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Heya guys, Max here. So recently I’ve been messing around and then I remembered. I never finished off my old cringey story called Max. So I decided I would do so, then I realized with the things I did I didn’t think I could turn it into a good story. So I decided to completely change everything. I also saw all the false promises I made which also made me cringe a whole bunch so I’m going to try to fulfill them now. I can’t draw for shit so it will not be drawn but I can make each chapter super long now. I’m willing to revive a horrible story I made years ago so I hope you guys can be willing to read it. With the new story as well as a now better focus on characters as well as having a story board for it now I can, it won’t be as cringey as last time. Anyways let me go ahead and get the Prologue up here so you can decide if you like it or if you just want to ignore it, also feel free to give me as much criticism as possible! The more I get the better the writer I can become!


Max woke up to his alarm clock blaring. He let out a loud sigh as he pushed the snooze button. He couldn’t fall asleep last night he kept thinking about his situation. He tried to fall asleep for the fifteenth time but his alarm clock went off once more. He got up and turned it off. He already knew because he was tired that it would feel like a slow day just to make him even more tired. He hated how his body seemed to do that. His friends used to experience the same thing but they were gone now. He couldn’t relate to them anymore as they were gone. He went to his closet and pulled out a pair of jeans and a shirt. As he was putting them on he heard a knock on his door? “Yeah what is it?” He asked aloud.

His brother stepped into the room. Max quickly turned his frown upside down. He did not want his younger brother to see him in such a grouchy state. “Hey jack, what do ya want?” Max asked his younger brother. Jack was already dressed in his favorite sickly yellow snowsuit with a thick blue scarf on. Max never knew why Jack loved the bright and vibrant colors, they never really looked good together. Jack put on a smirk. “I wanna go and build a biiiiiiiig snow fort!” he said with excitement in his tone. Max let out a fake but convincing laugh. “Alright buddy I’ll be out there in a few minutes” he promised. Jack rushed out of Max’s view, he could hear him rushing down the stairs.

He again let out a loud sigh and looked at his calendar. About three months till the meteorite hits. He thought back on the day it was first discovered and talked about. “According to scientists a large meteor is said to hit Earth in only four months. It is said the meteor will have much more impact that the one that wiped out the dinosaurs” he remembered the news anchor said over the radio. It was on;y the next day that people started to hit the road. At first he thought it was insane, you can’t outrun a meteor. It wasn’t until the news came on announcing earths evacuation that people driving off made since. They talked about how only people who have money could get aboard. He rushed to his parents to tell them, but they were already gone. They left him and his brother behind.

Max snapped out of his thoughts when a snowball hit his window. His brother was getting impatient. He slide on his snowsuit and jacket. He was about to leave the door when he saw his brother had forgotten his hat. He smiled slightly as he grabbed the hat and went out the front door. “So how big do you want it to be?” He asked walking outside. His brother smirked and waved his hands all around. Max narrowed his eyes and looked around. “Young child you expect too much” Max said in a wise tone. He then grabbed some snow and threw it at Jack. They had a large snow fight that lasted almost all day. Eventually they calmed down their fight for small territory known as their front lawn and just laid down looking at the sky. Well Max was looking at they sky, Jack on the other hand was making a snow angel.

“Max, do you know why Mommy and Daddy took to the stars without us?” Jack asked. Max let out a low growl. “It’s because they didn’t want to take care of us, they’re horrible people” Max replied. Jack stood up. “No! They must have had a reason why! They aren’t horrible people!” Jack yelled. “Okay” Max agreed. He only agreed so that they would not get into another fight. Last time they did he accidentally let his anger get the best of him and he hurt Jack. He never wanted that to happen again. They stared at the sky until the stars started to shine and went inside. Max made Jack a few sandwiches and they called it a day. After Jack had gone to sleep Max made himself some food and read a chapter of his favorite book before going to sleep. Max dreamed of what was past the stars he saw every night. What was past this universe? Was it the same as his but reversed? He did not know.

In another universe

He sat upon his throne of gold with his hand on his left cheekbone in thought. He was thinking about his people. The ones he made of course. He was thinking of introducing a new species but doesn’t know how the people would react. Last time he did so they considered it a threat and hunted them to extinction. Then again that was only eight hundred years ago they could have changed more by that time. Just then his disciples entered the room. He snapped out his thought immediately knowing they could read his mind. He didn’t want them to know what he was thinking at that moment. “Lord Draconis, we have great news” the red dragon said. Draconis shifted in his seat wit a curious look. “What is it Pyronian” Draconis asked aloud. “The ancient species you told us to revive has been successfully done so, the ‘humans’ will surely discover them sooner or later” Pyronian said. Draconis once again shifted in his seat trying to remember if he had even given that command. He shook his head and took up a warm smile. “Thank you Pyronian, you and the other gods may celebrate, I will not join you for it this time though” he said. Pyronian and the other gods bowed and exited the room.

Draconis couldn’t help but feel as if they were plotting against them but he shook off the feeling. He was thankful to have such helpful gods at his disposal, it made things easier for him. He reached over and pulled out his looking globe to see the world. It seemed peaceful, just the way he liked it. He remember the hassle he had when the people started to fight each other, he even had to come down there himself just to stop them. It was quite recent, only five hundred years ago. Draconis looked up to the top of the globe to notice it was melting. His smile faded. He swore sometimes those humans wanted to anger him.

Draconis clapped his hands three times. No response he’ll have to get up himself. For a lazy god Draconis was somehow quite fit. He stood up and walked out of his room. His relics soon followed him. As a god your power is judged by how many relics you had. Draconis had five making him the most powerful. He had a large chakram that floated behind his wings, two short blasters that floated below the chakram and two large blades that floated above the chakram.

He walked into the throne room of water to find Aquarion looking at the same problem he was. “You catch on fast Aquarion, this is why you control the waves and ice” Draconis said. “Yes, what do you think we should do about it?” Aquarion asked. “I believe we should repair the planet but warn them if it happens again they will be punished” Draconis said. “A reasonable judgment Draconis, I too was thinking we should do the same” Aquarion agreed. “Then it is settled, I shall help you with this pesky task as well” Draconis said. Aquarion shook his head and smiled. “Draconis you have better things to do than help me” Aquarion said. Draconis knew that Aquarion only said this because he wanted some space to think freely. “Yes, let me know if you do need help though” Draconis said walking out.

Draconis returned to his throne and sat down once more. He thought about making a new constellation to honor Aquarion, the god deserved some recognition. He came to the judgment of doing so. His relics all flew up into the space above him and twisted and turned forming new stars. They floated down to him and Draconis arranged them into order. He then stood up and blew them up and into space. He sat back down and his relics reformed back onto his throne. A few years past but because Draconis was a god it was only a few minutes. The humans had already charted out the new constellations. Draconis felt tired. It was usual since he had no need for sleep. Perhaps it was something he ate? I did not matter. Draconis yawned and fell asleep. He dreamed of the stars above and what may be beyond his godly vision of his universe. Would it be a universe resembling his? Maybe a reversed one where the guys were the girls and the girls were guys. He did not know the answer to this seemingly simple question.

Again criticism is really wanted so go ahead and give me as much as you can, unless it’s grammar or spelling cause I already know I suck at that and I’m trying to get better. Let me know what you think if you want. Cya guys later!

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Hey guys Max back. It took almost all day but I just finished Chapter 1. Hopefully this is enough it’s all I could push out without a major time skip. I promise next chapter will be super long as things will start to pick up. Two MAJOR things will be happening in chapter 2 I didn’t want to put a time skip in chapter 1 otherwise chapter 2 would be with chapter 1 as well, but it would just still be chapter 1. Anyways, I want to explain a few things.

Chapters have been split into arcs for example, Chapter 1-3 is the arc called “Godly Fall”. Another thing is that you should remember any character that has an actual name and interacts with Max or Draconis, I don’t throw in characters just to fill a space Max and Draconis won’t be the only focused Characters there are a few others like Jack that we’ll see even in the later chapters. It may be called Max & Draconis but they can’t always take up the spotlight or it would get boring fast

Again criticism is welcome here so if you see something I could improve up please point it out :slight_smile:

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Anyways here it is

Chapter 1: Gear Up

Max woke up to find that he slept in. “Great, Jack is going to be pissed” Max thought to himself. He got out of bed and went to his dresser. He opened it to find nothing inside. Weird Jack wouldn’t do something like this but he just assumed that Jack was pulling a prank. He went over and picked some of his dirty clothes up, he had no choice but to wear them this one time. He walked over to Jack’s room and knocked on it. No response. “He must be outside” Max thought aloud. He went downstairs to find almost everything missing now. Max started to panic. Who had taken his stuff, and what about “Jack!” He screamed rushing outside.

Jack was nowhere to be found outside but there were multiple footprints leading away from the house. “Hold on buddy” Max said. He ran inside and opened up a secret hatch to reveal a handgun, it was his father’s. He had never used a gun before but he had no choice now. Max picked up the gun and loaded it. He then rushed back outside to follow the footprints. He followed them for what seemed like years until he heard a struggle going on. Max rushed to the scene to find two guys trying to harm a girl. He sighed, it wasn’t Jack, but he couldn’t just leave her. He took aim and tried to fire the gun like it was in one of his video games. He hit one in the arm and the other two bullets missed. The men ran dropping the girl. Max rushed over.

“Hey are you okay?” he asked. The girl looked up at him. “Uh, yeah thanks to you” she said. Max helped her up. “What’s your name?” he asked. “My name is Ari” she said. Max recognized that name. “Oh I used to sit next to you in class” he said. It was awhile ago but when school was still going Max used to sit next to her in his math class. He constantly forgot pencils so he always asked her for some. “Pencil guy?” she questioned. Max could do nothing but stare at her, his eyes twitching. “Uh, are you okay?” she asked. Max shook his head. “Yeah, and it’s Max” he said. Max remembered why he talked to her instead of just continuing down the road to find Jack. “Hey did you see a little kid, yellow jacket blue scarf?” he asked.

She nodded. He quickly grabbed her by the shoulders startling her. “Which way?” he asked with a serious face. “I-I’ll show you” she said. They both rushed off to the west. They arrived at a large building. “He’s in the factory?” he asked. She nodded. He rushed in not looking back. He could hear Jack calling for help under some kind of mask. “Shut it will ya” a man said. He could hear a whip and Jack screaming. Max ran even faster. He came to a door which had windows blacked out. He could hear Jack inside. He tried to open it, it was locked. The men on the other side could hear the door trying to be opened. “Hey who’s there?” one of them said. Max put his ear up to the door to hear a gun being loaded. He formed a plan in his head and moved to the side of the door. It was not too long until his prediction was proven correct. Bullets pierced through the door. After about a minute of waiting Max rushed over to the door and kicked it down. It wasn’t to hard due to the idiots firing the hinges on accident.

