Matchmaking.. so gud Kappa


The matchmaking system is so bad… half the day yesterday i had trapper as my least prefferd role but i can deal with playing trapper as griffin or crow buut i got thrown into 3 games in a row as maggie (not the sames ones) today i wanted to play monster and i just queued up joined midgame and got to play a loosing wraith i was like nope and left then requeued after the 1 min timer got into game and i got to play as the same wraith now with only 1 bar of health… im now in lobby and scured to queue

About the Monster

Petition to stop calling it “matchmaking” and start calling it “lobbydumping” because that’s what it does: It dumps you in a random lobby. No matching of people is happening.


I Wonder why i am always lobby’ed with people around my level then.

On a serious note:
Yes the matchmaking system is not the best, however the overall thought is that the matching of players doesn’t matter, as the preferences will take care of the rest.

The preference system is designed for sustained play, as you will always get your 1st priority at some point (as it cycles between 1st priorities). One could argue that they should aim to match people so that most people possible gets their first priority, however, the initial design philosophy was to have a mix-match of round robin and preference based class delegation


Yeah ok, it does look at level but that’s about the least important thing people want when being matched with others.

Level is not an indication of skill. If you think it is: you can get to level 40 by starting solo matches and not touching a button in the matches itself. Does that make you skilled? No it does not. The bots will simply end the match and you get xp for completing a match. Fastest results when you pick the monster.

Matchmaking needs to look at skill. It does not. I’ve read somewhere that it also looks at wins/losses but this is false as proven by the fact that I was matched against King (who leaves to prevent losses) multiple times now. It’s also proven by the fact that often it takes only 10 seconds to find a match. You can’t compare multiple matches in such a short time.

Preference would also be nice to look at, to prevent all those times people get dumped in a match as a class they don’t want. I could have monster as my 5th preference and get it every single match (no it does not cycle if the rest of the lobby is premade and matchmaking ignores that, it should not)

The overall thought should not be that, correctly matching players is more important than anything else.
You can’t balance a game where the skill level of your allies/enemies is all over the place. Why not? Because that crappy Goliath will lose and the good one will win. Balance only works against people with similar skill, the chances of getting a lobby with 5 people having similar skill is near 0 because matchmaking randomly dumps people in lobbies.


“Thrown into 3 games” means you left 3 games. Commit to the match in progress you joined and get your preferred role the next match. It’s that easy.
Have some patience.


i dont play the game to be bored to death i play to have fun im not gonna sit there and wait for 10 - 20 min so that i can Maaaybe get the role i wanted


This is so ridiculous

People cry when they can’t find any lobby to play with
People cry when they get thrown into a game as not their favourite class

If you don’t like to play as trapper and only get thrown in as trapper, play out the match and THEN you will get something different. Getting trapper 3 times after each other is your own fault for constantly leaving and has nothing to do with the matchmaking.


We gave you the solution - stick to that ONE GAME in progress you joined and have your fun. Or get frustrated time after time and come here to discuss it.


i wouldnt mind waiting 5 min for queue and get the role i wanted instead of having to play out a match usally last atleast 15 min As a boring class everytime i queue up


Do you like it when people leave the game and you’re stuck with 3 bots and 1 player against you? The very system that fixes this you call bad.

And when you play as “Wraith with 1 bar of health” - feel free to lose or restart round, because if you lose it doesn’t add up to your statistics.


i like that it fixes scenarios with 1v1 and fill in the bots but if i had trapper as my least pref role i shouldnt get thrown into a mid game as trapper throw me in as medic if that is my most pref. also didnt know If you joined midgame as monster (hunters also?) it didnt go towards your stats


Both monsters and hunters losses in JiP games don’t log.

Matchmaker puts you into a lobby where your most preferred role is the least represented, meaning that next game you play after you join in progress is 90% with your #1 preference. Let’s say you get thrown in as Maggie, and your first choice is monster, the rest of the lobby is likely to have monster as their second to least preference.

@SlabOMeat Maybe this information needs to be put into loading screen tips or something, I feel there is so much frustration among the players who just don’t know why things happen the way they do.


A good MM system NEEDS PLAYERS to work!

Stop blaming the MM so much and lets try to get more people to play it.


just got 2 of my internut friends to buy it yesterday so im working on it :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, it has everything to do with matchmaking.

A game from matchmaking ends up as something people don’t want to play really often.
A game from an existing lobby (after a match) which thus evades matchmaking CAN put you as the class you want.

Matchmaking is terrible and the fact that you get better matches if you don’t encounter it only proves that it’s terrible.

More people won’t help. The issue is that matchmaking doesn’t actually try to find a good match. It dumps you in the first lobby it finds with people around your player level. Having more players will only result in quicker matchmaking, not better matchmaking.

If we want better matchmaking, it should get a major update where it starts looking at player skill and preferences. This will mean that matchmaking will take longer, but I’ll take waiting a minute or 2 for a decent match over instantly being put in an ongoing match as the monster or support every single time.



It sounds like you think there are always a lot of lobbies with empty spots that are not ingame yet. Which is absolutely not the case. EVERYONE wants to get into those lobbies, only a few are put in there.

As I and many others have said, play out that 1 match and then get to play a different class.

Leaving to try and join a different match is dickish to the players in the match and will only fuck up your chance to get to play your favourite even more.


I think you underestimate how dickish it is for me to play support.

That said, I never said that I think that there are a lot of lobbies with empty spots. I said matchmaking should take a minute and check which lobby fits my skill level and preferences best instead of dumping me in the first lobby it finds.
I don’t mind joining a game in progress, what I do mind is finding myself to play a class I hate once again because matchmaking ignores my preferences and skill level (which should be top priority if you want to make a matchmaking that could be decent)


Well I don’t really care what I get dumped in as, I like to play as anything.

This is probably why my input on this is not really worth much :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish they’d prioritize empty lobbies that give you your preferred role, and show what role everyone in the lobby has selected before the match starts. Then you can chat it out and figure out if anyone wants to swap.

As for games in progress… A concede vote would help a lot here. When three hunters quit, it should count those quits as a vote to concede, and instantly end the match.

The round is already screwed up. It’s 8 minutes in with a stage 3 monster and 1 Hunter who isn’t a bot. If matchmaking dumps me in this game, I’m out. Fuck that. Waste of my time. I want to play a real game, not join a match at the end and spend 10 minutes getting my butthole reamed. Boring as hell.