a big headache” Ari asked rubbing her forehead. “Well we fell down a giant hole, I apologize I did not mean for this to happen” Aquarius explained flying over to her and landing on her head. “Now onwards” he yelled pointing forward and smirking. Ari started to walk forward only to hear hissing. Large snakes slithered out from holes in the wall. “Seriously what the hell, it’s just one problem after another” Ari complained pulling out the hilt and a large blade of water formed. As she swung at one of the snakes it hardened into ice and easily cut through its scales and severing its head. “This thing is really potent” Ari thought aloud looking at the blade. “Now that you’re bound to this world I’ll act as an actual relic” Aquarius explained as a thin blue line appeared between them. Aquarius flew behind her and a small blue beam connected them both. Ari suddenly felt fast and stronger.

She looked at her hands and then instantly looked up and deflected a snake who tried to catch her off guard. “What did you do to me?” She asked deflecting more attacks. “I gave myself the form of an attacking relic, relics if you didn’t know can boost their partners battle skills whilst in battle, however the relic has to be fully open with giving their partner all their power, being in the form of an attacking relic I’m able to make you physically stronger, being a water relic I’m able to raise your senses and speed” Aquarius explained flying more closer and taking the gliding stance once more. “So relics have different elements or something?” Ari asked looking back at him only to return to deflecting attacks. “Yes each element gives a special boost to your partner, for example if I were a fire relic instead of boosting your speed and senses your physical defense would be boosted as well as how fast your arms move instead of your feet” Aquarius responded.

A larger snake lunged at Ari and she was able to push it back with her blade and cut its head off. “I guess that’s pretty neat” Ari said killing more of the snake. “I guess I should explain that relics also feed off of strength and will, the more will you have to fight the powerful I’ll get, and your will right now is very rejuvenating, toss my weapon over here I’ll get rid of all of them with one blow” Aquaris explained holding out his small blue hands. Ari tossed the weapon over and a blue shield appeared around her. Water suddenly filled the entire room and Aquarius seemed to turn into a leviathan like creature and he swam forward and spun in a circle causing a small water spout inside the temple and killing all the snakes. The water then made a boiling sound and all of it evaporated almost instantly, the steam flowing inside Aquarius who had turned back to normal.

The shield disappear and Ari walked over. “What was that?” she asked leaning down to look at him. “I used what the humans refer to a Relic Ultimate Attack, when a relic gains enough energy from their partners strength and will they are able to break the cap of their skills and unleash a powerful skill that can do many things, it does drain the relic of course and I am no different” Aquarius explained breathing heavily. “Then you can hop on my shoulder to rest up and regain energy, I have a feeling we’ll need all the energy we can get” Ari responded picking him up and setting him on her shoulder. “You are too kind Ari” Aquarius said smiling.

Max stood up and brushed himself off only to see Draconis giving him an angry stare. “It’s not my fault you guys kept walking while I was curious” Max said crossing his arms and turning his back to Draconis. Jesthor slithered out of Max’s hood dazed. He shook his head and looked around. He jumped off of Max and brushed off some dust on the wall revealing more symbols. “I thought this place looked familiar” Jeshtor thought aloud. He slithered back over to Max and got back in his hood. “What is it?” Max questioned looked back at Jeshtor. “This used to be one of my species homes, we were highly intelligent snake creatures created by my god to serve a purpose, after they disappeared we were hunted to extinction by some people, we never asked to be created as war weapons for the god but we were and people wanted us dead, we tried to flee underground to live peaceful lives so we made this elaborate temples with traps and puzzles everywhere. Some gods don’t play fair and aided in our hunting as well as the hunting of Wyvigns” Jeshtor explained looking over at Draconis with hatred in his eyes. Draconis looked down. “I apologize, during that war I was fueled with rage, eventually I wanted to erase all traces of her, I didn’t even realize you were a Hypnormian nor did I think they felt anything as they were cold killers in the war” Draconis responded sounding upset.