He then took aim and shot at them. He hit a few before he ran out. He looked at the gun and tossed it to the side. One of them men lunged forward and grabbed him. Max then bit his arm making him scream and stumble back. Max tried to fight them all but he was only one kid. They easily overpowered him and forced him onto the ground. Ari gained the courage to help Max so she ran inside and tackled one of the men off of him. “They’s too many we have to run for it” Max said. He grabbed a knife off of one of the men and cut the rope off of Jack. Jack stumbled around and fell. Max sighed and picked him up. Max and Ari rushed out of the building. They could hear men screaming at them but they kept running. They eventually came across a gas station and fell to the ground exhausted.

Max stood up and started to laugh. “What are you laughing about we almost died?!” Ari yelled. “It’s funny, two kids just stormed a base of thugs and escaped alive” Max said still laughing. Ari did not see the amusement in this. Max shook his head and walked inside the gas station. He came back out with some water. He handed a bottle to Ari and took a few gulps before giving the rest to Jack. “You need to drink more than that” she said. “I’ll be fine, we need to ration supplies my house isn’t safe anymore” Max said. Jack drank so fast he almost choked. “Don’t drink so fast buddy” Max said. Jack got up and hugged Max. Max returned the hug.

“Well, where to now?” he asked aloud. “If we ration enough supplies we can take a boat and use it to get lower down the country, they wouldn’t follow us that far” Ari said. “We have nothing better, let’s do it” Max said. “We need weapons though, if they follow us we can’t just run we’ll be picked off one by one” Max said putting his hand on his chin in thought. “We could look at the nearby supermarkets they should have stuff” he said. “Smart thinking” Ari said. Jack stood up. “Can we get some toys?” he asked with his eyes wide. Max let out a small chuckle before realizing Jack was serious. “Uh, yeah buddy” Max said rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment. Jack ran around in circles with anticipation of the wondrous toys he might receive. “Let’s get going” Max said.

Jack ran ahead of them while Ari and Max got caught up with each other. “Sorry you parents left you” Ari said. “It’s nothing they weren’t the best of people anyways, what happened to yours?’ Max asked. “I don’t know, when I was stolen for the first time I got free and went back home but they were gone” she said looking down. “Hey, don’t worry we’ll find them” Max said with a slight smile. They arrived at the first supermarket and went inside. They stopped at the toy aisle first for Jack. Max allowed him to pick out one toy per the three aisles they went through. They then went and rationed up with what was left at the food aisles. They also found a sword, it wasn’t the best and was pretty cheap but it was better than nothing. “I’ll take it, I used to take classes for this and I know how to use it properly” Ari said picking it up carefully. She then clipped it onto the side of her shorts. Max gave her a questionable look be decided to leave her be.

They walked around and found a handgun but no ammo. “We might find some ammo on the way, it’s better to have it and not need it then to not have it and need it” Max said picking up the gun. They loaded backpacks full of the items they found. “I can carry the gas we can’t make to much noise” Max said trying to lift it up. He tried so hard to do so but failed. “We’ll be walking on dirt I don’t think a small cart will make much noise, beside Jack can ride in it if he gets tired” Ari said. Jack’s eyes widened in excitement. “Ari, what about me?” Max said sarcastically. Ari gave Max an annoyed face. Max rolled his eyes. “Fine” he said. Ari smiled and picked up the gas container with ease. She then set it down in the cart smirking. “Show off” Max though aloud.


Next chapter will be out either tomorrow or Tuesday depending on when I can finish up the last few paragraphs and make everything neater, kinda… so look forward to that if you enjoy reading my shitty story.


Chapter 2: Betrayal

The next day, everyone woke up. “How far away is the dock?” Max asked, rubbing his eyes. “About a mile away” Ari said while looking at a map. “I don’t wanna walk!” Jack whined. Max sighed. “Get in the cart then” he said, slightly annoyed. “We’d better get going” Ari said. She grabbed the cart handle and started to pull it off. Max followed her still tired. They walked for what felt like days until they came across the dock. Unfortunately, it was taken over by thugs. They quickly crouched behind a large rock before they could be seen. “Damn it…” Max said reaching for his gun then realizing it had no ammo. “You think we can sneak past them?” Ari said, peeking over the rock to count the number of thugs. There were five thugs on the small wooden dock. They seemed to be heavily geared and ready for when a fight arises. “No, we can’t. We’ll have to find another way” Max said, scanning at the map for any alternatives. “Over there, a boat that isn’t guarded!” Jack said, pointing to a small motor powered boat. “It’s pretty small. We’ll have to leave some things behind.” Max said, looking for anything unimportant that could be left behind.

“We can leave my toys behind and get new ones” Jack said, emptying his bag full of random toys. “Okay, let’s sneak over to it.” Ari said, slowly crawling towards the boat. Max followed looking back to usher Jack to follow as well. Jack started forward but slipped on one of his toys which made a loud clicking noise. It would be fine if it was just a loud clicking noise but the toy jumped up and started to make even more noise. Max grabbed Jack and they sprinted towards the boat while Ari was filling it up. “Hey, over there!” A man yelled, pointing his finger. It was as if time slowed down as Max turned to see them point their weapons. His heart raced. “No!” He yelled, pushing Jack forward. Jack flew into a pile of snow and Ari helped him up and into the boat. “Go now!” Max yelled while waving his hands. Ari thought Max would make it as she started up the boat and slowly moved forward, readying the engine.

Ari didn’t realize that Max meant he knew he wouldn’t make it. Max still running even though he knew he wouldn’t make it tripped over some snow. One of the the men approached Max and took aim at his head. “NO!” Jack screamed, holding his hand out as if he could pull Max away from harm. Max looked up and smiled at Jack, knowing that at least he was safe. Ari sped the boat out of sight. He heard the trigger being pulled and everything went black.

Draconis woke up from his nap and looked around. He let out a yawn as he stood up and stretched his wings out. Odd…his wings did not collide with his relics. He turned around to see them gone. He assumed someone must have came in and took them off to clean them. He stepped off the base of his throne and walked towards the door. It was sealed shut. Draconis instantly realized that someone must have came in, took his relics, and sealed the door shut. He growled at the thought of such treachery. “You think by taking my relics and sealing my door you can lock me inside?!” he yelled at the door. The lines on his body glowed bright blue and he punched the door down within seconds.

“Your treachery will earn you a spot next to Gaia herself!” Draconis yelled walking out the door. He looked to his left to see Aquarion. He was shaking all over with Draconis’s relics in his hand. “D-Draconis…! I-I had to…t-they” he tried to muster out the words, but he was too scared. Draconis was still furious and didn’t hear a word Aquarion said. He screamed in anger and lunged towards him. Aquarion screamed and started to run. A large mace hit Draconis in the face, knocking him out cold.

“Y-You can’t do this to Draconis!” Aquarion said. “I can and I will.” Pyronian said, pinning Draconis to the wall with his own relics. “Even the other gods agree with me, Draconis is a lazy fatass who doesn’t want to do anything,” Pyronian explained with a grin. He felt good, being able to talk truthfully about Draconis. The other gods stepped inside the dark room. “You said you had a spell that could turn Draconis into a mortal?” one of them said. “Yes, and I’ll need all of your relics to do so as it takes immense power.” Pyronian told them still looking at Draconis with anger. “I won’t do it!” Aquarion said. “Well, since you’re a weaker god, we won’t need as much power to turn you mortal and take your relics by force…” Pyronian threatened with an angered look. Aquarion backed up. He didn’t want to die, but he didn’t want to betray Draconis. He had no real choice. “Fine,” he said. Pyronian backed up and kneeled to the ground as everyone’s relics surrounded him.

“He’ll wake up when I start, so you’ll have to keep him off me. He doesn’t have much strength so it shouldn’t be too hard, even for Aquarion,” Pyronian said, smirking. Before anyone could protest, the relics touched the floor and sent out a golden wave. The wave went around the whole room before it started to react with Draconis’ relics. Draconis awoke, gasping, and looked up. “You dare try to dethrone me?!” He yelled, freeing himself in an instant. Draconis glowed bright red and his relics were returned to him. They combined into a double edged sword with a hand guard. “All of you are banished!” Draconis said grabbing the sword. The red energy glowing inside of him rushed onto the tip of both blades.

Two gods rushed forward to tackle him onto the ground. Draconis scoffed and hit them both in their chests. They screamed in pain as their shadows crept up behind them and pulled them into another realm. The other gods rushed forward to attack with their magic. Draconis was somehow able to dodge each and every one of their attacks with ease. His blade’s power faded. Draconis instantly realized what they were doing; they were draining his power. He let out a loud roar, making everyone cover their ears in pain, and he jumped up. His wings spread out wide and he glided towards Pyronian.

One of the gods jumped up with lightning fast speed and pulled him down, slamming his head into the ground with a loud cracking noise. Draconis stood up and stumbled back as blood flowed from his nose. His immortality has been taken away. He looked up at the other gods with fear in his eyes. No, no…! He can’t be afraid. If he shows too much fear, he’ll be perceived as a weak god. “Just because you have taken my immortality away…doesn’t mean I…I still won’t fight back…” he said, breathing heavily.

The other gods slowly approached him with anger in their eyes. Only Aquarion stood back, watching in horror as the other gods beat him senselessly. Draconis was able to knock a few gods out before his fists started to bleed and his lungs could not produce enough air for breathing flames. Pyronian floated upwards with a bright glow emanating from his chest.

He floated towards Draconis with a grin. The other gods held him down. Pyronian lifted his hands up and Draconis’ relics came to him. “I am the ultimate god now…” he said still grinning. “I almost pity you Draconis. You tried to fight back but couldn’t…You failed.” he said. “Pyronian, you cannot handle that power, your body was not made for it, only a true god who wasn’t created by another can use it wi-” Draconis was cut off by Pyronian slapping him. “You speak lies, and only lies! You have never told the actual truth to anyone. We all know you’ve been keeping secrets from us…!” he said with anger in his voice. “You’re acting like Gaia. Your thirst for power will end you, Pyronian.” Draconis said. “I don’t even think Gaia is real, I feel you made her up just to get us to behave!” Pyronian said. He slapped Draconis once more, angered by his lies.

The other gods seemed to whisper in agreement. “T-Then where did those other gods go?” Aquarion said aloud as he shook slightly. “You idiot, he just killed them and dumped their bodies somewhere in space. There is no “void dimension” that he created. All Draconis can create is failures; he is not smart enough to make something as complicated as that!” Pyronian snapped at Aquarion. “How are we going to punish him?” one god asked. “I say death!” another god yelled. The others seemed to yell in agreement. “No, that’s too fast…” Pyronian said. He kneeled down and looked into Draconis’s eyes.

“We’ll send him to the mortal world in a weakened form, and let his own hideous creations kill him…” Pyronian said, smiling. Everyone seemed to agree except Aquarion, but nobody cared what he thought. Pyronian then kicked Draconis into a wall and attacked him with each and every relic. Draconis fell off the wall with bruises and scratches everywhere. He coughed up blood as he kneeled there, trying to catch his breath. Pyronian said a few words and Draconis started to shrink as his power was stolen. “You can’t do this Pyronian, I’ll kill you for this!” he said in a higher pitched voice. Almost all of the gods laughed at this.

