Matchmaking Suggestion - Keep Getting Monster (5th Choice)


Hey everybody! I’m just posting because all day I’ve been trying to get in to an evacuation game as a hunter, with Monster explicitly selected as my last choice (don’t get me wrong, I love monster, and I’m quite good at it, but today’s just not a monster day, y’know?), and I’ve only gotten in as the monster so far. I feel like it has something to do with the fact that I’m matchmaking solo and a lot of people play premades at my level of play, but it’s gotten so frustrating that I’ve started trying random bullshit tactics as the monster to make the games go by faster (it’s actually pretty fun, but again: I really don’t feel like playing monster today).

So here’s my suggestion: Make it so that premade teams will only get matched with players who have Monster in their top 3 choices.


Same here, I put monster last and choose medic (level 12) but I get monster, How that works I have no idea lol…

Messed up