Mating call or scent


Maybe monsters should gain some skills to coop with Wildlife? Us monsters need to communicate too :slight_smile:
Like mating scream or mating scent to attract nearby elites :slightly_smiling: just to prepare an ambush or ask for help. Any “love me”, “come to me”, “protect me”, “gently pat Bob”, “kiss Miley” skill would be highly appreciated. Maybe another buff? “Attracts nearby crocks and they try to protect you”.
U think?


Hey guys, a beginning of “That Thread”.


I already forsee threads about: fix mate call, i hate when thunderchickens come to shock me.


Wouldn’t the power to call wildlife to your aid be best suited to a new monster, rather than retroactively giving every monster that ability?




Also, the recent backstory suggest that monsters might not be entirely on the same level as the wildlife


What’s with the smileys? And try not to put your name at the end of your post also… And I don’t think I’d like to see a mating call, for ahem viewing issues…


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It’s in the forum FAQ/Rules.


Flag for the Miley reference.



I personally never understood why people put their names at the end of a post. Your already there.


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“Ahem viewing” is your projection.
Smileys? i do not understand, really. But in a way i do. Had a bad day. So sorry. No smileys.


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Interesting for me too. Like with emails or snail@. There is always a sender. But we still sign both types of the mail. Just to be polite, not only for information.


Let’s get back on topic shall we? :wink:

I think this would be interesting to have and a lot of strategy could come of it. I do however, think the hunters have to worry about the wildlife enough already without the monster creating a mammoth bird army. :smile:


Sounds lewd.


It’s just a polite thing to do. There’s nothing more to it really. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was meant for XMetrusX. right? I love Smileys. :slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling:

That’d be Discourse.

But yeah let’s get back on topic. ^^
I do sorta like the idea. If it was a buff that you could get and maybe if it didn’t attract nearby elites but just standard wildlife? Would be fun to bring a dune beetle or Tyrant into an unsuspected area and then ambush the hunters. Hehe, well maybe not, iunno. xD


I have my own mating call. It involves leaning my head back and yelling CAAAAWWWW



Just press the little arrow at the bottom of a comment to reply to someone. :smile: And I’m not even completely sure what exactly I was talking about regarding the smileys…