“What are you guys talking about?” Max asked trying to comprehend and figure out what they said. “Sorry Max, i’ve given up hope of fully explaining myself, it involves a god that no one will remember due to a spell that is passed out every night, if I were to tell you you’d only forget it by the next morning, if I wasn’t a relic and didn’t cast a shield upon myself when I was first reborn I would have forgotten as well” Jeshtor explained sounding depressed. “That spell is a side effect that I haven’t figured out how to get rid of yet” Draconis responded to Jesthor. Jeshtor paid no heed to Draconis and only layed back down in the hood of Max’s coat. Jesthor leaned back up. “All you really need to know is that there was a war where millions died, and not just the “good guys” that is really the only info I can give you without it being wiped from your memory next morning” Jeshtor added and layed back down.

“They didn’t even go to the afterlife that Draconis created after hundreds of humans dying even though some of them were more pure and free of sin unlike some of the humans” Jeshtor whispered to himself. Max didn’t say anything but he heard what Jeshtor said. Large snakes slithered forward and hissed. “I thought they were dead! Are they friendly?” Max asked looking back at Jeshtor who studied them for only a second before telling Max to run. One of them lunged forward and Draconis blocked it with a shield. “Why are there lingering spirits here?” Draconis questioned. “Why do you think, you never created a place for them to live in the afterlife since we can’t truly be reborn unless a god does it, their powerful spirits of pain and sorrow manifested sensing your soul, Max they may act friendly to you but don’t buy into it, Hypnormian’s are notorious liars and will try to trick you into a false sense of security only to backstab you” Jeshtor explained handing Max his handgun. “If you’re one of them wouldn’t that contradict what you just said?!” Max yelled confused.

“Just shut up and fight” Draconis demanded forming a chakram in his mouth. Jeshtor looked at Max’s shoulder to confirm his theory. A small symbol glowed on Max’s shoulder. This confirmed Jeshtor’s theory, Draconis is sapping power from Max which must mean he isn’t strong enough, it also confirms his god must be giving Max its powers. Max started unloading rounds into the crowd of snakes. Bullets fly through some of them and they fall to the ground bleeding. “Why are they bleeding I thought you said they were spirits” Max asked not wanting to kill them due to what Jeshtor said. “Their spirits are strong enough to manifest a physical form, however instead of using it to live once more like that Hypnormian you fought when you arrived here these ones only want revenge” Jeshtor replied still studying the symbol. “Don’t hold back, they attacked you first Max” Jeshtor added finally ignoring the symbol to aid Max.

Max fired more rounds into the crowd of Hypnormian’s while Draconis got up close slicing them with his chakram. More and more kept coming out of the holes in the walls. “This isn’t working… We’ll be overcrowded soon if we don’t do something about this… Anyone got an idea?” Max asked panting for breath. Draconis growled sounding annoyed. “I have no other choice but to rely on this human, I’m powerless in this form. I can’t keep attacking like this without draining his power” Draconis thought to himself making an angry face. Draconis leaped backwards behind Max swiping his weapon out of his hand in the process. “What’s the idea?” Jeshtor snapped staring at Draconis. Draconis swung to the side and his Chakram disappeared, in its place were two handguns. “Use these” Draconis said tossing them over to Max. The orb on his chest glowed and a small black beam was connected to the symbol on Max’s shoulder. “What’s that do?” Max asked looking back at the black beam of energy. “I’ll explain later, I have a feeling someone is watching us and they’ve already heard an explanation before so they don’t want to hear it again” Draconis explained looking around. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” Max yelled, annoyed with Draconis’ excuse. “Just start shooting!” Draconis demanded in an angry tone.

