Matchmaking splits up my team


The matchmaking systems as they are now seem to be booting my friend from my party in order to match me with people. This is incredibly frustrating and as far as I can see, serves no purpose. I’m obviously not going to play a game without my friend, so all this does is force me sit at the computer and stare at the screen to make sure we’re getting into the game together.

And as for all the times it did boot him and match me up with random people, I’d just quit the game and (I assume) leave the rest of the party still in matchmaking or in a 3v1 situation with an AI.

Please repair it.


indeed I had the same problem with my friend
I mean what sense does it make to create a party if you’re split up anyway…doesn’t make sense in my opinion :confused:
Pls TRS fix it


This should have been fixed in the latest patch, please can you make a bug report with further details if it is still happening to you?