Pyronian kneeled down over Draconis. “Who’s the bigger god now?” he said. He flicked Draconis away knocking him out. He then picked Draconis up and tossed him out the window. “Doesn’t Draconis know his way back?” a god asked. “Yes, That is why I am moving everything around and creating beasts to cause chaos so that Draconis will never find us. Even if he does, he’ll still be powerless, so we can repeat until he dies.” Pyronian explained with a grin.

Falling… That’s all he felt. Falling down an endless abyss with nothing in it but himself. He wondered if this was his version of Hell. He was afraid of heights after all. He stared down the eternal abyss when he felt he was being watched. “Hello?” Max called out. Max thought he was just being dumb, but then the abyss talked to him. He could hear many whispers before one dominant voice called out. “Do you wish to be free of this hell?” the abyss asked him. Max looked all around himself to find something but to no avail. He decided to answer truly as he had nothing better to do, after all he was falling down a large abyss with no seeming end.

“Yes,” he said bluntly. More whispers could be heard before the abyss talked once more. “I see…” it said. Max could feel something maneuvering around him but just out of his sight so it was not seen. “I too would like to be free,” it said. It seemed to pause for a few minutes before coming to a conclusion. “Let us make a deal then. I have the power to free your small body and your mind from this place, and in return you take a part of me with you…” it said. Max blinked and noticed piercing red eyes staring into his. It was as if it could see into his soul. This time Max was the one to pause for a few minutes. Whatever that thing was, it had to have been like him since they are both in the same scenario. That means it’s good…right?

“I’ll do it.” he agreed. “One more thing, you will lose most of your memories for a short while. Do you still accept?” it asked him once more unblinking. If it was only for a short timespan then that means he’ll remember everything eventually. It’s not like he’ll lose his memories of Jack and his friends forever, right? “Okay…that’s fine,” Max agreed once more. The creatures eyes backed away but he swore he could see a smile before it left. “Then it shall be so. Prepare yourself,” It said. Max looked down and a large emerald colored portal appeared below him. He closed his eyes and opened them to see he was falling down into a large pile of snow. He screamed and everything went black…


Hopefully Chapter 2 is long enough for you guys I tried my best to extend out everything without having to go into chapter 3. A few paragraphs were cut as well due to it providing some spoilers kinda. One more chapter to go before this arc is finished and we get onto the next one! I guess that can be exciting if you like reading the story.

Here’s a little insight. The next arc will span two chapters and will be called “Opposites Attract” so you can guess what’ll happen in those two chapters. If anything they might be merged together and the arc will just be one chapter but I’m not sure yet as I haven’t gotten to writing it out yet. Anyways hope you all enjoy!



Hey guys if you enjoy my shitty story sorry for the delay. Been busy as well as not being as inspired to write as usual. It’s that time of the year again lol. Anyways I just got back my inspiration and I hope to have the next chapter out by next week or sooner. Also I have little teasers about new characters on my discord and I’ll move them here soon. Discord will of course get the little teasers first but I want everyone to see them so I’ll post it here too.



Meet the Relics:

Relics are items and weapons possessed by spirits or demigods that can hold immense magical power. Throughout the Journey Relics will be found. Each relic has its own personality, backstory, and goals. Relics will act as the side characters in the story but that doesn’t mean they won’t be tossed to the side.


Jeshtor is a small snake beast with a rattlesnake-like tail and an oval pattern all over its body. It’s species is called the Hypnormian a long extinct species in the world of Earonia. The species was known for consuming its prey whole like a snake but them instead of digesting them it only digests certain parts to make their prey suffer even more. It is commonly accepted that Wyvigns are an evolution of the species as they seem to the do the same but instead of a snake they take a more Wyvern look. Like his species Jeshtor seemed to posses a random item turning it into a Relic. He claims to have seen a god in another dimension which is why he was returned as a Relic Wielder. Jeshtor has possessed a small handgun which instantly changed into a powerful magic weapon when he picked it up. Jeshtor is a Uncommon Relic Wielder due to the fact that his relic is powerful as well as him not bonding with any normal mortal.

Jeshtor will only bond with a human who has come into contact with his god. This has lead to many endeavors with mortals who try to bond with him to use his powerful relic. Jeshtor is known for lying and has tricked many mortals into doing favors for him. Jeshtor is also a coward preferring others to do the dangerous jobs for him.


Eclipse seems to be a 23 year old woman with red and grey armor that seems to emit a plasma like substance that switches between the color orange and blue. Her armor has what looks like battle damage but is actually craters on it. Eclipse seems to be in a constant state of happiness and sorrow but has other feelings as well this is due to her being a mix of two relics. When the great god was overthrown the tyrants combined the demi-god relics Luna and Solar to form Eclipse. Luna was in a constant sorrow to represent the moon and Solar was always happy to represent the sun. Eclipse is a relic that should never exist because her existence causes a constant lunar eclipse throwing the day and night cycle off balance, because of this many people want to find Eclipse and kill her hoping that with her death the cycle will be restored.

Eclipse does not have a relic class due to her being the only relic like this in existence. Eclipse is very unique in the sense that because she’s two relics combined into one her weapon is also two relics combined into one. Eclipse’s Relic starts off as a bright orange burst rifle that bursts out flames when fired burning its enemy usually. If desired the weapon will extend out into a long blade and will change from orange to blue. The blade seems to make its wielder’s gravity decrease as if they were on the moon somehow. Eclipse seems to hate being two relics combined into one despite her immense power. Eclipse wants to separate herself and has made it her life goal to do so to restore the balance both of the relics used to hold.

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Chapter 3: A New World

Max stood up, rubbing his head in pain. He tried to remember who he was, but he could only seem to collect a few memories. He looked down at his clothing. He was wearing a large grey coat with multiple pockets. It had some type of hexagonal pattern in multiple places, as well as some type of fingerless gloves that were attached to it. He had on dark blue jeans and a tight belt that made his waist hurt slightly. He loosened the belt a little so that it didn’t hurt. Max didn’t know what was going on or where he was, not to mention he couldn’t remember much. He looked at his surroundings: endless trees and snow covering the entire forest. He couldn’t even see the end to it. Max stood up and brushed the snow off his jeans.

He tried hard to remember who he was and what he was doing. All he could remember were some childhood memories and being excited for a brother. He looked at his hands. They were a lot bigger than his last memory, which means a lot of time has passed since then. Max couldn’t come to a conclusion of what was happening due to the lack of information,but turned his attention to some rustling in the trees nearby. He instantly turned to look at them. “Hello? Do you know who I am, and what I’m doing here?” Max asked aloud, hoping for a response.

The rustling continued from behind him and Max snapped back to see a large tail move into the cover of the trees. Max slowly backed up looking around as if he was a paranoid child who just had a nightmare. He bumped into something and slowly turned around to see a large snake. It licked its lips and quickly wrapped around him. Max tried to struggle out but he couldn’t. This snake was the predator一and Max was now the unlucky prey. It unhinges its jaw moving closer to Max when suddenly the hexagonal patterns glowed brightly, blinding the snake. With a hiss it threw Max in a blinded fury. He flew back and hit a tree before falling to the ground.

A smaller snake seemed to slide out from Max’s back hood. It slithered on top of his head and let out a hiss towards the incoming and recently enraged snake. “Quickly, child. Get up before it strikes!” the smaller snake said, whipping Max’s back with its tail. Max scrambled up in pain and tried to back away but ended up against a tree. “Are you two going to kill me?” Max asked. The smaller snake slapped its face with its tail in disappointment. “Child, I am not here to hurt you. I am your protector!” the small snake hissed at him. The large snake grew closer and Max let out a nervous laugh. “W-Well, if you are here to protect me t-then now would be a good time!” Max stuttered, still backed against the tree.

“You are a servant of death. Do what you were reborn to do: Kill.” the snake hissed, its tongue flicking in and out. “You want me to engage in hand-to-hand combat with a giant snake?!” Max questioned loudly, staring at the small snake on his shoulder. The snake shifted from one shoulder to another and looked at Max. “In your past life you have wielded some type of weapon; All you have to do is imagine it and hold out your hand!” the small snake said. Max looked confused and tried to think. All he could think of was that in a normal world scenario he would already be dead. He tried to move past this thought but couldn’t.

Max opened his eyes to see he was in a classroom. They were teaching algebra 2, one of the easiest math classes一at least in his opinion. He twiddled his pencil around in his fingers before writing down an answer. “Psst! Hey, pencil guy! I’m stuck on that problem. Can I get the answer? It’s the least you could do since I give you pencils like, everyday.” a girl next to him whispered, trying to not be caught by the teacher. Max sighed. “The logical answer would be A = 5, K = 3, and H = 9” Max whispered back. Logic. For some reason that word stuck with him when he snapped back to reality.

How would a large predator, in this case a snake, act when its prey seems helpless? Well, it would either play with it or constrict it. How could he counter this…? Maybe if he had a weapon, maybe a gun. That’s it! That’s the weapon he used in his past life! Max held out his hand and a small pistol seemed to form for the hexagons on his jacket. Snakes scales are hard, but if he can survive being constricted…No. He wouldn’t be able to move his arms. Oh, maybe if he moved around enough the snake would try to lash out and use its poison. He could then shoot the inside of its mouth! Yes, that’s it. It had to work; It was his only logical choice.

Max took in a deep breath and started to fast walk around the large snake, looking for any movement. The snake seemed to study Max as well. It then hissed and lunged forward while opening its mouth. “Bingo. You lose, snake.” Max thought to himself. He let loose, firing multiple rounds into the snake’s mouth. The snake let out a hiss as it fell to the ground and breathed its last breath. Max then fell back as well, breathing heavily and laughing. “I could have died…” he thought aloud, still breathing heavily. He could see his breath in front of him, a product of the cold, dry air. “Yes, you could have. But you killed the enemy instead.” the smaller snake hissed circling him. Max jumped up, forgetting that the small snake even helped him in the first place.

“Who are you?!” Max asked. “I am Jeshtor, a manifestation of your cold and careless heart as well as your wit and tricksterness” Jeshtor hissed and climbed up Max’s pant leg. “Tricksterness isn’t even a word.” Max said, looking down at the small snake. “As witty as always…You are correct; that is not a word, but I used it to better explain myself to you.” Jeshtor explained as it moved into Max’s coat hood. Max stood there thinking. Suddenly, it all made sense. He has barely any memories, he can easily use weapons, he can perform inhuman feats like forming said weapons out of thin air, and beasts that would never be able to exist in real life exist here. “I must be trapped in some sort of video game!” he thought aloud. It was the only logical solution. Jeshtor shifted in Max’s coat hood. “This is not a videogame. I would know if it was.” Jeshtor hissed and hit Max’s head with his tail.

