Matt Mercer (Abe Volce Actor) Easter Egg idea


Matt Mercer (the voice Actor for Abe) really needs to do a voice line or two that are nods to Mcree from Overwatch (also voiced by him)

monster almost dead ‘It’s high noon for you motherf*cker!’

Anyone got any ideas? :smiley:


Mercer voices a lot of people in video games, why overwatch in particular?


Because both Mcree and Abe are ‘Sci-fi cowboys’. I thought it would be cool since he quite frequently does voice lines for Evolve, along with Caira’s voice actor.


Personally I would be against it. I do like Overwatch, I do like references, but I’ve heard enough Overwatch references to last me a lifetime, with people going 'RYUU GA…" every single time blue flames or a bow are involved or not even then.

The community simply overdoes it for my taste.

Though I did like the “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s HIGH NOON!” joke.



I completely want this


Abe: It’s high noon!

Bob: Rolls and hides behind a rock


I might legit quit Evolve if I hear Abe say that.

The lines spoken in Overwatch sound like they were written by a particularly angsty 12 year old. Nothing should nod to them.


If anything Mcree should nod to abe! Abe came before Mcree!