Max & Draconis: Chapter 4 out now!


Oh yeah that’s fine. I thought you wanted like the summery of everything which would ruin the whole point of an expansive story as you’d already know everything and what would happen. Sorry for assuming. I didn’t think people would have liked one so I didn’t make one but I’ll see if I can make one soon.


As per request of @SQUARENecron

Summary Max:

Max is a young boy when he was abandoned by not only his parents but most of the world. An earth destroying asteroid approaches causing most people to flee earth for a new home. Max is left alone with his brother, Jack, a curious young boy who seems to not know the true cruel world and only sees the positives. After Max meets up with Ari, an old school friend, they set out to find a safe place to live the rest of their short lives. Unfortunately others only want to cause pain. Join Max on his journey through a hellish world to only find himself in a new world full of mystery and wonder.

Summary Draconis:

Draconis is a god, well the god of gods to be exact but he doesn’t like to gloat. He could command anything he willed and controlled the fate of the entire world. However, other gods take him for a lazy god as all he does it let others do his work for him whilst he sits and mopes about someone. After the gods overthrow him Draconis is left as a mortal and weakend. He is left only to watch as the gods destroy the thing he prizes the most, his creation. Follow Draconis as he refuses to give up and find a way to take back his throne to fix everything.

Sorry I’m not very good at summarizing stuff, hopefully it helps with others understanding or attracting readers.

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