“That’s just because you’re programmed to say and think that.” Max responded, staring at the snow hoping for something to happen to confirm his theory. Jeshtor sighed and decided to go along with it. “Then do this ‘game’ a favor and act like it’s real life!” Jeshtor demanded, sounding agitated. “Well of course. If this is a game and I follow the rules and beat it, then it might free me!” Max said smirking thinking he’s figured everything out. Jeshtor let out a disappointed sigh that was even longer than the last. “Well then. Where do we go next?” Max asked looking around. “We should head to Battle City, you’ll need some money and the Vote Arena can provide you with said money” Jeshtor said, trying to figure out which way was West. “I think it’s that way.” Jeshtor said, pointing South. “Then off we go…” Max said as he started to walk.

Jack woke up feeling sick. He looked around to find nothing but water around him. He sat up, put his head overboard and vomited. He looked back up to notice Ari sleeping. He didn’t want to wake her up, so he tried to fall back to sleep. No matter what position he takes he always thinks of Max before he falls asleep and it instantly makes him get up to check if Max was with them. It all felt like a dream to him. His brother couldn’t really be dead right? His brother was too nice to be dead. Jack didn’t really even understand the concept of being dead, yet he already wanted to join Max. He felt alone without him.

He didn’t know this girl either. Max introduced her to him and they went along their way acting like it was normal. Jack had so many conflicted feelings. He felt happy he wasn’t alone even though he didn’t truly know this girl. He felt sad because he didn’t know if he was dreaming or if Max is truly dead. He felt annoyed because he couldn’t find the answer to all his question, but now, now he felt mad. He felt mad because he could have tried to help his brother. He could have done something. “It’s all my fault…” he thought to himself. He wasn’t used to feeling like this. He never really felt more than one emotion, but for some reason he was overwhelmed by them now. Jack laid back down and closed his eyes he tried his best to go back to sleep but it didn’t work. He’ll just have to wait ‘till he can then.

Draconis awoke in an unfamiliar area. He looked around trying to get his bearings. “What happened?” he thought aloud, still looking at his surroundings. He got up and felt a sting. He looked down to see a large stick had impaled his back left leg. Perhaps he should just wait. Help will come with time…right? He’s not used to doing things himself. He then remembered what had happened. He was overthrown by his creations. They turned him mortal and kicked him out. “The fools,” he said sitting back down. Pyronian will surely be overloaded by the power and will either barely be able to control it or implode because of it. He hoped for the latter. He groaned as he stood up once more. He needed to return and take his powers back, otherwise it might be the end for this world. Pyronian does not know how to control life as Draconis does and people will surely start to die from a plague or something. His body tensed up as he pulled the stick out. A red liquid poured out of his leg. “This must be what bleeding feels like…” he thought to himself as he flinched with pain.

It hurt. He never felt true physical pain until recently. It was a new feeling for him. It hurt to even move his leg now. He could hear his leg pop as he moved. The sound of the pop made him cringe and grit his teeth in pain. “How am I going to get myself out of this one?” he thought aloud, limping forward. He heard the bushes rustle around as he approached. A large wyvern like beast popped out. It was pearl white with silver claws. Draconis’s face grew grim. It’s the species he ‘asked’ to revive. It was a Wyvign. They acted upon a hive mind and swallowed anything that had meat on it whole to take to their queen. The queen is the only smart one and is capable of speech. Draconis had no plans of meeting her face to face though. He tried to fly away but his tiny wings ached. The Wyvign didn’t even notice Draconis until he tried to fly away. It lunged forward, opening its mouth wide. Draconis was barely able to jump out of the way. He turned to face the beast and let out a large fireball. It hit the Wyvign head on and it went flying back, screeching in pain.

It was only mere seconds before others came rushing forward, hearing the screech. Draconis had forgotten; they usually traveled in packs. He tried to sneak away, but his leg popped once more. The Wyvigns looked in Draconis’ direction, and he let out another large fireball, taking two out. The others surrounded him. They lifted him up and one swallowed him as they started back towards their den. Draconis tried to struggle but his small mortal body was too powerless to fight back. “So…This is how I die. Two measly beasts who don’t even understand how to communicate properly.” Draconis thought to himself as he closed his eyes in defeat. No. This cannot be how a god dies. This must be a dream. Yes, a dream. None of this is happening and he’ll soon wake up on his throne…Right?

“How much longer? My feet are tired!” Max whined. Jeshtor sighed. “Perhaps we should set up camp then. Yes, we should. It is getting late, and the second sun is starting to set.” Jeshtor said, slithering down Max’s coat and onto the ground. “How are we going to set up camp without any supplies?” Max asked, sitting down. He immediately shivered and stood up. “And it’s too cold to just lay here. I’ll get hypothermia or something.” Max said. He wiped the snow off of his pants, only making his hands as cold as his legs in the process. “Then we should travel further. We are almost out of the snow region.” Jeshtor explained. “The snow region?” Max inquired with a curious look. “Yes. The snow region. There are multiple regions in this world: The snow region, dry region, aqua region, and forest region. We are almost out of the snow region and into the dry region.” Jeshtor explained, slightly annoyed that Max didn’t know that. “Then we should keep going I guess…” Max sighed, scratching his head.

They walked only a few feet before they stumbled across a large, barely visible wall. The only way Max could see it is that it acted like a mirror and reflected the surrounding area. “What’s that?” Max asked, in awe of its size. “It’s the entrance to the dry region.” Jeshtor hissed, still annoyed. “H-How do we get through it?” Max asked, still looking at the large wall. “It’s not a mystery, idiot! The wall can be passed through with ease. it’s only there to keep the regions from combining and making chaos.” Jeshtor explained in a harsh tone. He then slithered right through and made small ripples. Max closed his eyes and held his breath as he walked through. When he opened his eyes he could see a large desert with a lunar eclipse in the sky. “It seems with their god being overthrown the others are messing this world up without his guidance,” Jeshtor whispered to himself. He then scoffed and let out a chuckle. “The simpletons think that mine doesn’t exist, but she does. She will reveal herself when the time is perfect…” Jeshtor finished.

“What are you talking about?” Max asked. Jeshtor tensed up and spun around to face Max. “Erm…n-nothing my friend! I was just talking about the eclipse. It’s beautiful, is it not?” Jeshtor said quickly, hoping Max didn’t hear what he said earlier. Max looked at him confused and Jeshtor let out a nervous smile and laugh. “Okay.” Max said shrugging. He yawned and sat down on the sand. “Do you think you could make sure nothing tries to hurt me, Jeshtor?” Max asked rubbing his eyes. “Huh? Oh, yes! Of course Max, go to sleep and rest your weary eyes” Jeshtor said patting Max’s hand with his tail, hoping it would reassure him. Max took off his coat and folded it up to act as a pillow and he laid down, falling to sleep fast. “Hopefully Showdown will help me out so that I can keep this peasant alive long enough…” Jeshtor hissed, slithering on top of Max and laying down. “I just need this kid alive long enough so that-” Jeshtor was cut off by Max’s snoring. He grumbled and fell asleep as well.


Draconis opened his eyes with a sharp pain in his leg. Still in denial, Draconis once again reasons that this is but a bad dream. This feeling of denial. He hasn’t felt like this since when he first lost his wife. Still, even though all evidence shows this is not a dream, he still thinks it is. After what felt like an eternity he felt the Wyvign crouch down. It spit up Draconis. He was covered in saliva but didn’t feel the need to shake it off. After all, it was just a dream right? He looked behind him tand saw the group of Wyvigns that took him sit down with a happy look on their faces. He turned around and came face to face with the queen herself. Odd. Food doesn’t usually show up to the queen right away. Wyvigns usually put the queen’s food into some type of oven like device first.

The queen leaned forward, sniffing Draconis. His head was the size of her nostrils. She scoffed at him. “This tiny little thing killed one of my best soldiers? You’re going to have to come up with a better excuse if you want to mourn someone’s death.” she said, rolling her eyes. Draconis scoffed at the queen. All the workers around the area stopped and turned to face them. It went dead silent as the queen looked in disbelief at what seemed like a lowly being scoffing at her. Draconis no longer believed it was a dream. In fact, he quickly hit himself for being an idiot for thinking such a thing. No longer was there disbelief, what replaced it was anger. He was angry that the gods overthrew him. He was angry that he hurt his leg and it still hurt. He was angry that he was taken all the way over here just to be used as an excuse. Most of all though, he was angry a mere mortal just scoffed at him. He wasn’t having this bitch’s attitude. She can scoff at any other god but him. Those Wyvigns wanted an excuse to mourn their dead friend? Then he shall grant their wish. “You of all people, a lowly queen who drones soldiers around to do your bidding instead of giving them free will, dare to scoff at me, Draconis God of Gods?” he questioned in a rude tone.

The queen let out a low growl but also a slight chuckle. “God of Gods? You are nothing but food to me. In fact, you are below that. Your small body can’t even provide enough meat to last me a minute.” the queen retaliated with a smirk. “Perhaps that is because you’re a fat and lazy queen. Have you gotten up and stretched your legs recently? I think your bones are getting brittle and old, like your species. If you kept in shape you wouldn’t have to eat so much. In fact, this is the reason why your species originally died. They were hunted to extinction because fat bitches like you ate almost everything. I’m surprised your ‘servants’ haven’t overthrown you yet. They easily can due to your misshapen body.” Draconis growled with his flames of anger burning hotter than a star.

“H-How dare you insult my beautiful body!” The queen yelled in anger. Draconis could see she was already gritting her teeth and he knew he had won now. Time for a victory lap. “Beautiful? It’s more along the lines of pitiful. Your species are a disgrace to this world and I can’t imagine why I would ever ask to bring your species back. People fear bees more than you, and those things are tiny! If I had the choice to die by you or bees I would choose you because at least it wouldn’t be as painful as being killed by bees!” Draconis yelled up the queen this time with a smirk on his face. “Less painful you say?” The queen questioned. She paused for a moment to think. She looked back down at Draconis with a malicious smile. “Throw him in the cage, but don’t cook him. We’ll let him starve and skin him alive slowly. Even when he begs for death, do not grant him this.” The queen commanded still smiling. Draconis’s plan had worked. He’ll live for another day. Now all he had to do was figure out how to escape…

Max woke up to a faint cry. “Help help! I am yelping for a helping hand! You! whelp! I need help!” the faint voice cried out. Max sat upright and Jeshtor fell down off of Max. “Ack! Hisssss! What was that for??” Jeshtor asked rubbing his back in slight pain. “Do you hear that?” Max asked. “You! In the distance! I need assistance! I know I sound persistent, but I need help so that I may stay existent!” the voice cried out once more. “You’re probably just hearing things.” Jeshtor sighed sounding annoyed still. “If you are hearing things, then why aren’t you peering at things?” the voice retaliated. “Just ignore it Max…” Jeshtor said rolling his eyes. “Ignoring is boring! You will be paid if you give me aid!” the small voice called out once more. “You can stay here if you want, but I’m going to see what needs help.” Max said, getting up and stretching. Max walked toward the voice and Jeshtor followed, grumbling.