The guns glowed as Max started firing at the beasts. A blast of ice pierced through the beasts freezing most of them solid. Ari ran through the crowd slashing at each frozen beast shattering them to pieces. The snakes hissed and fled. “Looks like we arrived just in time” Ari said sheathing the handle of the blade. “Draconis! My lord I’m so glad you’re okay!” Aquarius yelled flying towards Draconis. Draconis growled and backed up. “How dare you show your face to me traitor” Draconis snarled. Aquarius stopped in his tracks. “N-No my lord, you do not understand, you see, Pyronian, h-he” Aquarius stuttered afraid of Draconis. “I will not hear any more lies from you” Draconis growled forming a Chakram in his mouth. Ari rushed over to Max not caring about Aquarius. “Max, how are you even alive? I saw you die… “ Ari said looking down.

Max looked over at the mysterious girl. His head was suddenly filled with thoughts of someone named Jack. He felt a great pain in his heart like he had lost someone he loved dearly, and yet, even if it was this Jack person how could he have these feelings towards them when he had never even met them before. He felt compelled to ask her who she and this Jack person was. “Who are you?” he asked trying to wrap his head around these new feeling for someone he felt he never knew. Ari stepped back and looked him in the eyes. “What do you mean? It’s me, Ari, your friend from school? I’d always ask you for pencils and stuff cause I always lost mine” Ari explained trying to refresh Max’s memory. “Don’t you remember me?” she added still looking into his eyes hoping he’d remember who she was. “No, I don’t know you, I’ve never even met you” he responded shrugging. “Could you tell me who this Ja-” Max’s eyes suddenly filled with tears. Confused Max rubbed his eyes with his arm and looked at it. “Why am I crying?” he thought to himself.

Max’s body suddenly started acting on its own, pulling out his gun and pointing it at Ari. He felt an uncontrollable rage fill him. He tried to stop himself but he couldn’t, his body pulled the trigger by itself, it was as if he was being possessed. Ari gasped and was barely able to dodge it. “Max what are you doing we’re friends!” Ari yelled backing up. His mouth started moving on its own as well now. “You left him alone, alone and afraid of a world that will harm him, you will pay for this” were the only words that escaped his mouth before he was able to regain control. Max dropped the gun on the ground and backed away. “What the hell just happened” he thought aloud looking confused. He looked over to Ari and saw her crying. “I’m sorry Max, I know I promised you I’d protect Jack but something happened, I don’t even know how I got here, nothing is making sense at all” she sobbed her head in her hands. Max walked over and kneeled next to her. “Ari, or whatever your name is, while I may not know you or this Jack person, but I know we can make it through this, I’m in the same boat as you, I suggest since we’re the only people here who don’t exactly know what’s happening that we should team up” said Max looking into her eyes. Ari wiped her tears away and nodded.

Aquarius was dodging most of Draconis’ attacks trying to explain what was going on. “My lord, please you must listen, I was forced to work against you, they would kill me if I didn’t, I knew if I had helped I’d eventually be able to help you somehow, so this is me trying to help you” Aqaruis explained clearly panicked by Draconis. Before Draconis could respond a loud bang was heard. Everyone turned towards the sound to see a woman standing there. She was dressed in armor that revealed way to much skin, it was as if she was from one of those ads about an mmo. Behind her stood a large bipedal creature. It resembles a human but had completely black skin that resembled a lizards and had. large claws that extended almost to the ground, it wore a mask with a devilish grin on it as well as one eye. “I swear Huquio if you don’t stop staring and get out from behind me I’ll rip off your di-” she was cut off by Huquio rushing out from behind her. “So these are the ones Pyronian told you to kill? A kid, a snake, and a dragon? I don’t even know how you could have failed” she said smirking.

“Well there was another girl with them, and she was pretty strong” Huquio said hoping it was a valid excuse. The woman looked over and noticed Ari and Aquarius who had taken cover behind her when he noticed the woman. “I thought you were a coward Aquarius, betraying Pyronian isn’t like you, well at least the stories that were of you” she spoke smirking. Aquarius grit his teeth. “I thought it was Draconis who sent us” Huquio solemnly said looking down. “Ugh, you really are an idiot, Draconis is right there” she said pointing to Draconis in anger. “Listen, I’m sure you’re “super powerful” like Huquio but we don’t have time to babysit, move out of our way or this time I won’t spare you or your girlfriend” Draconis groaned annoyed with their interference.

