Matchmaking woes?


Hello, I’m super sorry if this is the wrong location for this topic, but I was just wondering if anyone else has matchmaking problems?

I remain searching a group/party indefinitely until I decide to cancel, 27 mins was my longest attempt.

Any info appreciated on how to fix or manage.



Yes it has been happening a lot it seems. Best way is to completely quit out of the game (works about 30-50% of time.


Okay I will try this. Thank you


Still have not been able to get into a single game on Xbox one…

I have no idea what to do lol, maybe I should try the ps4 version?


Hello same here. Still not able to play. Gutted!


Hey, thought I would update. I changed my DNS settings to an American one, similar to what I do to get American Netflix (I’m in Canada), and I managed to get into a game last night. So you can try that!


You shouldn’t have to mess with your settings to play and you are not the only one having trouble connecting. They mentioned they are working on it so we will see.