They peered over a small hill of sand to see two beasts blowing around what looked like a web. “These beasts want me deceased!” The voice called out. It was coming from the web that the beasts were messing with. “We gotta help whatever that thing is!” Max said, pulling out his handgun. “No we don’t Max, those things are dangerous. They’re too powerful for-” Jeshtor was cut off by Max shooting both the beasts in the head, instantly killing them. “You…” Jeshtor finished, surprised at how fast Max killed them. Max walked over and crouched down to look at the small web. On top of it was a small black spider with goggles on, even though they only covered two of its eyes. “Thanks for the help, whelp!” The small spider said. “You’re welcome, but I’m not a pup.” Max said. The spider lifted up the goggles and stared at Max. “Sorry! What’s your name? Is it James?” The small spider asked. “Max…” Max replied, still curious of the spider. “What’s your name?” Max asked sitting down. “Max the Axe, I like it! My name is Tex, and I see you’re on a trek. I can assist!” Tex said with a smile. “How so?” Max asked, giving Tex a questioned look.

“I’m a relic! Relics like me are spirits who possess items and give them magical properties. It’s awesome like a blossom!” Tex explained happily. “I don’t consider blossoms awesome…” Jeshtor grumbled in the background. “Why are you always rhyming?” Max asked, hoping for an answer. “I rhyme almost all the time! I usually don’t rhyme when I’m annoyed, angry, sad, or when I’m explaining something” Tex answered. “Rhyming is my species usual way of talking. It’s like our accent!” Tex added. “Is Jeshtor a relic?” Max asked looking back at him. “Erm, no I’m not!” Jeshtor said quickly. “Jeshtor is a relic, but he’s lying and it’s almost like he’s spying.” Tex told Max while seemingly working on a device attached to his web. “You lied to me?!” Max said, spinning around to face Jeshtor. “Erm, uh y-yes, but I can explain!” Jeshtor said. “Why would you lie to me? I thought we were friends!” Max said, furious with Jeshtor. “Oh dear, better hurry up and fix my gear!” Tex said, working faster now. “It’s because if I didn’t, you probably wouldn’t keep me around” Jeshtor explained, backing up.

“What? You think that just because you’re a magical spirit would make me not like you?” Max asked still angry with him. Jeshtor nodded solemnly. “Damn that relic, blowing my cover! Now I’ll have to regain the idiot’s trust once more, I shouldn’t have made a blatant lie like that earlier!” Jeshtor thought to himself. Max sighed. “Jeshtor, you helped me and you still are. Please don’t lie to me again though.” Max said with a solemn stare. “My relic is over there, right next to that pear!” Tex said, pushing a few buttons on his device. His web started to float up suddenly. “It’s fixed so I won’t get mixed in commotion!” Tex exclaimed, proud that he fixed his device. “Whoa, how’d you do that?” Max asked in awe. “It uses a small bubble to control the air around it!” Tex explained smiling. “That doesn’t sound very logical…” Max thought to himself. He shrugged it off and walked near the pear Tex was speaking of. “No Max. Don’t get too close!” Jeshtor yelled in a panic. “What do you mean? It’s just a pear on the ground.” Max said, reaching down and picking up the pear. The ground started to shake and teeth sprouted out. “Oh dear! It’s a Jurisho! Run!” Tex yelled. Max jumped away just in time before the beast launched upwards, closing its mouth. “What the hell is that thing?!” Max yelled backing up. “A Jurisho, they live in dry places and use juicy fruit or water to lure prey before they eat them!” Tex explained, putting his goggles back down.

“Why the hell would someone create that?!” Max said, turning around and running. “Don’t ask me! I have no idea!” Jeshtor said climbing up Max’s coat and into his hood. “Take this, Max the axe! It’s my relic!” Tex said, tossing a bag at Max. Max caught it and put it on. “Your relic is a normal bag?” Max questioned breathing heavily. The Jurisho started to swim in the sand towards him. “HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!” Max yelled trying to run faster. “It’s not just a normal bag, Max the axe. it’s my relic. It’s a device that I invented, before I became a relic that is. Open it up and push the red button.” Tex explained. Max took the bag off and opened it up. There was a lot of complicated wiring and devices inside. He noticed the red button after a few seconds of looking and pushed it. Long spider like legs extended and it crawled onto Max’s back. “Allioran activated.” A voice said coming from the backpack. “Assessing situation… Situation status: Danger! Extending recon flare.” the bag said as a small barrel extended out of it and fired a flare into the air. “Defensive mode activated. Objective: Survive.” the bag said. “What does any of that mean?” Max asked breathing even heavier now. “It means we should survive, not die!” Tex explained landing on Max’s shoulder.

The bag extended out claws that latched onto Max’s legs and arms. “Enhancing combat efficiency.” The bag said. Max felt needles being pushed into him and putting something inside his bloodstream. He stopped and turned around to face the beast. He fired a few shots into it to no effect. “None of this is working!” Max said looking worried. “Then we’ll dodge until help arrives.” Tex explained, pushing his goggles up. A small device extended out and onto Max’s arm. “That’s the booster. It’ll allow you to activate the boosters on your leg attachments, allowing you to run and dodge faster!” Tex said, pointing to the device. Confused, Max pushed down the trigger and a large burst of air came out of the claws attached to his legs which had formed into a small booster. It sent him flying into the air. “None of this makes any sense!” Max yelled as he fell back down. “Max, hurry up and move! The Jurisho is getting closer!” Jeshtor said, sounding scared for his life. Max started running to the left and he pushed the button, sending him flying farther away and into a pile of sand.

Max lifted his head up and spat out sand. He stood up and turned around to notice the Jurisho was even closer now. “Shitshitshit!” Max said scrambling up. The Jurisho jumped to grab Max in its mouth. Jeshtor and Tex screamed in horror. A cloaked figure jumped in the way and unleashed a large burst of fire from their hand. “You okay, kid?” the figure asked. Max could tell by the voice that it was a girl. “Yeah. Thanks for saving me.” Max said, trying to find any defining features so that he could spot this person if they ever met again. “It’s not over yet, sadly. Jurishos don’t go down that easily…” she explained, pulling out a rifle. “I saw your flare and came running. I’m glad I did. Another missing kid would really upset the city.” she told him. “City?” Max questioned, still trying to find any defining features. “Yes. Battle City is just up ahead, do you not live there?” she asked, sounding confused. Before Max could answer, the sand rose up all around them, taking an arena shape. “Damn, I forgot they get enraged easier with fire. If only Draconis was still in control, he’d sort out all these savage beasts with newfound powers.” she said as her grip on her rifle tightened. “Draconis? Who’s that?” Max asked. “Not now kid. Stay back, I’ll protect you!” She demanded sounding confident.

Flames bursted out of the top of her rifle as she shot the Jurisho. “You’ll only make it angrier, let me take over, please.” She whispered to herself. “Fine!” She said for some reason agreeing with herself. “Relic Swap!” she yelled as her gun extended out into a long blade. Max could see a slight blue glow coming from inside the cloak. She slowly descended onto the ground as if gravity did not affect her. “Sorry for this in advance beast,” she said in a softer tone. Her voice sounded different somehow. “But you must begone!” she yelled jumping high into the air and sending a large blue wave of energy at the Jurisho. “Max, you should be helping!” Jeshtor yelled at him. “But she told me to stay back.” Max replied, looking confused. “Are you really going to listen to some random person who just popped up?” Jeshtor hissed, wanting Max to repay the girl’s kindness for him. “I listened to you.” He retaliated with a slight chuckle. “Max the Axe, you really should help her though! She saved us. Don’t act depraved on us!” Tex joined in, also wanting Max to repay the girl.

Max trusted the girl for some reason though, he didn’t want to join in but he had to. Max loaded his handgun and fired at the Jurisho’s eye which was easy to see due to it glowing bright green. The beast yelped in pain and turned to face Max. “Shit…” he thought aloud as he saw the beast start to rush towards him. “Look out!” the girl yelled. She wanted to rush over to aid him but she was stuck still floating down. “No! Hurry! He’ll die! I can’t let another die when I can save them!” she yelled to herself, looking conflicted. “I-I can’t do this anymore. Why did this have to happen to us? Why not anyone else?” she cried, looking down. Max pushed the booster’s trigger and he flew to the left, dodging the beast but landing in the sand once more. The Jurisho crashed right into the barrier it had just created. “L, you idiot! He’s still alive! We can still help him! Just switch to me and you can rest.” she said to herself. “I-I can’t stop crying!” she replied to herself putting her hands to her face.

Max grunted. He needed some firepower if he wanted to even make a dent on this thing. “Tex, can this bag do anything that I can use to attack?” Max asked looking back at Tex. Tex nodded. “It’s still a work in progress and easy to stress, but it should work.” Tex said, climbing into the bag and pushing a few buttons. “Spider Drones: Activated.” the bag said as Tex climbed back out. “Spider drones are small drones that will explode with the push of a button. They use a targeting reticle as well as a place knife.” Tex explained, putting his goggles back onto his top eyes. “You need to key the reticle on the target and the drones will go to it, it’s a more stealtier option. You can use the place knife to plant it into to somewhere and the spider will automatically track and move towards it.” Tex explained, hoping Max would understand.

“Right, that thing will crush the spider drones easily, making them useless… unless we get on top of it and plant them on a weak spot there.” Max thought aloud, looking near the top of the beast. “Damn it L ,I’m taking over!” the woman said to herself as her blade changed back into a gun and the blue glow turned into a slight orange glow. Max ran towards the beast and grabbed onto its side. “What the hell are you doing kid?!” the woman yelled rushing over to get him to safety. “Helping you, what does it look like?” he said, smirking. Max climbed up on top of the beast and looked around. The beast shook a lot trying to throw Max off, but he held on tight as he searched. Max noticed a gooey substance coming from a small hole in the middle of the beast. Max crawled over and pulled out a knife. It had a bunch of wires and looked nothing like any knife he’s seen. The mysterious woman had finally made it on top of the beast as well “Hey, what are you- Whoa!” the woman was cut off by the beast shaking as it started to enter the ground. “Hold on!” She yelled grabbing Max and getting a tight hold onto one of its spines. They all screamed as if it was a rollercoaster ride as the beast flew under the sand. Max opened his eyes, surprised he didn’t feel any more sand. Somehow there was a large network of tunnels and large spaces under the sand. Max shook his head and saw the hole still on the beast. He slid out of the women’s grasp. “Hey, get back here! You’re going to fall!” she yelled, reaching for him.

Max planted the knife with a loud yell right into the hole and the beast yelped in pain. It started to surface and turned upside down. Max started to fall but Jeshtor grabbed onto a spine and wrapped his fail around Max’s hand. His eyes widened in pain as he didn’t expect Max to be so heavy. The beast surfaced and Jeshtor let go. They both fell onto the sand but didn’t sink into it. “What was crawling all over me? Also you’re really heavy!” Jeshtor yelled. The woman landed next to them. “You idiot! You could have gotten yourself killed! What did you even do?!” She demanded with an angry stare. “This” Max said pushing a button on his bag. A large explosion bursted out of the beast. “Nice job, Max the axe!” Tex congratulated, happy his weapon worked. The beast let out a loud roar and fell into the sand its eyes rolling back. The large dome disappeared. “The creator of this game really knows how to make a hard first boss!” Max said sitting down.