The woman grinned and two large pieces of armor formed on both of her arms. “Bring it on then tough guy” she said with a crazy look in her eyes. Draconis’ twin handguns formed in Max’s hand. “No mercy this time” Draconis growled as the black line appeared between them. Ari pulled out the handle and a large blade of water formed once more. Max rushed forward as Ari stood back and studied the woman’s weapon. “Max no don’t get to close!” she yelled over to him. It was to late however, Max fired a few bullets only for them to be deflected by the woman’s armor. She then faced them forward and large spikes popped out as if it was a toy with a hidden feature. Max tried to slow down but he was to close, he quickly noticed her underside was not covered by the spiky shield of her armor. He quickly turned his sprint into a slide and slid under the woman only to be caught by the humanoid creature. The woman spun around. “You’re as predictable as a video game enemy” she said punching him in the gut. Ari rushed forward to help Max only to be deflected by Huquio’s shield. “Out of my way” Ari said turning the blade into a flail and swinging it behind him. Before he could react she pulled towards her and the flail came flying towards Huquio’s back.

Just as it turned to ice it was caught by something. A bulky human-like creature stepped out from behind Huquio and crushed the ice with one hand. It wore what looked to be a paladins armor and instead of eyes in the helmet it was just a black void. “You like my relic?” Huquio bloated before hitting Ari off to the side and onto the ground. Max was also thrown to the side. “You know, child abuse and murder is a serious crime, so I thought doing it would be fun but it isn’t… Oh well” the woman said ready to kill Max. Draconis just stood there watching the mayhem unleash. “Weaklings…” he thought to himself.

Draconis stood there watching the humans evolve from above. He couldn’t understand why she was so obsessed with these ugly things. He watched them day and right trying to find a reason for their existence. None of it made sense to him. Perhaps he could just kill all of them, would that make things go back to normal? It was worth trying, he didn’t want to be ignored anymore. He pulled out his blade and it split into two combining once more but curving to form a bow. “You will be freed from this useless existence” he said pulling back the arrow and taking aim at the center of the planet. She suddenly rushed forward and blocked the shot with her shield. “Why? What is the reason for protecting these pitiful things? They’re only a nuisance” Draconis asked angry that she blocked the shot. “Because.” She said “All life is valuable, these creatures may seem useless but… But they’re not, they’re so beautiful and fun to watch. Like us they make their own decisions, they can think for themselves, they have free will, I created them that way because I was tired of us being the only ones with free will here” she explained with a warm smile. Draconis looked back over to the planet. “Okay, I shall uphold your wish then” he said looking back over to her and smiling.

Draconis was snapped out of his thoughts by Aquarius calling for him. “Draconis! Do something!” Aquaruis yelled in a panic. “All life is valuable” kept repeating through his head. Draconis grit his teeth. “If you harm my new heroes you will regret even living” he said with a serious face. Huquio and the woman stopped. They both looked towards Draconis. The woman dropped Max smirking and walked closer to him. “And what will you do about it shorty” she grinned walking even closer. Jesthor slowly slide out of Max’s hood and started dragging him away. Aquarius did the same with Ari whilst the two were focused on Draconis.

“Betraying a god is a sin, Ilia” Draconis said still keeping his serious face. The woman’s face went red. “How do you know my name?!” she yelled. “I know all, I see all, I am a god after all” Draconis explained. Eclipse quietly snuck in and aided Jeshtor and Aquaruis. “That’s bullshit you lost your powers! Pyronian told me so!” Ilia boomed looking angrier by the second. “And how many times has he told you or anyone the truth” said Draconis hoping they’d consider his point. Draconis closed his eyes and saw through Eclipses eyes to see that everyone was out safe. “However, I am wasting no more time” Draconis said jumping over them. He split into three, one rushed outside, one fought back the two, and the last jumped up and hit the ceiling of the doorway collapsing it preventing the the enemies exit. “You’re as predictable as a video game enemy” the two clones mocked before disappearing.

