Matchmaking Update


Any idea on when/if the matchmaking system is ever going to be updated? I.e. adding in lobbies versus quick match (essentially we only have quick match atm). Think this would fix a lot of frustration people have. Worked for L4D…could pick the side/team you wanted.

As it is right now, I just leave till I get the character/side I want (which usually is monster, I just seem to be getting my last pick over and over).

Any update would be great! Thanks.

Proposal on improving Class/Monster preference selection and Matchmaking search

Bump for comments/suggestions


It would definitely be useful. Lets hope the next patch shines some light on some of the MM problems we’re facing. I as well, don’t like getting my 3rd-5th priority. I end up only doing pre-mades now because of it.


Thank you for your input.

If I am placed as one of the hunters, all be it one of my lower choices, then I absolutely don’t mind playing the game out in hopes of getting a hunter I wanted to play after the match. But if I am in the mood to play monster, and I don’t want to play with PUGs, then it is frustrating to sit there getting a hunter over and over. You shouldn’t be forced to play hunters if you are looking to go solo.

I really feel a lobby would help with this, as opposed to the only option of ‘quick play’ that we are stuck with right now.


Been trying to find a match for the past hour a half…put into matches half way through, and never as the monster, and usually as my last choice of hunters…

It’s really starting to be a waste of time just playing this game, as much as I do enjoy it…


If you die as monster mid match, you won’t get a loss on your leaderboard;only a death. You do however get a loss if you leave the match you joined. I would stay stick it through, and wait to get monster. It’s easier to get monster, than it is to get hunter due to pre-mades.


I suggest based on other games:

  1. choose sides, like Gears of War
  2. quick join open games like Titanfall
  3. Ranked only for the hunter/monster you choose like all multiplayer games
  4. quick join without choose hunter/monster like Evolve :smile:
  5. 4&5 team party like all multiplayer games


In all honesty, I could care less about the leaderboards, they are still whack. I just want to play to enjoy the game, and getting stuck with playing the hunters 10 games in a row, when I am not wanting to play the hunters, is not my definition of enjoyment :confused:


Thank you for your suggestions. And I agree with them! Honestly, anything is better than what is in play right now. During the betas, I thought it was just a temporary matchmaking system to enable people to tryout every aspect of the game – I did not think they would actually launch with this matchmaking platform. It is honestly very lazy/not player friendly of a matchmaking system – It is pure quick match.

It is fine to have that option, but enabling lobbies, similar to what they have in L4D, seems like a much more viable option as opposed too…well you have a 1/5 chance of being monster even though that’s what you really want too play… it’s a big difference playing monster/hunter, and being stuck with hunters when I don’t want to play them at the moment is very frustrating…and vice versa as well.


I would really like some sort of response from someone on the Dev team…some input would be great & appreciated!!


^Bumping for response. Many threads that are expressing similar frustration/suggestions…


I been playing monster in solo mode almost exclusively since the game came out because I just don’t LIKE or want to play hunter, and every time I play multiplayer I’m a hunter… so to play more with multiplayer, I must have the ability to choose monster only.


I like the lobbies idea. Actually I like ANY ideas/progress with matchmaking. This is clearly one of the most overlooked areas of Evolve and there were tons of posts and suggestions on forum. Months ago :confused:
By now - I feel like people slowly lose hope, so this is perhaps the reason you get few replies.

But, no doubt, if we can still hope for some improvement … if this is not too late… then matchmaking is probably the hottest topic to be fixed in Evolve.
(ranked matchmaking, queue mechanism, yes/no option for playing hunter/monster only, etc)


Ranked mode is on the way, that way people will be able to queue as monster or as hunter (in basic terms, I’m not sure how much more complex the idea is), and I think that will…when it arrives…provide the solutions many people are asking for on matchmaking.


That would be great and I personally wouldn’t mind waiting a couple of minutes to get to play my fist preference. Few minutes for a game > hour quitting/joining trying to get my preference (usually monster)


Still waiting for a response from someone on the TRS team! Not giving up on this huge flaw!


@Macman has said they’re working on it but there are technical issues that mean it’s not coming just yet.


If rank mode doesn’t require a mic idk what I’m gonna do… I can only hope they thought this through


Some people can’t use mics for whatever reason but can still operate well in a team :slight_smile:


Do you have a link to this?