Matchmaking sucks


Monster is my fifth choice, I really don’t like playing it.

I get that if there are 5 people there is still the chance of me getting the monster, it may happen, it’s ok.

what I find absurd is that multiple times there were FOUR people (myself included) and I still got the monster. how the hell is that even possible???
why should I get my fifth choice if there are only four people???

fix tour matchmaking Turtlerock, IT SUCKS.



I totally agree!

The monster is my fifth choice too, I don’t want to play it, period. I’m fine if it happens ever once in a while and I have to play a round as the monster. But I’m getting really pissed off when I join a running game with 4 players and have to take the monster. I mean, why is the matchmaking system even considering this game for me to join. Are there NO other matches where I could play as a hunter. I’d rather wait in the lobby for new people to join than play as a class I don’t want to play.
And even if you stay in the game and grant the hunters an easy kill, guess want I will have to play in the next round…

I know its all about personal choice, but the matchmaking needs some adjustments done quick.

I would love to see some kind of “ban list”, where I can choose classes I never want to play. Esp while joining running matches.


The reason is people in parties can’t play the monster. Get friends and the problem is gone.


even in that case, if we are 4 in total it means there are 3 people in a party plus me, why should I get the monster?



Well, then I simply don’t want to join this game. And even if you are in a party of four, somethings you will get split and get the monster.

@edit: The game should be playable even if you are alone. Why should I be forced to play in a party just so overcome a flaw in the matchmaking system


I tried finding a game as trapper (my 1st priority) and I am constantly either getting a monster, or being put as a monster halfway through a match. I’ve gotten so sick of it Ive played maybe two matches in the past two days. TurtleRock really needs to fix the matchmaking in the game.


Because the people in the party can’t be the monster.


But the question remains why the game would choose a game for you, when the only available spot ist the 5th choice. That doesn’t make much sense to me.


When I get in the lobby I imediately ask others if they are in a party. Quite often they are, so I just say goodbye and leave before match and start searching for another lobby. People in party can’t play monster. Even if they are 3 people in party it’s still 50% chance of being monster if both you and another guy who is not in a party have monster as 5th choice.

So the best thing you can do is frend someone and party up. While chance if being monster while in party is not zero, it’s very close to it. The bigger the party, the better chance of playing your preferred role is. I was playing my preffered role in like 75% of games before I added a bunch of people as friends. Now, I usually party up and play my preffered role in like… 95% of games.


at least you can get a game.


Today I played 3 games of extraction, monster is my 5th choice I got it twice and the third time I got dropped in as hank played one round won then it changed me to monster. Turtle Rock I find this game damn near impossible to enjoy if this continues to happen. I do not want to play a 3rd perspective melee game I am absolutely at the end of my evolve playing rope. (again I just tried a regular hunt wow monster again) 4 out of 4 games today monster this is ridiculous. I wish I could give a be less critical of turtle rock I even forgave them for the hinky skins that are actually just texture packs. ok just tried another one dropped me in mid game as Kraken 5 out of 5. 6 out of 6 I dont even know what to say. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” Einstein. “7 out of 7” no Einstein didn’t say that I said that because I’m at a loss for words. 8 thats the magic number I finally got hunter and my 1st choice had fun. Please Turtle Rock do something maybe be able to unselect monster from your choices completely or somthing else soon.


Agree with the OP. If you set something as your 5th choice you should NEVER get that choice.

I have monster as 5th and today out of about 20 matches I got monster about 14 times. I mean really? If I wanted to play it I wouldn’t have it as my 5th choice!!

So now I just quit when it does that, wait the minute and try again. Makes it take forever to get a match but at least I don’t get stuck in something I don’t like.