Draconis ran out the exit as it collapsed behind him. “We need to move so they don’t catch up” Draconis ordered before noticing Ari and Max had fainted. They were both bleeding from their wounds. Eclipse was sitting down next to them healing their wounds. “I can’t carry both of them and no one else here can carry the other one” Eclipse explained still healing them. Draconis looked down at his feet. “I’ll carry Max, you carry the girl” Draconis responded splitting in half and setting Max on both their backs. Eclipse and Aquarius looked surprised, Draconis really hadn’t wanted to do work since the war. “Do not stare, I am only doing my part” Draconis demanded starting to walk forward. Eclipse picked up Ari and followed Draconis. Aquaruis shook himself out of the shook and also followed.

Pyronian slammed his foot down so hard it was heard down where Huquio and Ilia. “What do you mean Aquaruis is with them?!” he boomed with a furious look. “He was helping them out sir” Ilia explained shaking. “It also seems Draconis is slowly regaining his power, he was able to clone himself to trick us” Huquio added “We almost beat them until Draconis cloned himself.” Pyronian groaned in annoyance. “If you don’t get rid of them soon, I’ll make sure you suffer for eternity” Pyronian threatened snapping his fingers and turning off communication. “If Aquarius is helping them then that must mean he left his old body here to continue his work unnoticed, I think it deserves a mind of its own” Pyronian said smirking. He stood up and started walking towards Aquarius’ throne room.

It was just another day to Athio, the flowers were watered well, the scins in the pond were well fed, the hyi feeders were full, the garden was trimmed. He put back on his white gloves and stood next to the staircase. He greeted everyone who came down. His master was finally awake and made her way down the stairs. “Athio, I expect Kelgor is ready?” she asked brushing her hair to the side. “Yes, today I have cooked hyi eggs fresh from the nest as well as some cooked scins” he responded standing up straight. “That’s it? Whatever, it’ll do” she scoffed walking past him. “A thanks would be adequate enough” he grumbled to himself. He watched as the woman, her husband, and her children, ate like starving pigs. They didn’t even wash their hands, disgusting!

He gagged slightly at the image before heading outside to tend to the crops. He approached the crops only to find most of them were destroyed and the family “pets” which were wild beasts, making a mess of what remained. He growled and formed his Bow only to put them back. What’s the use of owning these wild beasts, they don’t even feed them he does! Oh right it’s because “They so pretty and pleasant to look at!” he recalled her saying. “Go on get outta here!” he yelled making hand motions at the animals. They turned and fled somewhere else on the property. He shook his hands and water formed on them. He went around touching each plant and they were instantly alive and healthy again. He then raised his hands and water from the pond floated up and make rain clouds over the plants. He released his hands to his side and it rained on the plants. After a few seconds the rain clouds disappeared and let a sigh of relief. “Any later and I wouldn’t be able to heal them” he said to himself.

He couldn’t help but feel his powers were going to waste however. People die everyday when they could be healed, if only his master still cared, with age she grew to become ignorant. Now he was left as a butler, taking care of the property and feeding its inhabitants. He longed for adventure and battle but alas he cannot. He remembered the times when he worked under the king, while he was still doing butler work the king trusted him to cover his back in battle. Unfortunately when the king died his granddaughter claimed him as her property. He never liked the idea of others considering relics property. He was his own person after all. He let his shoulders drop when he heard the Hyi’s chirping. He looked over and smiled to see some of the eggs hatched to newborns. Nature truly was a beauty.

Athio walked near the nest to admire nature’s beauty even more when he heard a crash. He slowly approached where the noise was careful not to make any noise. He came across a large smoking crater. He started to walk inside only to back out once more. For some reason the crater was burning hot. He formed water in front of him in the air and used it to walk above the crater. He coughed and his eyes watered from the smoke but continued onwards. In the center was a small child in a green bubble. The child was clearly injured and had fainted from the impact. “His magic must be strong if he was able to survive such a large impact” Arthio thought aloud getting closer. Eventually he was right in front of the boy but slightly higher due to him still not wanting to touch the ground. He sent out a small blast of water and it brought back a stick. He then used the water, still holding the stick, to touch the green bubble surrounding the boy. It made a loud noise as it popped. The boy moved slightly as if he was struggling in his sleep.

