Matchmaking WTF



i feel like im farming win streaks in coop, it matches me with 0h players we need the long ass ques again!
before the matchmaking patch it was hard to fined a match let alone a good one, and now its easy to fined a match but i haven’t played against a good hunter group in a long time (in hunt beta’s matchmaking). i really dont know what the solution is but at least for now id like the old crappy system back not the new one.

Btw plz consider that a lot of times play time equates to experience so you can try using that as a variable in the mm system. im saying that because the good games i did have were against players around my play time or higher.

The only way i found to get good games is to fined good teams to scrim against but that is not enough because i get a max of 4-6 games on a good day. I posted here searching for teams and got 130 views and only 3 games against HT and a maybe later from NLA, so this option is not vaible, just need to do something about the matchmaking, anything because now its crap.

btw i really appreciate the work your doing and the time you invest in making the game better for all of us, when the game works its the best game ever (:


so, can anyone give me their two cents about this?


This morning i had a 15 win-streak, I had been playing “random” (mostly monster) since last patch, even used dice to decide which character i pick, despite having more losses than wins in my profile. So yeah it became easier to win. On the otherhand i just lost 2 games in a row, so, who knows.

I think they refreshed everyone’s ratings, which is why it matches you with random players right now, hopefully it is improving as we speak.


@10charactertoolong they did refresh it thats why i had hope but its been a while and im sure my rating is not the same as a first timer…


They refreshed it but the core system is still dumb, inaccurate and flat out worse than the level-based matchmaking that used to be in its place.

Fun stuff.

For what it’s worth, I’ve stopped playing Evolve because of it. The new matchmaking forced me to either stop playing with my friends who I love playing with but aren’t really good at the game or to accept that they’ll drag my wlr down and pair me with worse players in the future even if I queu solo.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it became evident that the system was just flat out broken, pairing me with 3 teammates with fewer than 5 hours under their belt and a Monster player with over 2000 hours.
No matter the “hidden skill rating” behind the scenes, a game should never do something like that.


yea, they just need to put a simple filter that doesn’t let you match with people who are two far apart from you, but then idk if we will even get games… the player base is not good right now it idk if it will get better, now i feek really bad playing monster because i know that iv’e made a lot of new player leave the game.