Matchmaking time..(not sure were this should go)


This is my first time queuing during the day, I have been unable to find a single monster match for literally hours.
I have been able to jump in and play some hunter matches, but not a single monster match.

Currently I was looking for a monster match for ~20minutes - nothing.
Then I switched over to hunter. We now have 4 people and have been looking for a monster for ~ 5 minutes.

I makes no sense, unless we’re the only 4 people on right now. XBone.

Boo Sir Booo I say.


It’s happening on PC too. They know about it, but by the time this is fixed it will be too late methinks. Being unable to play the game is for sure the fastest way to get people to not play it.

I’ve been “playing” for an hour and I’ve had two matches under 6 minutes.


It’s a bug but we do have a centralized thread for this:


Every update I feel like, man these guys really are trying their best to fix this game, and each time they majorly fuck something up.

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That thread was closed.


2 hours in que on PS4 for a monster match just now. Nothing, no games, this is ridiculous.
And if you do get games, it is a series of 1-point games until a bug puts you into a deficit ranking for the day.

I still haven´t lost a single monster game, but due to bugs, 1-point games, and hour long ques, it is near impossible to break out of silver and into gold as it is now. Was hoping this new system would bring skilled based ranking to the game, but it only brought frustration in large quantities…

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You’re right hadn’t noticed. It’s still the thread that signifies this has been acknowledged though.


Not having a good time, today. 8 minutes in Monster queue then tapped out, went to Hunters and after 6 minutes just went to play something else.


At the rate TRS patch the game I am not looking forward to where this game will finally go. Remember when Macman touted about weekly mini patches? Yeah…not sure that ever happened :confused:


We did bi-weekly micro-patches from patch 2.0- patch 4.0… did you miss them?

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Are those done now? Haven’t seen a micro patch on console in a long time.

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Still no luck getting a single match as monster. I’ve been queued all day.


Exactly how I feel 1 step forward 2 back is TRS in a nut shell.


I’ve had to come off can’t find a game as hunter or monster,really taking the piss this TRS!


Have you had any luck queuing as a hunter? If you’re getting in matches as a hunter and not as a monster, this is due to the number of people queuing as Monster greatly exceeding the number of people queuing as a Hunter… Remember, for every 1 monster there must be 4 hunters for a game to begin.


Dude hunter and monster both the same sometimes it’s relatively fast then it’s the opposite


Maybe there needs to be a online counter so we know how many are online in our regions or worldwide,sure as hell don’t want to wait if no ones on from my region!

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I’ll signal a leader just invade they think this should be closed @Sentry_Gun


yeah I havnt played evolve in a couple months so thought id give it a try with new hunters and I found one match on xbox in an hour it was fucked…back to dota 2 where nothing like that happens

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I’m going to chime in here too. Not sure what’s happened between Sunday and today, but I’ve literally only played 1 game in an hour and a half. No luck getting in a game as monster, 1 game as a hunter. Got fed up and decided to play some arena, and the same thing happened. 15 minutes of searching, nothing…

Everything was fine over the weekend. Sure, sometimes I had to wait 5 minutes or so, but at least I could play. Right now it seems like there is no one on, which isn’t true because there are people on my friends list who are playing…