Athio looked around to make sure he wasn’t being watched before he picked up the boy. He felt his forehead and found the boy was running a fever. Athio used some water and started to heal the boy when a green light emitted from the boy and ran through the water into him. Athio dropped the boy and held his head in pain. It was as if someone else’s memory was being put into his head. In fact that must be what’s happening. He saw fields, people, a world completely unknown to him. Sad memories, happy memories, funny memories, and memories of death, and as fast as it started it stopped. Athio fell to his knees still holding his head trying to process what had just happened.

He suddenly got one more vision, a vision of a traveling group in the hot sandy desert. “Is this what I must do? I will. Young child I, Athio knight of the old, shall take you to your kin” he said aloud picking the boy up in his arms. He felt a change in his power and shape as he picked up the boy. He felt something on his back and looked back to see some type of attachment on him. He could only assume it was meant to carry the boy so her put him in it. It sank down and closed. His body started to fade away. In a panic Athio fell backwards. In a simple blink he was now not in a forest. He looked around, dark brown walls all around him, they looked like a mix between mud and chocolate in color. On the walls were carvings of two dragons seeming to be at war. He walked over and brushed them off to take a closer look. He heard a crash behind him and he spun around pulling out his bow. It had changed. His old bow was no longer with him, it was as if he was a different relic. The bow was upgraded to a more recent bow, four thin metal poles for the body two on each half and side, a short ranged scope on the side, two thin metal strings for firing arrows, the grip in the center felt hollow for some reason but he paid no heed to it. He formed an arrow of water and it froze into ice and loaded it into the bow aiming at the noise.

He looked and a small spider scurried to the side only to be caught in another spiders web. A large spider creature crawled down from a much larger web and its fangs seemed to extend and grab the smaller spider. It ate the poor helpless spider whole, and as it did it grew slightly bigger. Athio thought it was small due to it being farther away but it got closer showing it was at least three times as big as him. It let out a screech and other large spiders started to rush forward at Athio. “I hate Colutter Spiders” he said to himself firing arrows at the beasts. As the large spiders grew closer his bow let out steam and the tips of the body grew red hot and pointed upwards. It them split in half forming daggers. He started slashing wildly killing spiders left and right till nothing was left but the queen. He clipped the daggers back together and turned it back into a bow.

The Queen let out a roar and grew wings. It flew into the air and poison started falling off its body and onto the ground. The bow let off more steam. It split in half and the handle moved towards the back. A blue shield formed above him as he held it up. The poison sizzled and evaporated as it melted into the shield. It then let out a large beam hitting the queen out of the air. “A reflection shield, that’ll come in handy” said Athio looking back the shield which had turned back into a bow. He looked back up at the queen struggling to get up. “Normal spiders are fine, but when they for some reason choose a queen and become like an ant colony that’s just annoying” Athio said to himself pulling back the arrow and firing an arrow right into the queens head.

He heard a bell like noise and the wall behind him opened up to reveal he was right near battle city. “This must be where they are heading, guess I’ll meet them there then” Athio thought aloud walking out onto the sand. He covered the sun with his hand until his eyes had adjusted to the light. He then started his walk towards Battle City. “Such a general name for a city, boring name as well, I guess it fits how boring the city is since they only have an arena as a main attraction” he said to himself.


Hopefully it meets everyone’s expectations. I told myself I wouldn’t write due to recent events but I ended up writing more to make myself feel better.

We’re almost near the end as well which makes me happy but sad at the same time. I enjoyed writing all this stuff out but I’ll be sad when it becomes finished. I’ll be like a game I enjoyed so much but I played it so much I got to the end to fast. Anyways like I said earlier I hope this meets your expectations.