“Game? You think this is a game?!” the woman yelled at him. Jeshtor leaned up and whispered to Tex, telling him how Max thinks this is a game and that he won’t change his mind about it. Tex nodded slightly. “Well yeah, but you wouldn’t understand. You’re probably programed to think this isn’t a game.” Max said, shrugging. The woman started to open her mouth to shout at Max once more. “I already tried to change his mind about it, he’s set on believing this is all a game.” Jeshtor explained, climbing into Max’s hood. The woman stopped and stared at Jeshtor, then she looked at Tex. “How is a child able to wield such powerful relics?” she asked, still looking at the two. “Game logic and plot progression!” Max answered quickly shrugging once more. “He’s been blessed…” Jeshtor answered truthfully. “Blessed…By Draconis? Do you know where he is?” the woman asked, grabbing Max and shaking him. “What? Who? I don’t know who this Draconis is. Sorry.” Max answered. “This Draconis must either be a teammate or some boss if they have a specific name…” Max thought, trying to picture what someone with the name Draconis would look like.

Jeshtor figured he could take advantage of this woman since she knows that Max is blessed. “Well, since Max is blessed, surely a powerful person like yourself would help him get to the city right?” Jeshtor asked, hoping she’d say yes. Jeshtor didn’t want to go through another tough battle, but with her as a temporary ally they could get there easier. The woman stood there for a moment thinking. “I guess I could help you get there, but what do you gain by going to a useless city full of maniacs who want nothing but to hurt others?” she asked, her eyes looking curious. “Money. Surely with Max being blessed we could get money easier.” Jeshtor told her with a slight smile. She nodded. “Surely he can then. Off we go now.” she said, grabbing his hand and walking towards lights. “We’ll have to pass through a Wyvign cave though, so be prepared to battle later.” she told him, still holding his hand. “Oh hey Tex, I forgot to ask. Why are you helping me?” Max asked looking at him. Max pried his hands away from the woman’s somehow and held them out for Tex to land on them. “I told you, you’d be paid if you gave me aid.” Tex answered, looking up at Max with a smile.

“So you’re going to go with me on my whole journey!? Cool!” Max yelled with excitement. Tex gave a confused look. “No, Max the axe. My house is close to Battle city, so we shall stop there and I shall pay you.” Tex said, still holding his confused look. “Oh…” Max said, looking down. “Oh, do not worry Max the axe! I’m sure we’ll meet again one day, ay? I just pray that you be okay in your journey.” Tex told Max, taking on a smile once more. “What is this girl playing at, I know this planet like it’s the back of my hand. the Wyvign cave she must be referring to is slightly off path, I guess we have no choice but to follow her for now, but I’m keeping my eye on her…” Jeshtor thought to himself, giving the mysterious woman a cold hard stare when she wasn’t looking.

Draconis opened his eyes and they stopped glowing. He felt bad for making Luna cry but he knew it was the only way to attract her and Solar to his position. It was odd to him though. He could sense them both in the same spot at the same time. Almost as if they were combined, but that’s impossible. No Relic has ever combined with another. Draconis made it impossible to do so. Unless that idiot Pyronian was messing shit up like always, but he couldn’t have learned to change the worlds rules so quickly. It took Draconis years to master the manipulation of such a feat.

It did not matter right now though. Draconis needed to try his best to gather energy so that he could escape when they free him. He didn’t want to ditch both of them but he had no choice, he was too weak to battle and he’d end up dying. Besides, Luna and Solar are strong. They can deal with this themselves. Weird, Draconis seemed to pick up the essence of a being from another dimension. It was hard to find as it was covered up by a powerful relic. It also seemed to be traveling with Luna and Solar, maybe once he escaped he could find them once more and investigate this being that has an essence from another world…


My friend is dead to me now…


If anyone has been waiting for this story to continue I have good news. I am back to writing. With everything died down and me doing what I’ve wanted to do this year I think it’s time I put writing back onto my priorities. The next arc will be two chapters long and it is called “Good Meet Mortal”. The arc will have Max and Draconis finally meeting. That’s all I can really say at the moment. I can say with confidence the next chapter will be out sometime next month.


Arc 2: Just Like Old Times

Prologue: Karren:

“Karren! Wake up Karren! We need you! Please WAKE UP!” A voice screamed in panic. Karren drew in air and shot up instantly only to fall back down. “She’ll be fine Solar, she needs to recover, we’ll cover her for as long as we can but our numbers are dwindling” A male voice said. “Luna, come and help me” the male voice demanded. Karren could see a man stand up, he looked, familiar. It all started to come back to Karren. “Solar what happened?” She asked standing up but falling back down once more. “It’s #*!@ she has sent out an army to strike us unexpectedly” Solar answered helping Karren up onto her feet. “How many? I can barely stand after that last battle with the Jiro’s” Karren asked stumbling to get her footing. “Enough to require you Karren, our people are struggling” Solar said pointing outside.

Karren looked outside to see a massive war ongoing. Large humanoid creatures made out of some kind of mist were attacking and absorbing humans. “Let’s go” Karren said turning around and putting on some gloves which started glowing. Solar tossed her gun and Karren caught it. Karren opened the door with a loud creak and started to walk out. “Any info on how to get rid of these things?” Karren asked looking back at Solar. “Not yet, whenever they are struck they multiply” Solar explained trying to make an example with her hands. Karren knew she was a hero to these people, but she also wanted them to realize that they didn’t need her for everything. Even heroes need rest and she was getting exhausted after each fight. Solar’s rifle flared to life as Karren took aim at the creatures.

She fired millions of flaming bullets at the creatures but to no avail. The creatures seemed to huddle together and form a larger one which shot a beam at Karren. Karren threw up Solar’s rifle and her gloves stopped glowing. The beam seemed to disappear from her sight. Solar looked over to see the beam piercing right through Karren but she didn’t seem to be affected. “Seeing your power never fails to amaze me” Solar said to Karren catching her rifle. “I know right” Karren responded with a smirk.


Chapter 4: The Reveal:

Max sighed. “How far till we get there my feet are aching and I’m starving” Max asked rubbing his stomach. “We’re almost to the tunnel” the woman said turning back to look at him. “What’s your name anyways?” Max asked still rubbing his empty stomach. The woman seemed to panic a little. “I-It’s uhm… It’s” she stuttered trying to think of a name. Jeshtor let out a smirk. “Well go on, it’s rude to not tell a child your name” Jeshtor said still smirking. “Urm, It’s uh, ooh right! It’s Eclipse” she said looking super nervous. “What else would I say? It’s not like he’s a bounty hunter” Eclipse whispered to herself sounding upset. “I think that’s a pretty name” Max said hoping it would stop her from talking to herself cause it sounds weird to him. “O-Oh, uh thanks I guess” she replied still sounding nervous. They approached a large cavern and small hissing could be heard. Eclipse pushed Max over against the cave wall and make a gesture to be quite. Two large Wyvign walked out of the cave and moved towards the forest. Eclipse waited for them to move out of sight before talking. “What were those things” Max asked looking confused. “Wyvign’s they’re nasty creatures” Eclipse explained looking into the cave searching for any more of the creatures. “I thought they went extinct 100 years ago when Arigos and the other heros hunted their queens to extinction” Tex added looking confused. “Guess one queen lived” Eclipse said looking back behind them to make sure the beasts weren’t returning. “Alright let’s go in, we’ll have to be extra careful not to get caught otherwise we’ll get swarmed” Eclipse whispered slowly walking into the cave.

They entered the cave slowly but started moving faster when they heard footsteps behind them. They used large rock formations as cover, Max being himself whispered about the convenience of the rocks and Jeshtor kept shutting him up before they got caught. They made their way deeper into the cave and Max noticed lots of bones. “You sure this is safe?” Max whispered to Eclipse worried by the amount of bones. “Yeah I’m sure we’ll be fine, maybe, most likely, hopefully” she whispered back with a nervous smile. They approached a large space inside the cave. “This must be where the queen resides, we must be as careful as possible, the Wyvigns act on a hive mind so if the queen were to spot us she could call millions of them in mere seconds without speaking a single word” Eclipse explained sounding nervous. As they slowly moved through the nest a small scratching noise could be heard. “That must be it, don’t worry I’ll make sure they never bother you again” Eclipse whispered to herself with an angered look. Max gave her a questioning look but she paid him no heed as she approached a cage like object where the scratching noise was coming from. “You idiot you’ll get us caught” Jeshtor whispered angrily trying to get Eclipse to return but to no avail. Eclipse slowly pulled out her rifle and opened the cage aiming at the noise.

Eclipse suddenly gasped and backed away. “Solar? What happened to you?” a voice called out from the cage. A small black dragon with silver spines and lightning blue eyes walked out. “Draconis, I-I” Eclipse stuttered. “This is the Draconis you were talking about?” Max asked studying the small dragons every detail. Draconis took one look at Max and his scales seemed to stand up like a cats fur when they were startled. He jumped back and let out a loud growl. “Your aura is otherworldly, you come from an entire different dimension don’t you? Whose side are you on? Did she send you here to free herself?” Draconis spat out holding his position. Max stumbled back in confusion. “Dimensions, sides, her?” Max asked completely thrown off balance by Draconis’s barrage of questions.

“Max lookout” Jeshtor whispered, but it was to late, Max tripped over a small Wyvign. It immediately started to cry loudly. The ground shaked and Max could hear a low growl from behind him. Max slowly turned around to see a large Wyvign starting at him and the others. Tex emerged from the bag from a rest he was taking only to slowly crawl back inside and close the bag tightly. The beast opened its mouth and Max instinctively flinched. Eclipse tried to push him out of the way but it was to late. The Queen Wyvign let out a large breath of flames onto Max. Jeshtor winced in fear and closed his eyes. Jeshtor opened his eyes to see that Eclipse, while not being able to save Max, was able to grab Jeshtor and Tex. He looked up at her to see a shocked expression pointed towards Max’s direction. He looked over to see what had happened. There stood Max unharmed from the flames still in a flinching position. The coat he was wearing seemed to start glowing like it was before.

“He’s f-from” Eclipse stuttered looking in awe. “He’s from another dimension Solar, how could you not tell” Draconis said looking over to her. “My senses are all scrambled after” Eclipse paused and looked over to Draconis. “Draconis what happened to you?” she asked rubbing her arm. Jeshtor quickly slithered over to Max. “Max are you okay?” he asked hoping Max wasn’t dead. Max opened his eyes and looked confused. “Y-Yeah? I mean, I think so, nothing hurts” Max replied looking for any burn marks on his body. “How did he get here?” Draconis asked keeping his eye on Max. “I’m not sure, I found him trying to fend off a Jurisho by himself” Eclipse explained. “Fighting a Jurisho? They’re not hostile though” Draconis said sounding confused. “It’s a long story” Eclipse murmured looking down.

