Matchmaking seems to ignore party setup


Hey guys, game is awesome, but matchmaking needs some tweaking. Since beta once I was in a party of 2-3 it seemed the game struggles to find people. Literaly 20 minutes ago we ended a Evacuation where 3 of us played as hunters against 1 player monster and we had 4th as A.I. for over 30 minutes not a single join, that doesn’t make sense.

And another thing -> if there are 2-4 people that are in the same party -> how come one of them is pushed to be a monster, that is just ridiculous and doesn’t make sense, especially when all of us had monster as the lowest priority. And on top of that playing evacuation -> 1st and 2nd day all fine, then on 3rd day one of us (3 ppl in a party, 4th was a random) got swapped as a monster… what the hell :smiley: