Matthew(Evolve Writer) teasing about Tier 5 hunters being related


Everyone probably knew about this but I’m going to bring it up again for the sake of theories:

About The Tier 5 DLC Characters

I thought it’d be fun to have a brother and sister Support and Medic.
They don’t need to be part of the Lennox family IMO though.


I already thought the man in the audio teasers sounds like Jacks older brother.

And the woman can be his wife. Or sister. Or both. You never know…


I’d say half-brother maybe, cause Lennox seems like she trades in men every few years lol


I don’t know how much I would like the idea of them all coming from the same family. I like the idea that they all Scavenge their equipment and actually push back against the Monsters. I also enjoy the idea that all these Hunters basically come from different places and are united in just surviving and escaping.

I’m just not sure how a “family themed team” would mesh well into it. I feel it might just be too campy and kill some of what made the rag-tag team thing work. However they can still do it in a way I’m not thinking of and it could work out very well so I’m not totally against it, just apprehensive.


Seems? Pretty sure she confirms it :wink:


Apart from Lennox and Jack, they are not related.

Transmission Discussion Thread

Thanks for the direct confirmation. All speculation has been slain.

Edit: Better; Speculation didn’t make it out of the first dome.


We need TWINS! Twin Medic and Support would be so fun!




Doesn’t mean the T5 Medic and Support aren’t related. Their just not related to Jack and Ida.


This post has been logged in everyone’s mind to use at a future date and time. :smile:


Ive always been kind of curious. Why the “theyre obviously related but well never officially directly say it IN the game” stuff? Is there a “story” reason for this, or is it a “management wont let me” kind of thing, or something else entirely?


Jack is a teenager embarrassed by the fact that he’s hanging out with his mom and Lennox knows it so lays off him.

Lenny is a cheater? (How might Jack feel?)

Except the whole shower thing…

Lenny is a cheater? (How might Jack feel?)

Well she’s still his mom. She just doesn’t come out and say “Listen to your mother. . .” because she knows he’s trying to play it cool.

Lenny is a cheater? (How might Jack feel?)

“Jeez ma I can free myself from anus plants gosh”


Awe <3
(I know this is totally worth replying specifically to you)


Lennox: “Aw, look at lil’ Jacky’s baby pictures! He was so cute, I could just eat him up!”

Caira: ~dying from laughter~

Sunny: “Ew, why was he such an ugly baby? :laughing:

Jack: “MOM NO STAP YOU’RE KILLIN MY GAME… I mean, Lennox, end this cruel campaign against your child at once! The Jackal commands it!


i can totally see him saying that too…