“Uh, I don’t mean to interrupt your reunion or whatever this is, but some help would really be appreciated!” Max yelled dodging the Queen Wyvign’s attacks. Draconis scoffed and looked off to the side. “Fucking really” Max grumbled to himself annoyed. Eclipse looked at Max then Draconis confused on whos side she should take. The Queen Wyvign unable to understand Max’s newfound abilities continues to blast fire at Max only for it to phase through him. “Hey Tex any tips?” Max asked looking back to his bag. Max groaned and turned around after a few seconds realizing Tex was scared of the Queen Wyvign. “Does anyone even want to try to help?” Max grumbled to himself pulling out Jeshtor’s relic. As he touched it his hand phased through it and touched his hip. Max tried to grab it a few more times only to fail to grab his weapon. Max looked up to be met with the queen rushing forward to grab him. He jumped out of the way and picked up a stone. “I don’t even know why any of this is happening but it’s really ticking me off” Max yelled in anger tossing the stone at the Queen Wyvign. The stone bounced off the roof and hit the Queen’s back chipping off a small part of one of her scales.

The Queen screamed in anger and slight pain as it turned around to face Max. Max let out a nervous laugh and slowly backed up holding his hands in front of him. “Max turn around we’re cornered” Jeshtor said in a discouraged voice. Max turned around to see hoards of Wyvign’s slowly crawling towards them. “I’m not going down without a fight, even if this is an unfair boss fight” Max said gritting his teeth. Jeshtor sighed annoyed that Max still thinks this is a game. Max’s coat started glowing once more as he reached for his gun. Max set his hand on the handle and looking down making sure he had a grip on it before pulling it out and taking aim at the many Wyvign’s. He fired multiple shots into the crowd taking out a few of them easily. Noticing their teammates dying the Wyvigns started moving faster towards Max hissing and growling. Eclipse was finally able to come to her senses and she rushed to Max’s side. “I got your back” she said pulling out her rifle. Max nodded and started to fire at the Queen while Eclipse held off the hoards of Wyvigns. The Queen roared in anger and charged towards both Max and Eclipse. “I don’t care about the kid but I won’t let you hurt Solar, she’s an important part of this world” Draconis yelled flying up into the air and firing a large fire blast at the Queen.

Eclipse swung her gun to the side of her and it turned into a blade. “Max over here!” Eclipse yelled backing up. “Got it!” Max responded rushing over to her. Eclipse handed her blade to Max. “I can’t use this, I don’t know how to” Max explained looking confused. Eclipse touched Max’s shoulder and a small glow appeared on it. “Jump!” she yelled pointing up. Max still confused followed her orders and leaping into the air. It felt as if he had no gravity pulling him down as he leaping so high he almost hit the ceiling. The blade morphed back into a rife and Max started firing at all the Wyvign’s. Draconis still focused on the Queen formed a large blade in his mouth and lunged at the Queen slashing her legs. “How are my powers back?” He wondered to himself. Draconis looked over to see Max’s shoulder had a small dragon icon on it. “I’m gaining power from the kid? How does he have this much?” Draconis thought turning around and slashing off one of the Queens legs. “Argh! HOW DARE YOU!” the Queen shouted falling back and scrambling to get up. “I told you, I’m a god, you didn’t listen to your god, those who don’t listen get punished!” Draconis answered jumping up into the air and forming an even larger sword. He gripped on as best as he could with his paws as it fell down and impaled the Queen Wyvign. Max who was still in the air suddenly groaned and fell to the ground. “Max!” Eclipse yelled rushing over. “You okay?” she asked patting him down for any injuries. “Yeah, it just feels like I’m weak, like something’s taking my energy” He replied trying to get up but falling back down. “Don’t worry I got you covered” She said tapping his shoulder and taking back her rifle. The faint glow stopped and Max fainted.

“Max! Max wake up!” Jeshtor exclaimed slapping his face. Jeshtor growled and picked up Max’s weapon. Jeshtor fired at the Wyvign’s making a loud crackle in the air. The bullet seemed to return and hit almost every Wyvign straight in the head. “How dare you hurt my link to my god!” he hissed as his bullet ricocheted into other Wyvigns. The Queen Wyvign let out a loud roar as it breathed its last breath and died. The large sword in its chest seemed to disperse into a bright purple energy and Draconis fell to the ground weakened by the fight. The other Wyvign’s let out terrified screeched and fled into the depths of the cave. Jeshtor sighed and slithered back to Max. He attempted to wake Max up once more but failed. Eclipse returned with Draconis who was grumbling to himself. “The least we can do is help him go where he is going” Eclipse said to Draconis sounding angry at him. “And then what Solar? You’ve already bonded with him, whether by accident or on purpose you cannot leave his side anymore unless he dies, I need you to return with me” Draconis argued sounding very upset. “I don’t think anyone would have survived that if I didn’t do what I did” Eclipse explained looking down. “Well that doesn’t matter now, my conscience won’t allow me to kill a kid on my own so we have to take him with us now” Draconis sighed sniffing Max. “If he tries to backstab us you’ll be the one to kill him” Draconis commanded backing away and looking to the side. Jeshtor stayed silent not wishing to mess with them, he knew it wouldn’t matter what he said their minds were already made up. He just had to sit and go along with this crazy ride now.

Eclipse picked up Max and felt his forehead. “I didn’t think he’d have so much power at his disposal” Draconis said to Eclipse sounding a little surprised. “Draconis you used to much of it though, it’ll be awhile before he wakes up” Eclipse said giving Draconis an angry look. “I’m not used to restricting my powers Solar’ Draconis snapped as he started to walk forward. Eclipse sighed and opened up Max’s bag. “Tex are you okay?” she asked looking around trying to find him. Tex crawled out of a small house looking box shaking slightly. “I’m okay I say, did you slay?” Tex responded fixing his goggles. “Yeah, we got rid of them” Eclipse said chuckling a little at Tex’s rhymes. “Solar let’s go” Draconis commanded still sounding angry. Tex moved back into the house shaped box and Eclipse closed the bag. She picked up Max and followed after Draconis.

Ari turned the boat into the empty dock. “Okay Jack, let’s go find somewhere to eat and to stay safe” Ari said lifting him up and out of the boat. Jack stood silent as he was lifted out. “Will Max meet up with us there?” he asked sounding depressed. Ari looked down at her feet then looked back up. Ari seemed to refused to answer Jack’s question. She grabbed ahold of Jack’s hand and they set off. It was mostly quiet as both of them weren’t in the mood for chit chat. They found a house with an open door and crept inside. Ari checked all of the rooms to make sure the house was empty. Once she was done she and Jack sat down to eat. Jack didn’t like how quiet things were, in fact he hated it. He kept thinking if Max was here he’d try to strike up a conversation to cheer everyone up. Why did he tell Ari to leave him behind? How will he get back together with them? No, he wouldn’t. The image of Max lying in a pool of his own blood popped back up in Jack’s mind. He kept trying to forget it but he couldn’t, the image was permanently stained in his mind, there was nothing he could do to forget it. Ari got up and moved around some things. “I think we both need a rest” she said trying to force a smile but unable to. Jack nodded and Ari led him up to a room.

She got him situated and went back downstairs to sleep on the couch. It wasn’t to long before Jack was able to fall to sleep. He hadn’t slept that entire boat ride and he was dead tired because of it. Jack woke up the next day and went downstairs. He saw Ari still sleeping on the couch and decided he’ll get himself some food. Jack walked around the house searching for the bag of supplies. He checked the bathrooms, the bedrooms, the kitchen, the attic, and even the basement. Jack did find it weird that there was only one bedroom with an actual bed in it though. He went back downstairs to wake up Ari and ask where the bag was. As he got closer he noticed the bag was on the stand near the couch. Jack felt stupid for a second and went to retrieve some food from the bag.

He opened the bag and pulled out a few protein bars. He never liked protein bars they always tasted nasty to him, but he was really hungry. He went over to the table and ate the protein bars as quiet as he could so he didn’t wake Ari. He went back over and got a bottle of water. After drinking all the water he decided to wake up Ari. He walked over to Ari and started to shake her. No reaction, she must be a heavy sleeper like Max. He pushed her even harder and she fell off the couch with a large gash in her chest. Jack jumped back and fell to the floor. No, no no no no no. She can’t be dead. This had to be a prank. Just yesterday she was fine. She had promised to stay with Jack on the boat ride. She can’t be dead. He can’t be alone. He rushed over and shook her a few more times before covering his mouth and nose from the smell of her rotting corpse. Jack stood up and backed away crying quietly. He really is alone. He doesn’t want to be alone. He’s scared of being alone. This has to be a nightmare right? First Max and now Ari?

He heard something move near the open door which he just noticed. “H-Hello?” he quietly called out. It was pitch black outside which meant he didn’t sleep for that long. A man came in with a bloodied knife. Jack was about to scream but another came up from behind him and knocked him out…

Max woke up to hear Eclipse arguing with Draconis. “What do you mean he’s heading for battle city? That place is a hellhole, even I wouldn’t go there!” Draconis argued. “Look Draconis, there is no time for arguing, if you want him to come along we have to do him a favor and take him there first so he can do what he needs to do” Eclipse responded looking down to see Max was awake. “Oh, Max!” She said nervously dropping him onto the sand. “Ow, what was that for?” Max asked standing up and rubbing his head. “S-Sorry, you just startled me” Eclipse answered blushing. Max stretched out and realized Tex’s bag was gone. “Where’s Tex?” Max asked looking around. “You were still asleep when we dropped him off, he thanked us and gave me some gold to give to you as thanks for helping him out” Eclipse explained pulling out a small bag. Max grabbed the bag and opened it. “Is it real gold? I’ve never seen real gold before” Max said pulling out a coin and accidentally bending it. Draconis collapsed on the floor laughing when he saw Max bend the coin. “You idiot, gold is a valuable material people aren’t stupid enough to just use it as coins, the coins are named after the mineral as they look the same as well as giving off a weakened effect that gold gives off” Draconis laughed trying to stand up but falling again.

Draconis was finally able to get up and start walking. “Okay, let’s get moving, we don’t have all day, Solar watch the kid” Draconis said shaking his head still chuckling at Max’s stupidity. “So Jeshtor what’s battle city like?” Max asked looking over to him. “Well it’s like any normal city except it’s divided by walls. In the center lies a large arena where people who live in the city usually live at. There is also a large zone where if you die you’ll come back to life. That’s what made Battle city so popular was because the built around that zone so you can enter and kill people to your heart’s content” Jesthor explained flicking his tongue in and out as he spoke. “Wouldn’t that cause problems though? I mean allowing murder can really make people go, insane?” Max asked giving a curious look. Jeshtor shrugged. “I don’t really pay attention to what goes on or the morals of that place, I just go there for loans” Jeshtor said.

“How far away is it?” Max asked looking around. “Behind us, we aren’t going that way” Draconis said stopping to scratch his neck. “Draconis!” Eclipse yelled putting her hands up in frustration. “Then what’s that up there?” Max questioned pointed forward. Ahead was a large city that had billboards everywhere advertising an arena. Draconis looked at the city then looked behind him, he then looked at the suns position. “What the hell?” Draconis said to himself confused. “I was just there a few days ago, how could they relocate it so fast?” Eclipse said aloud though not expecting an answer. “Heh, you like our newly relocated Battle City!” A voice called out. “Who goes there!” Draconis responded taking an offensive stance just in case they were going to be attacked. A man stepped out from behind a conveniently placed rock. Max looked at the rock then back at the man and gave him a confused look. “Were you just standing behind a rock waiting for someone to just randomly come near it, see the city, and question how it was here?” Max questioned still holding his confused look.

“Heh, YES! I WAS!” the man responded with energy. “But, but why though? What the point in that? What did you accomplish?” Max asked scratching the back of his head. The man stopped for a moment. “I uh, urm, uhhh, well you see… uh” the man paused for a moment trying to think of an excuse. “I think he’s just braindead, c’mon let’s get moving” Draconis said starting to walk past him. The man jumped in front of Draconis startling him. “NO! You can’t just leave! I was given specific orders by Draconis to prevent you from continuing forward!” the man said stomping his feet. “Look, he even gave me this super cool shield that nullifies magic” the man gloated holding out a golden shield. “Draconis didn’t give you anything because I am Draconis and I wouldn’t trust idiots like you” Draconis said bluntly no caring if he hurt the man’s feeling or not. “Psh, you’re not Draconis, Draconis is a giant god, you’re just a tiny little cute dragon” the man explained holding out his hand to try and reach up high to give an example of how high he thought Draconis was but failing.

Draconis was about to burst into a rage as he hated people who called him cute but Eclipse stepped in front of him. “Who even are you?” She asked sizing him up. “Who am I? WHO AM I? I AM THE GREATEST FIGHTER IN THE ARENA!” the man yelled. “That title belongs to showdown, the relic who runs the arena” Jeshtor explained looking annoyed. “Heh, Showdown was no match for me! HUQUIO!” he yelled. “I think he broke one of my eardrums” Max said rubbing his head. “Well, Huquio, can you let us pass please” Eclipse calmly asked with a smile. “What? No did you not hear me? I was told by Draconis to not let you pass” Huquio said flexing his almost non-existent muscles.

Max let out a loud sigh. “If you won’t let us pass then we’ll have to force our way through” Max explained pulling out his gun. “Well then, BRING IT ON!” Huquio yelled still flexing.

Ari woke up to cold water being splashed on her face. She stood up and rubbed her head. “Ugh, where am I?” she asked aloud squinting her eyes to adjust to the light. “Erm, this is my room” a loud voice said. Ari’s eyes finally adjusted to reveal she was staring right into the eyes of a large blue and silver dragon. She screamed and tried to back away but fell of an edge only to be caught by the beast. “Oh! No no no! Don’t panic! Don’t worry! I’m friendly I won’t hurt you” it said returning her back onto the area she was sitting before. She looked around to see she was sitting on what looked to be a large throne. “Who are you?” Ari asked trying to remember how she got here. “If I tell you do you promise to return the favor and tell me who you are?” it questioned bending down lower to get a good view of her. Ari nodded. “Perfect! Well, my name is Aquarius, I am the god of the seas and weather” Aquarius explained sitting down on the throne making Ari realize she was on the arm of the large throne. Ari shook her head and let out a slight chuckle. “God? There is no such thing” she said looking around her surroundings.

“You can doubt me all you wish, however you must uphold your part of the deal” Aquarius said calmly. “Oh, right, well my name is Ari, I’m 15 years old and I was about to be heading to high school but, something happened, wait, a creature like you couldn’t even exist, you’re to big. The military or someone would have considered you a threat and taken you out” Ari explained. Aquarius shook his head. “That does not matter right now, Ari I need to ask of a favor” he said leaning forward to maintain eye contact with her. “What is it?” Ari asked looking nervous. “Before I ask of the greater need I must know, do you know this boy” Aquarius questioned holding out his hand. A large water bubble appeared and showed Max in the reflection. Ari stumbled back and almost fell off again. Thoughts rushed through her head. How? She saw Max die. How can he still be alive. “Max?” she whispered to herself.

“Ah so you do know him” Aquarius said aloud lifting her up in his hand. “Ari, this “Max” is in the company of a powerful god, I need to reach that god and help him. However, I need someone to escort me and protect me” Aquarius explained staring straight into her eyes making her slightly uncomfortable. “If you’re a god then why do you need protection?” she inquired with theories on how Max was alive was rushing through her head. “You see, I need to help that god reclaim its old throne as he was overthrown by a corrupt one. I cannot technically leave this place without causing mass suspicion. I need to split my power and make a clone to take my place, that will leave me as powerless as a relic who cannot wield their own weapon however” Aquarius clarified making an example with water. Ari looked down in thought for a moment. She needed answers. Max would be able to provide said answers right? She didn’t know if he would. “On the way could you answer my questions then?” she asked looking back up. Aquarius nodded. “Alright, I’ll do it” she agreed smiling slightly.

Aquarius set her down and rose up into the air. He seemed to split into two separate beings. One small and one large. The large one sat down on the throne and the small one flew down to her. “You’re adorable!” she gushed petting him. “Yes! I am the adorable water dragon!” he said with pride. Aquarius’ smaller form took the shape of a thinner dragon with multiple wings. He kept the same coloration except for the fact that his scales were a lighter blue and his spines and horns were a more chrome silver instead of normal silver. Aquarius moved to Ari’s side and pulled out her blade which he almost dropped due to its weight. He seemed to recite a spell in an unknown language and the blade seemed to melt off. “What did you due to it” she asked grabbing it from him as he handed it back. When she touched it the hilt gained a slight blue glow. Her hand phased through it though and it fell to the ground.

“Oh I almost forgot!” Aquarius exclaimed flying up to his larger self and grabbing something. “When I found you you had this strange gauntlet attached to you, it must be what ties you to this realm” Aquarius said hander the the gauntlet. “What do you mean tie me to this realm?” she asked putting it on. “Well you see, you and that kid aren’t exactly from this world. I’m not sure who did it but you were pulled into this dimension. People from other dimensions usually keep their properties they had in their world. Which means you can’t hold magic items, magic won’t affect you, anything that wasn’t possible in your world cannot affect you here. I’m not exactly sure how it works but that’s how it is” Aquarius explained. “I see…” Ari nodded looking at the gauntlet. “So this thing allows me to do stuff I normally can’t in this dimension” Ari thought to herself. It seemed to give off a slight green glow. Ari picked up the blade hilt and water around her seemed to form into a large blade.

“Holy shit!” Ari screamed dropping it to the ground. “What I have gifted you is a relic, my recovered relic in fact. It allows you to create any bladed weapon in your head onto the hilt” Aquarius explained picking it up and handing it to her. Ari quickly sheathed the hilt before it turned into something else. “It’ll definitely take some getting used to” Ari said looking back up at Aquarius. “Now let us go to the closest area near Draconis and Max” Aquarius said snapping his claws together. A large wave of water surrounded them and Ari instinctively flinched and closed her eyes, when she opened them again they were near a large city. “Why would he be going towards battle city? Unless, gah Pyronian must have moved it here, he’s ruining this world slowly” Aquarius thought to himself.

Before Ari could ask about the city a large pithole opened below them. Ari screamed as she fell. “Ari! Hold on I’m coming!” Aquarius yelled flying down after her.

Huquio was on the ground breathing heavily. “Look man, I don’t wanna kill you, so please step aside and let us pass” Max said looking sorry for the man but also tired of him. Huquio growled and gritted his teeth. “This isn’t the last you’ll see of me! I Huquio, servant of Draconis, will return!” he yelled and he turned around and ran. He only got a few feet before he tripped and fell into a convenient place pithole which was now where the rock was. “Wasn’t that a rock before?” Max questioned looking confused. “The rock wasn’t even there until he stepped out from behind it, he just appeared with the rock” Draconis scoffed rolling his eyes. “I… I won’t even question it anymore…” Max said starting to walk forward.

Suddenly, a large pithole appear below all of them. “What the hell!” Max screamed as he fell. Draconis took flight and stood above watching Max and Eclipse fall down. He sighed and flew down after them. Huquio seemed to emerge from the pithole he fell in. “HUZZA! I told you I’d return!” he yelled with excitement. Huquio started to look around. “HOW DARE YOU JUST LEAVE ME TO DIE!” he shouted stomping his feet. He rushed towards Battle City expecting to catch up with the group.

Max stood up rubbing his head. “How far did we fall?” He asked looking at his surroundings. “Pretty far” Eclipse responded standing up and stumbling. “Hey Eclipse, why does Draconis call you solar?” Max inquired looking over to her. “Why do you call her Eclipse? That’s not her name” Draconis scoffed looking over to Max. “I guess I owe you both an explanation” Eclipse sighed looking down. “I’m not either, but I’m also not “Eclipse” either. When you were dethroned Draconis, the other gods, they tortured me and Lunar. They kept mumbling about causing as much destruction possible to throw you off your tracks of returning. They took me and Lunar and, they fused us, combined us into one horrible abomination” she confessed shaking. “So that’s why I detected Lunar, you guys, I’m, I’m so sorry, this is my fault, if I wasn’t so lazy-” Draconis was stopped by Eclipse. “It’s not your fault don’t worry about it, when we defeat Pyronian, I want the finishing blow, please grant me that’ Eclipse asked looking at Draconis. Draconis nodded. “When I regain my powers I will split you two back to normal” Draconis added giving her a look of confidence. “That’s what we hope for” Eclipse responded smiling. “Let’s go, we must find a way out of here” Draconis said walking forward.


I should apologize. I told you guys I would keep to what I said yet I couldn’t recently. I’m going to be honest. Not only did I have writers block but I also continued to procrastinate. Halfway through the chapter i got super sick. You might have heard that I got the flu so that would be another reason why it took so long. Near the beginning I got completely confused. When Max was attacked by the Wyvign and asked for help I seemed to lock myself in a position. I wanted to make my characters an unique as possible and it led me to take awhile just to even think about how I felt Draconis would respond. However, I’m not using any of these as excuses. I am taking full blame for the lie I made. Even though it was on accident I should have at least updated you guys. I am truly sorry for this long delay and take full blame for it. I hope this large delay does not put a bad taste in your mouth and turn you away from this story if you do enjoy reading it. We are nearing the end of our story as well. I’m not sure how many more chapters it will take but the end is near. If anyone has any feedback please post it here or PM me as I would greatly appreciate it. One thing I am working on is grammar so you do not need to comment on that as I am already working on it. I hope you enjoy reading this and have a good day.


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